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  1. barbaraj

    August Challenge Chase

    Here's my hashtag #scrapgirls Sailing
  2. barbaraj


    #scrapgirls Calypso by Elisha Barnett Photo of my niece and her dad
  3. barbaraj

    Aug 14 NL Challenge

    Love how you used the frames on this and the blended photo is so pretty.
  4. barbaraj


    Yes, lovely combination of everything to make an outstanding layout!
  5. barbaraj

    Sweet Bliss

    A new baby! How sweet. Love how you used the flowers on this and the great background.
  6. barbaraj


    Wonderful array of beach colors! Love the staples and photo mask. I've never seen anyone jumping rope at the beach. Great photos.
  7. barbaraj

    Beach Day

    Love your large photo at the top with the cute title work and elements!
  8. barbaraj

    At The Beach_600

    Yes, I love the design of this page too and your title work with the border is wonderful!
  9. barbaraj


    What a fantastic layout! Love what you did here and the action on the page with the added light.
  10. barbaraj

    August Challenge Chase

    Here's my week 1 Beach
  11. barbaraj

    Weekend Challenge 11th August

    Oh boy, I get to do a beach layout! lol Beach
  12. barbaraj


    Sea Sun by Florju Designs
  13. barbaraj

    Question And Answer Game

    New Questions: Curry or Teriaki? Teriaki Rice or noodles? noodles Is your coffee black or with Cream and or Sugar? with hazelnut creamer Do you do the cooking or your significant other? He does oatmeal in the morning and I do the rest. Questions: Do you know any famous people? When did you last get bitten by a mosquito? Does your refrigerator need cleaning? How many coffee cups do you have?
  14. barbaraj

    Question And Answer Game

    PC or Mac? PC Have you been on a safari? No What you most favourite place you have visited? Spain Do you like flying? Not any more Questions: When did you start to get gray hair? How many glasses of water do you drink a day? What is the color of your favorite blouse? Do you have ants in your house?
  15. barbaraj

    Question And Answer Game

    Here I am girls. A little insomnia has me up and scrapping. Do you ever declutter or are you a hoarder? I like to declutter every few years.have you ever been an inpatient in hospital? yes, babies and all thatDo you have a big kitchen? no but I wish I didn't have one at all 🤩What is your weeather like today? It's going to be 101 degrees. Questions Where do you keep your toothbrush? Do you have more than one swimsuit? How many books are you reading right now? Have you ever gone sky diving?