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  1. barbaraj

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4/20

    Here's mine: The Wild, The Free
  2. barbaraj

    The Wild, The Free

    Petals by Brandy Murry
  3. barbaraj

    Egg Knock Tradition

    Never heard of this! Looks like fun and love your page with all the photos and cute bunnies.
  4. barbaraj

    She was not afraid

    Love your colorful layout! Cute little girl with that big bunny.
  5. barbaraj

    Apr 16 NL Challenge - Easter

    This is just lovely! Maybe you can get a job with Hallmark! Happy Easter to you.
  6. barbaraj

    Tuesday Challenge - April 16, 2019

    Here's one from me: Happy Easter
  7. barbaraj

    Happy Easter

    Mr. McGregor's Garden by On A Whimsical Adventure fonts: Happy, DBJ Tootsiewootsie, Top Secret
  8. barbaraj

    March Challenge Chase

    Here's my 6th one: Happy Boy
  9. barbaraj

    Weekend Wildcard 3/30/2019

    Fun challenge! Happy Boy
  10. barbaraj

    Happy Boy

    Wordsmith by Syndee Nuckles
  11. barbaraj


    Lovely use of the frames and such lovely background work! Love the repeated photo.
  12. barbaraj

    Mar 27 NL Challenge

    Love your title for this! Great OOB and love how you used the background papers and stamps.
  13. barbaraj

    Newsletter Challenge-off center

    How lucky for you! Love the blend and How you did your words.
  14. barbaraj


    Love your circular photo and title. Cute layout!
  15. barbaraj

    March Challenge Chase

    Here's Tues. ch March 26 Feeding the Birds