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  1. Chasing Dragonflies by Brandy Murry font: Caflisch Script
  2. barbaraj

    Duo 1

    Love your variety of photos! Great alpha.
  3. Stories We Tell by Syndee Nuckles Template by CarolW Designs fonts: Bleeding Cowboys, Cafishch Script
  4. Here's mine: Technique Chat
  5. Stories We Tell by Syndee Nuckles
  6. barbaraj

    Why I Scrapbook

    Wow! That's a great kit! Love your clusters and how you arranged the photos. He looks like he's a lot fun.
  7. Mermaid Wishes by Syndee Nuckles
  8. barbaraj

    prompt 24 - pumpkins

    Lovely 2 pager! Love the colors and blending.
  9. barbaraj

    Scrapbooking funnies....

    I can't stop!
  10. barbaraj

    Scrapbooking funnies....

  11. barbaraj

    Scrapbooking funnies....

    Anne-Marie you've really jumped my mojo with this! Did you know in PSE 19 you can create your own memes? Here's my first one: