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  1. barbaraj

    Tues June 5 Challenge.jpg

    I really like how this came out! Love the stitches.
  2. barbaraj

    The Brands NL 6/12

    Love how you used the lace and paint with your label and flowers to make such a nice design below your photo!
  3. Love how everything flows together so well on this! Your cluster is beautiful and so is that lovely smile.
  4. barbaraj

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge-OysterBarn

    Love how you altered your photo and embellished it so well!
  5. barbaraj

    Safe Landing

    This is such a great layout! Love that old boat and how you journaled on the railing.
  6. barbaraj

    June Challenge Chase

    Week 2 Old Shorts
  7. barbaraj

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge June 12

    Here's mine: Old Shorts
  8. barbaraj

    Old Shorts

    Wordsmith by Syndee Nuckles font: Painted Messy
  9. barbaraj

    Together Again

    This is perfection! Love the photos, the background and the touches of orange. Wonderful shadows.
  10. barbaraj

    Ice Cream Man NL 6/5

    Wow! This is fantastic! Love the drips.
  11. barbaraj


    What a fantastic photo! That is not on my bucket list but looks like they are having fun.
  12. barbaraj


    What a lovely beach scene! Love those waves and the dreamy look of this.
  13. barbaraj

    Bugs and Blossoms

    Love the double photo on this! Lovely white space with fun background.
  14. barbaraj

    June Challenge Chase

    Here's my week 1: Happy
  15. barbaraj

    Weekend Challenge June 2, 2018

    A busy background paper helped me with this one. Happy