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  1. Hi all! Have been a member for a few years, but life and job have really pulled me away. Feeling a need to get back with groups like this. May not post much, but will be lurking for inspiration. Have missed your creativity and the sense of this "family"!
  2. This is a piece of art! Love it!
  3. Love the layout! Your choice of colors and techniques really makes those dogs come alive!
  4. This is great! You did a fantastic job. It just flows from element to element! TFS!
  5. I really like the simplicity of the B/W! It lets the statement of "friends" come out clearly!
  6. Wow. That is all I can say, WOW!
  7. That is beautiful! I would love a greeting card made out of this layout!
  8. Beautiful!
  9. I love the frames! Personally, I have a hard time with them...but you rocked it! I will study your layout and hope to learn from you! Beautiful!
  10. I can only echo everyone else's comments! Such a happy layout!
  11. I love blue! Your layout is striking! Nice use of photo background and elements!
  12. WOW! The "rays" really draw the eye to the main element. The colors totally carry out the title of "summer"! Great job!
  13. Caught my eye immediately! Love learning about other cultures and this really spoke to me. My neighbors are East Indian and I love them and their culture! Thank you for sharing!
  14. This is beautiful! What a fantastic hobby to scrap...birds! Love this!
  15. Just love this whole layout! I hope someday to have this much "vision!"
  16. Kits used: Creative Cat (TCS), SSPaper and Embellishments_Blendabitilyt masks (SNU), SS Styles Resin (ASO) System fonts

    © Jeannie Horton

  17. From the album Jeannie Horton

    Supplies used: Kits" Creative Cat (TCS), SSPaper and Embellishments_Blendabitilyt masks (SNU), SS Styles Resin (ASO) I hope this is correct; don't want to slight anyone! Am still trying to find my way around again!
  18. I'm not sure if this follows the rules, but I had it finished!
  19. These are great memories for you, I'm sure! And they are exhibited in such an artful way. Love it!
  20. These photos are amazing! I want to simply step onto the sand! Your cluster is great! Would love to learn your technique!
  21. So pretty! Looking forward to the real ones soon!
  22. This is so artistic! It caught my eye immediately! TFS!
  23. Hi all! I am usually late checking the forum due to work, but I live in Goldsboro, NC. Would love to have a meet-up somewhere close! Need to get motivated!
  24. I love this! She is so "sassy"!
  25. A while ago I saw a great tut on creating realistic drop shadows in PSE. I am almost sure it was here; but now I cannot find it. I remember it used Gausian blur and a few other steps. Any help greatly appreciated.