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  1. You come up with some of the best layouts! I love your photo effect on this!
  2. How ingenious! Love your recipe for Irma.
  3. What a great mask and love the border!
  4. Love those wire pumpkins! The colorful turkey and title is so great with that background.
  5. Love how you framed your masked photo and the large title!
  6. Love what you've done here! Stunning photo and nice colors to go with it!
  7. Nov 17 Greek Insp
  8. Sea Voices Collection by Sekada Designs
  9. Lost my momentum. Here's Nov 15 Tutorial
  10. The Scent of Fall by On A Whimsical Adventure
  11. Thanks for clearing this up! I understand it now!
  12. Here's my week 4 posted on the 19th: The Finch
  13. Here's my photo and color swatch: Here's my layout: The Finch
  14. Autumn Splendor by Cindy Rohrbough
  15. Whoops. There I go not reading directions clearly again. Here's another try at my hashtag layout. I really don't understand this. What gallery do I load to? So Grateful