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  1. Very nicely done! Love the curve on the photo!
  2. What a fun page! Love the tear around the photo. Also amazing how you got so many kids to sit still long enough for the photo! Great memories, I'm sure!
  3. The blending on this photo really caught my eye! Wonderful job and wonderful memory!
  4. This looks gorgeous!
  5. Very nice! The colors and journal are exactly right!
  6. Very nice! Fathers are so very special!
  7. Funny how problems or mistakes force me to learn how to use Photoshop. And boy, am I learning a LOT!

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    2. Wazzy


      It's kind of a love/hate thing with me and PSE. I do see how powerful it is though.


    3. BarbaraC1977
    4. DixieLee


      you got it, just keep going--missed seeing you post.

  8. Very good! And oh so true!
  9. It was fun reading about your dad and his projects. Love looking at your layout, very interesting!
  10. Dads are so special. This is a beautiful layout.
  11. I really like this! What fun memories!
  12. It sounds worse than it was. I'm now in the process of tagging individuals; "Family" & Surname tags are done. I've also been throwing in Year and Month and State and Town and Address tags periodically. That will take care of my more recent photos. Then I need to start importing my backups of older stuff (and this is where I REALLY start feeling overwhelmed, b/c those photos are everywhere, dvds, jumpdrives, external hard drives). I also want to make sure they are all backed up, then tag them, then back EVERYTHING up again. I was reading in my Patty Debowski book that you can imbed all your tags so that they are part of the metadata. That means once they're tagged I won't have to do this again. Even if I change what I use as tags, I have enough tags on most of the photos (4 or more going from the most general all the way down to fairly specific). I KNOW I'm over tagging, but that's ok for right now. Until I know how I'll use the tags (which ones) that's what I feel I have to do. In the meantime I'm having fun and learning stuff!
  13. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Naomi!
  14. I have a catolag for photos, one for Digi and one for layouts, although the layout one is really not neccesary. . Hmmm, I'll have to think about this. I've gone through ALL my media and tagged anything with family just with the Family Tag. I figure then I can click on the Family Tag and get the binoculars then that will bring up ONLY the media with people in them. I'll then go through and tag with the family name. The third pass will be for each specific family and tagging with given name. At least I think that will be the easiest way, to just keep making more and more specific passes.
  15. Thanks Belle! That's what I keep telling myself, it will make what you're looking for easier to find. I haven't even started organizing my scrapbook stuff yet; just trying to tame the photo mess I have going on! Which brings up another question I have. I'm reading "Photoshop Elements, Basics and Beyond", by Patty Debowski and she talks about catalogs. PSE13 comes with one and it's what all your photos and anything else you import into usually goes to. Patty mentions that she's made two catalogs one for her photos and a separate one for all her scrapbook stuff. I guess she feels it's easier and faster to sort through the separate catalogs rather than one big catalog. Have you done this?