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  1. Welcome - I am very excited to see Word Art World as part of Scrap Girls. I rarely use it, but I love it buying it and have boughts lots of Jen's from other sites. So now I have the challenge of working out what I've previously bought before buying some more in the opening sale.
  2. Kate Davis

    2018 Week 1

    I'm getting back into scrapbooking this year after doing no layouts last year and very few the year before. So I'm starting with my photo a day layouts and hope this is the year that I finish all the weeks. Yes I know I'm starting late, but it has taken a while to get all my effects and styles installed on my new laptop, and it is so much faster I hope I'll be able to catch up. Caption 1. Playing Code Names at our New Year’s Eve party 2. My new and old laptops 3. Thank goodness for cloud backup after I lost all my 2017 photos 4. Very empty in The Forum this morning 5. My work purchasing card has arrived 6. Trombone playing at Tom’s 40th birthday party 7. M has been trying possible autographs, so he’s ready when people ask for one.
  3. This is the sort of thing I was thinking about. I get the searching on keyword, but at the moment I am mostly using papers for my P365 layouts and like to see them in kits. In PSE as I have an album for each collection I don't need to think about what collections and the suitable keyword to use. If I rearrange the my folders into collections it would work in a similar way as I'd see the folder names on the left hand side.
  4. I've followed the instructions in the blog post and it is currently finding everything on my EHD. I'm now curious how you all save your items. Mine are saved in folders by type of item e.g. paper, wordart and not by collection. I have albums set up in PSE organiser for each collection, but I'm now wondering is this an option Picasa or is it better to move all my items so they are by collection? If I do this how will Picasa cope (PSE organiser does not like items moving)?
  5. I'm a non kindle fan. I had a sony ereader for several years and now have a Kobo, which is great (I also have a samsung tablet but read books on my kobo or my android phone). One of the features I love about my Kobo Aura is it is compatible with Pocket so I can save webpages on my computer and they are downloaded to my Kobo for offline reading. When deciding think about what you expect to read as that will narrow down your choices, for example if you want to read pdfs with graphics you probably want a tablet type as graphics are not always pretty on black and white eink library books avoid kindles and check the service offered by your local library. I believe most libraries use Overdrive so you want to be compatible with that ebooks you already own, check the type as there are incompatibilities between devices so you can't open epub books on kindle and you can't open kindle files on other ebook readers (unless it is tablet type that you can add apps) outside an eink version is better than tablet type as there is less glare I believe Amazon offers the cheapest devices, greatest choice and in general the lowest prices. But I still recommend people avoid the kindles because they use their own file format that is not compatible with other devices so Amazon are locking you in to their products in the future; however I know that other people are often not as paranoid as me about things like that. If you are buying ebooks this is a great website for comparing prices https://luzme.com/. You create your wishlist and say which stores you want it to search and then it shows you the prices at each store. It will also send you an email to let you know if the price drops below a trigger price you set.
  6. I'm the same, this is my third year and I think the last two years I hadn't done my first two layouts by this point. It feels good doesn't it?
  7. I've been trialling Crashplan as I like the idea alot, but it will take about a year to do the initial backup so seemed a bit pointless. I also found the software slowed my laptop down a lot. I read somewhere that data doesn't really exist unless it is saved in two places, and I really like that it reminds me that backups are important (that and almost losing all my SG supplies a year ago due to EHD failure). My current back up is: * windows file history copies documents to EHD when it is plugged in * cobian backup runs weekly incremental backup to EHD of documents, downloads, emails ... anything on laptop I may want in future * allway sync to copy files from EHD to another EHD that I keep in my locker at work * scrap supplies are on EHD and cobian backup runs weekly to copy these to another computer on our network * our photos are stored on a desktop computer that has a raid so if hard drive fails we have a second copy I have two concerns about this sytem: * it relies on me plugging in my EHD which I haven't done for a week * our photos are protected from hard drive failure, but not not someone deleting them so I have started making folder read only once I've sorted them, and there is no offsite protection. The plan is to create a NAS in the garage which will give some additional protection. Now I've got myself worried again that we're not doing enough. Back up is so hard.
  8. I've thought of doing something similar, particulalry with brushes and wordart. The closest I got was starting something in OneNote, but that was so long ago I don't know if I can find the file anymore
  9. This is interesting as I've disliked it when I've tried in the past, but it is on my list to try again. I currently use PSE organiser for my photos and scrap supplies and it is annoying having to switch catalogues when I search for something, so I would like to have one in PSE and one in Picasa.
  10. I really like this layout with no border it really concentrates on the photographs
  11. Here are the others I've uploaded tonight which brings me up to date - I think that is the first time I've been able to say that since I started in 2013! http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/156157-project-life-2015-week-2/ http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/156158-project-life-2015-week-3/ http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/156161-project-life-2015-week-4/ http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/156162-project-life-2015-week-5/
  12. Journalling: 29. Watching the snow falling outside the ofice 30. M helping to clear away after dinner 31. Ed working out why the the new plaster is not drying - a tap that has been leaking for years 1. B on stage at the village pantomime of Snow White and the Magnificent Seven Dwarfs 2. Gym lines 3. B in the snow 4. K trying to stop B leaving her house. Supplies: MRE_CornerRounder MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-bluefrost MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-darksun MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-snowcone MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-stripedscarf SBA_SSAction_ShadowLayer_6501
  13. Journalling: 22. B playing Mario Karts on the Wii 23. Opening some birthday and Christmas presents we’d forgotten about 24. A double swing on the zip wire 25. Ed cutting up the frames from the old windows for firewood. 26. A beautiful pink sky after work 27. Arrived home to a new front door 28. M with chocolate milk after a good lesson and a new haircut Supplies: MRE_CornerRounder MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-bluefrost MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-darksun MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-snowcone MissMint_ArcticBlizzard_Paper-stripedscarf SBA_SSAction_ShadowLayer_6501
  14. Journalling: 15. Unbricking the downstairs WC ready for the new window 16. The new French doors in the ‘East Wing’ 17. Cudderling Tigger in bed while I recover from a stomach bug 18. Wearing my engagement after the prongs have been mended 17. Pretty morning sky at nursery 20. View through the new lounge doors 21 The safe is in the skip ready to finally go. Supplies: BMU_Countryside%20_Paper_Diamond BMU_Countryside%20_Paper_Solid-Red BMU_Countryside%20_Paper_Solid-Teal BMU_Countryside%20_Paper_TealDistress MRE_CornerRounder SBA_SSAction_ShadowLayer_6501
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