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  1. Here is mine. Little explorers
  2. I used: vjs-nauticalbynature-paper-01 vjs-nauticalbynature-lantern vjs-nauticalbynature-spyglass vjs-nauticalbynature-ribbon-03 vjs-nauticalbynature-rope VJS_Nautial_Alpha-v1-00-e, x, p, l, o, r, e, s Fonts: A little pot always forever
  3. Thanks everyone! Good luck on Round 2!
  4. Here is mine, I used Kiahna's colours. Great challenge BTW! Gracie at the farm
  5. I used: BMU_Petals_Dainty BMU_Petals_Bike BMU_Petals_Wash-Salmon Fonts: La Belle Aurore Waterfalls Britannic Bold
  6. What a beautiful matching photo, I love the little fist in there!
  7. This really did make me smile too! I just love it! I love the blending you did and the bright light coming from the left side. The simplicity of the layout just makes it stand out all the more. I just can't say enough, it just makes me smile!
  8. Really gorgeous layout! I love your blending work and the reflected text! Your embellishments are just the perfect touch and I love the arrows underneath them. Beautiful!
  9. What a great feeling layout! I love how you framed your brother and used the simple embellishments to just accentuate the details. The stitching around the edge is a perfect touch as well! Great job.
  10. Your journalling is great! And the colours of your layout complement it perfectly! I love the fonts you used as well.
  11. I love this! Just a precious photo and it really shows well in sepia! Great framing too, really I just love everything!
  12. Fabulous journalling, and great photo's too. I love the warning symbols, they fit the layout so perfectly!
  13. Beautiful photo's! I really love your double pager. What a beautiful place and your layout showcases it wonderfully.
  14. Great journalling and some wonderful mask use as well! Great layout!
  15. I really love the treatment you gave the photo, the wood grain gives the photo a fabulous feeling!