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  1. barbaraj

    My March

    Lucy by Chere Kaye Designs font: Berkshire Hey December Templates by Blue Heart Scraps Gnome: Paddy by Scrapbookcrazy Creations by Robyn (altered)
  2. What a great quote! Love your off center photo and your edging.
  3. Love the font you used for the title-it's perfect for this. Wonderful use of the elements and I love how you used the ribbon.
  4. barbaraj

    Morel Mania

    I've never tried these but you've made them sound delicious. I love the design of your layout and how easy the journaling is to read. Cute elements in the center and I like the borders.
  5. Yum. look at all those pretzels! Love the shapes on your page and that title style.
  6. Love your colorful layout. I used to love popcorn but now it get's stuck in my teeth. Happy snacking.
  7. SGC: Million Little Things by Angie Briggs
  8. Love your cute title and the double photo frame. I too like the red and gray.
  9. Lovely summary of your adventures. I love the cluster at the top and the font you used is so easy to read.
  10. Love those stitched flowers and the rainbow behind your photo. Great St Patrick's Day page.
  11. Love the angle of your photo and how you placed it on the circle. Lovely flower additions.
  12. Deep by Bee Creation Gnome: Music to my Gnomes by WendyP Designs font: Bandira Script
  13. Fun challenge and great way to add new fonts to the long list! Here's mine.
  14. Our Wintry Woods kit and Graffiti by Aimee Harrison Designs --- font: Bandira Script
  15. testing to see if fixed problem
  16. @angleigh I'm no longer getting emails from SG. I've sent you an email and a pm .
  17. Here's my Tues March 8 ch
  18. Mermaid Tales by Aimee Harrison Designs Gnome: Seaside Gnomes by BoomersGirl Designs
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