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  1. What a creative layout for cold! Love the scribbles and arrows and how you did the title. This is a winner for outstanding idea.
  2. barbaraj


    Well, you can tell Aimee that your layout convinced me to buy this kit! Your photos are so full of winter fun and love the word strips. I can hardly wait to use that deer in boots that's in this kit.
  3. Jan 21 Loved looking through the brushes. I need to learn how to use them better. Here's the one I chose and now own as of 5 minutes ago. Brush Set: Art Lines Scribbles by Sekada Designs http://store.scrapgirls.com/Brush-Set-Art-Lines-Scribbles.html
  4. Jan 16 Requirement: basic organizational method Mine is fairly simple. I immediately unzip kits and put them a folder marked "new" After a month or so goes by I put them in designer folders. I have 2 special folders for Beach and Christmas. I always make sure the previews are labeled and that's what I look at when choosing a kit for a layout. My photos are a mess. I do label what the content is like beach or dog and search that way. I'm still trying to organize my fonts. Jan 17 These are 2 that I haven't used. Don't know how they are going to work together! Of a Feather Coll
  5. barbaraj


    Lively by AFT Designs fonts: Blackjack, Arial Black
  6. Winter Solstice Kit and Dark Papers by Sekada Designs
  7. Value Pack: Golden Klimt by Aimee Harrison Designs
  8. Blending, textures, borders you have it all here and so beautifully put together. Lovely girl.
  9. barbaraj


    So perfect for the New Year. I love the cloud colors and silhouettes in your photo and how you enhanced it with sayings and elements.
  10. What wonderful photos! You really did a good job fixing them. The grasses give such a nice texture to your layout. I love the title too.
  11. The light and shadows on your photo is marvelous! Love how the leaves are hanging down over the lace and the subtle brushes in the background. Outstanding page.
  12. Dreaming of Winter by Aimee Harrison Designs and Kristmess Designs Winter Magic by Connie Prince Adventure by Sekada Designs
  13. barbaraj

    New Cat

    We just named her Meow. That's how she talks to use and we reply! She greets us that way, has a special meow for being hungry. one for wanting to go out and one for wanting to play. A perfect name for a cat. lol
  14. What a unique layout about a caboose. Your blending in the background really adds a lot. Love the fonts you used.
  15. barbaraj

    JJ22 LO1

    What a lovely designed layout. He's really doing good for his age. Is that an alligator I see? Hope he stays away. Love how you did your title and the great colors.
  16. barbaraj

    Hospital Page 37

    What a long trial you've had. I love all the journaling and how you are walking again.
  17. Such a nice combination of colors. That's so darling!
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