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  1. Yes it is working well. Even in the old photoshop I never was able to make it work correctly but it is working beautiful in CC2021
  2. I tried it out at first in cc 2020 and it did not work but seems to work in CC 2021. Thanks
  3. I have the Action Pack: Ultimate Artist and the action does not work with the new versions of Photoshop CC. Is there an update I can get?
  4. When I download from SG (just did it) This sis my download choice and the file is lowercase. I don't think I am downloading the updated filed and how do I get it?
  5. It didn't change anything. I deleted what I have. The file tmd_timeworn_gb has a date stamp of 3/15/2021 2:49 pm. I put in into a different folder as to make sure it is a updated file
  6. Just to clarify by other brushes (other scrap girl brushes including the other timeworn brush)
  7. When I load the grunge brush from this month Scrap Simple Club. Only one brush loads. I loaded other brushes and all the brushes load. I have tried this numerous times. Any ideas?
  8. Happy


    Love this whole design
  9. Yes I found that one but I was looking for the others specifically by Shauna. It looks like she only used the Club products, I wanted to see if she used a template. Thanks
  10. Hi Can someone send me the links for the pages featured in Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Club Exclusive: Faded Flower on the home page. When I click on the images I am sent to the store. I would like to see the pages in the gallery. I wan to read the notes as the pages are beautiful. Thanks
  11. Happy

    Favorite Great Aunt

    Gorgeous, love the fonts you chose
  12. Happy

    Basic RGB

    I love this, just outstanding. The picture is perfect for the kit.
  13. I am just loving this months club by Brandy Murry. For this LO I used Sweet Summer (August 2016 Club Digital) by Brandy Murry Lighting Effects 2 by Brandy Murry Cut Out Style by Brandy Murry Dynamic Brush Background Blender by Brandy Murry Shadow Me Style by Sydnee Nuckles As I don't put personal pictures on the Web the photo is from Morgue file
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