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  1. lovinthedigithing

    WT #10

    Love the photo, the soft edging color and title buttons. Very nice page to the dedication of his work.
  2. lovinthedigithing

    Swinging Bridge Falls - London Bridge

    Lovely scenery! I am not sure I would cross the bridge but I would climb he rocks. Sounds like a fun outing and it's great to have everyone in the pics.
  3. lovinthedigithing

    Life is a Blank Canvas - World Tour art page

    wonderful colors! They seem a tribute to her artistic ability. Such a warm photo, the art and love show.
  4. lovinthedigithing

    B W 1

    Stunning black & white pic! Love the stone "prints" and rough edges of the background.
  5. lovinthedigithing

    The Sun Stills Shines

    wow, that's an amazing pic!! I love the simplicity of the layout, creative border, and simple words.
  6. lovinthedigithing

    Tuesday NL Challenge 6/28/16

    I hope differences (of any kind) become something to celebrate, and if not, then to discuss but never divide. Peace! 2016
  7. lovinthedigithing


    This was my yesterday, attending the Pride parade in San Francisco. I witnessed only good times and smiles. I looked the homeless in the eye and said Hi and asked if they were good, if they wanted something to drink. I took pics of beautiful buildings and the ferry trip across the bay. I supported all colors, all cultures, all lifestyles with my happy screams and waves. I heard the silence of prayers. I talked to a stranger and heard his 30 year love story still going strong. I took in the strength and purpose of those trying to spread love and try to walk in their footsteps. I try to let everyone know they have a friend if they need one. I love people from all walks of life, all beliefs, all ways of being because I believe peace is possible. JZI_SummerBreeze_Paper-Special-BlueFloral.jpg SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-Heart.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-WashiGrnDot.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-WashiRedDiam.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-WashiText.png fonts: FogtwoNo5, Fontanesi

    © (c) SBrandelius 2016

  8. lovinthedigithing

    The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

    Trees, can do. The amazon....well I'll be a monkey's uncle!
  9. lovinthedigithing

    Weekend Challenge 6/25/16

    I chose an apple green and apple red (light green and maroon) Apple
  10. lovinthedigithing


    This was a fun challenge, finding the right photo (which for me has to match LOL) and finding the right balance of each color. CRO_ParadiseCove_CM_Emb_Sign.png EMA_LYOBrushSet_Zentangle1_1.png EMA_MixedUpPieces3_Butterfly.png EMA_MixedUp_Papers2_paper5.jpg SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-PaintWhite, -PprBig_Meadow SNU_FleaMkt_WdArt_Scllp-RedGing, _Emb_LaceBrdr-Pnk (recolored) SNU_Picturesque_Emb-Wire, -Leaves (recolored) SNU_1-2-Buckle_MyShoe_Emb-VintFrmWt (recolored) SNU SSStyle Burlap 6301-1 font: Futura_Poster Light

    © (c) SBrandelius 2016

  11. lovinthedigithing

    World Tour Mountains

    I really like the map blended in and the simple rope. This shows off the mountains really well!
  12. lovinthedigithing

    WT16 LO10 - Blossoms

    Love this! Beautiful bright pics and the ribbon looks wonderful. The background is really creative and works so well here.
  13. lovinthedigithing

    world tour_Japan

    So creative! Pretty flowers popping out of the ripped paper and I like the subtle colors of the pic blended in.
  14. lovinthedigithing

    Not Lucky, Blessed! - World Tour, Ireland

    What a happy layout! Love the timelines shown and that sweet baby. The green with baby's breath is very pretty.
  15. lovinthedigithing

    World Tour 2016 Penguins BW

    Sweet! I really like the lay of the pic and fun framing, and the "white space".