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  1. barbaraj

    A Celebration

    Someone told me to start slow!
  2. barbaraj

    January 2020 Monthly Challenges

    I just finished #1 Leaving Love but no longer need it for my challenge chase. I had fun doing this and hope you will have it more often.
  3. barbaraj

    50th Anniversary

    Love the lace and artistic background on this! Love the font you used for the number.
  4. barbaraj

    Cosette's 3rd Birthday

    Lovely photo and love all the circles on this!
  5. barbaraj


    Love the bright colors of your photos on this! I like how they take center stage on your layout.
  6. barbaraj

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    My 6th: Tues 1/21 A Celebration
  7. barbaraj

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 1/21/20

    I'm going out with friends tomorrow to celebrate this important event! A Celebration
  8. barbaraj

    A Celebration

    Scrap Simple Art Journal by Syndee Rogers
  9. My husband loves Mac and Cheese. I better cook up some of this. The ingredients look really good. I love your cute cluster.
  10. barbaraj

    Floral Genius

    What beautiful arrangements! I love the shadows on your frames and spots of color in the background.
  11. barbaraj

    Weekend Challenge 18 Jan_600

    Fun series of photos! Love your title and the "wild" on the rickrac.
  12. barbaraj


    This is just perfect! I love how our photo takes center stage and how the flower matches her outfit. Lovely background for this page.
  13. barbaraj

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    Here's my 5th one: Weekend Jan 18: Favorites
  14. barbaraj


    Love your sweet page and how you did the title! The paper squares really add a nice touch of color. I especially like the font you used. Could you pm me with it's name? It's seldom I see a handwritten font that is so easy to read.
  15. barbaraj

    Weekend Challenge 18th January

    I really like the colors and design of it. Here's my take on it: Favorites