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  1. laurielou56

    Koi By tommy2

    Hello, everyone! I'm trying to get back in the swing, here. I've been away too long, I think. I just can't seem to get motivated. Anyhoo, this is a drawing my son Tommy did for me. Thanks for looking! Collections used: KSC_BeauteBotan KSC_Oriental GWH_MartialArts KVE_Adagio
  2. Happy Birthday!!! **hugs**

  3. Sweet! I really like how you arranged the letters in your title.
  4. Weird . . . . my antivirus software marked the forum as a dangerous website this morning. It's never done that before.

    1. msgb


      Mine has done that for a couple of months. I ignore it because I know SG is safe.

    2. msgb


      Symantec Endpoint Protection

    3. jode2771


      That has been happening a bit since the update, don't know what to tell you, Wendee will do that, but you are not alone :-)

  5. Great layout. I really like your cluster. It's so hard sometimes to make a cluster for a masculine layout and not get it too frou-frou looking.
  6. These are great photos, and it just LOVE how you've set them up! That lizard is too cool.
  7. Goodness! 4 more days and I'll have been here a year. It seems so much longer! I've not had a lot of inspiration lately but I've been popping in - everything looks so good! You guys are great and I hope to be back in the mood soon.

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Happy Anniversary! Time flies, doesn't it?











  8. They sure are cute little guys! I really like the colors you chose, they compliment the photos perfectly. I especially love your embellishment clusters - the sailboat and lighthouse one is my favorite.
  9. Such a fun page! I love the photos and your embellishment clusters. The whole page just says . . . . "HAPPY!"
  10. Pretty! I really like the background color and the repetition of the compass.
  11. How lovely! I love the quote and the book is just perfect. The stitching gives the whole thing great texture and it's pretty too!
  12. laurielou56

    Mermaid Cupcakes

    What a great idea - and you could pick any theme! I love how you tilted and layered the papers and your round mats really draw the eye. The only drawback is I'm on a diet and now I want cupcakes!
  13. I love the layers and I love, love, LOVE those polka dots! The picture of your dad is really fun too.
  14. Wonderful photo, Ann, and I really like how you've used it. It's like looking through a portal to another time and place.
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