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  1. barbaraj

    Easy Page 4

    Love the 3 photos and all the paint!
  2. barbaraj

    QP Lily of the Valley

    Love all the flowers on this and the great background!
  3. barbaraj

    Challenge Chase - April 2020

    Here's my first: Carefree
  4. barbaraj

    Weekend Challenge April 4, 2020

    Here's mine: Carefree
  5. barbaraj


    Jif 6: Watercolor Wonderful by Syndee Rogers
  6. barbaraj

    Challenge Chase - April 2020

    Sign me up!
  7. barbaraj

    The Bird Outside

    My gosh, your gallery is amazing! This layout is so fun and unique. I especially like the placement of the clouds (after the hand and bird)
  8. barbaraj

    Going out on a date

    What a pretty dress she has! Love your cluster on this and the double frames.
  9. Lovely watercolor effects on this and love how you circled the bird!
  10. barbaraj

    March LO Madness Wk 3

    I too love all the shadows on the plain photo! Your use of the embellishments is right on. Everything so perfectly placed.
  11. barbaraj

    March 2020 Challenge

    Wonderful shot of the clouds and love the circle frames you added! Nice touch!
  12. barbaraj


    Love your white space cluster with so many amazing things in it! Lovely (pun intended)
  13. barbaraj

    Newsletter Challenge

    What an amazing take on white space! This is so unique and fun.
  14. barbaraj

    Champagne is the Answer

    What a festive layout with the swirls and curved text! Love the glitter and dark background.
  15. barbaraj


    What a darling and creative layout! Love all the papers with the border and the cute dog elements. Lovely photo.