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  1. barbaraj

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge

    What can I say? Outstanding!
  2. Love the way those great photos stand out on this! What a lovely girl and she looks so graceful.
  3. barbaraj

    Winter's Kiss NL 2/18

    Love that large icicle on your photo and the great mask! Your date cluster is wonderful and I agree with that quote.
  4. barbaraj

    Never Ending Story - February Game

    the music and beat he was hearing was ringing in his ears from a frozen inner ear. But then, suddenly on the horizon he saw..
  5. barbaraj

    February Challenge Chase

    Here's Tues Nov 19 layout Bare Feet
  6. barbaraj

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 19th February

    Here's mine: Bare Feet
  7. barbaraj

    Bare Feet

    Wonderland by On A Whimsical Adventure
  8. barbaraj

    Never Ending Story - February Game

    since he lost both legs to frostbite that wasn't possible. She then used her lottery winning money to hire a helicopter to go to the rescue but
  9. barbaraj

    Kiss Me Baby NL 2/19

    What a cute story! Beautiful bird and love him peeking out behind the photo.
  10. barbaraj

    February Challenge Chase

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 2/16/19 Signs of Love
  11. barbaraj

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 2/16/19

    Here's mine: Signs of Love
  12. barbaraj

    Signs of Love

    Cupid's Heart by DRB Designs
  13. barbaraj

    I 'toad'ally love you.

    Love that little toad and how you used the flowers on this. Very creative page.
  14. barbaraj


    You have a wonderful gallery, I really enjoyed visiting it. This layout is so sweet with that cute kitty and Love how you framed him multiple times.
  15. barbaraj

    weekend challenge

    Pretty bag! I like how you did your title for this and that cute dog. Great background.