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  1. Kate Davis

    Welcome Word Art World

    Welcome - I am very excited to see Word Art World as part of Scrap Girls. I rarely use it, but I love it buying it and have boughts lots of Jen's from other sites. So now I have the challenge of working out what I've previously bought before buying some more in the opening sale.
  2. Kate Davis

    2018 Week 1

    I'm getting back into scrapbooking this year after doing no layouts last year and very few the year before. So I'm starting with my photo a day layouts and hope this is the year that I finish all the weeks. Yes I know I'm starting late, but it has taken a while to get all my effects and styles installed on my new laptop, and it is so much faster I hope I'll be able to catch up. Caption 1. Playing Code Names at our New Year’s Eve party 2. My new and old laptops 3. Thank goodness for cloud backup after I lost all my 2017 photos 4. Very empty in The Forum this morning 5. My work purchasing card has arrived 6. Trombone playing at Tom’s 40th birthday party 7. M has been trying possible autographs, so he’s ready when people ask for one.