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  1. barbaraj

    Dec 15 Weekend Challenge - Gift Tags

    I really like these!
  2. barbaraj

    Pick a Gift is Here! Winners inside!!!

    What a lot of winners! Congratulations and have fun shopping!
  3. barbaraj

    Pick a Gift Round 2 starts now!

    I'm going to choose 11.
  4. Love the different colors in this one: http://store.scrapgirls.com/Joyeux-Collection.html
  5. barbaraj


    PS - Now I’m wondering if that cute little sled is for the tree or for someone with a broken hip? You missed the photo of me hopping on and riding all over the tree farm.
  6. barbaraj

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge December 11th

    I love our yearly trip to the tree farm: Tradition
  7. barbaraj


    Christmas Friends by After Midnight Designs
  8. barbaraj

    December ATC

    Here's mine: December ATC
  9. barbaraj

    December ATC

    Claus & Co by Brandy Murry
  10. barbaraj

    Pick a Gift is Here! Winners inside!!!

    25 That should be a winner, right? or not. 🤕
  11. barbaraj

    Pick a Gift Starts Tomorrow (12/11)

    What fun! Will try to pick the $20 spot of course And thanks for all the fun to relieve some of the Holiday stress.
  12. barbaraj

    Holiday Bingo!

    Wow, that was fast! I'll wait for the next game.
  13. barbaraj


    So lovely!
  14. barbaraj

    Dec ATC

    Love this! Outstanding ATC.
  15. barbaraj

    Weekly Winners - December 3rd

    O.K. I didn't realize that so good to know and I feel better about winning now. Off to have some fun with the Holiday Bash.