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    Dear Soul by Valentina's Creations
  2. Love that boat in the distance between your feet! Super cool! Great title shape and love all the papers!
  3. Love how you used the elements on this and such great shots of your walk!
  4. Love the photo treatment and how you shaped them! As an ex teacher I know just how you feel! Love how you did the date with the dangling element!
  5. Oh, I love seeing those little chicks all grown up! Love the clothesline and chicken wire on this!
  6. barbaraj

    July Slow Scrap #1

    What darling photos! Love the hearts in the background! Great design!
  7. barbaraj

    At One with Nature

    Love how you did that boat with the reflection and the majestic background! Such a great technique on your photo! Lovely cluster and love how the leaves come over the top!
  8. This is really a great layout! That touch of neon and the chain are just perfect for this and love the 2 views and how you did your title!
  9. Darling layout! Such a cute dog and love all the circles on this!
  10. style: Altered Watercolor 6301 by Syndee Nuckles Designs Alpha:Alpha Templates: Messy Paints by Syndee Nuckles Designs font: Ar Julian Just Blend It Templates by Ginny Whitcomb Sea Voices Collection by Sekada Designs
  11. How fabulous! Love your photo on the easel and how it looks like you're all having so much fun!
  12. Lovely work! Love the bird sitting on the horse!
  13. Lovely way to present the statue! Love your added notes!
  14. What wonderful topography! Love all the textures and how you arranged the words!
  15. Love the reflections you caught in the windows! This looks like a lovely place to visit!
  16. What a cute smile she has! Love the elements you used on this!
  17. Love all your photos and that feather border! Great stitches!
  18. Love how you did your background for this great photo! Nice journaling!
  19. She Wore Flowers Collection Super Mini by Syndee Nuckles Designs
  20. Love the banner on this and the views of the beaches! Pretty background!
  21. Love your use of the bubbles on this! Great beach layout!
  22. barbaraj

    WT Beach Web

    Love your photo work and great background! This is really outstanding!
  23. Love that watercolor sky! Your photo really captures the essence of the beach and the distant view really gives it depth! Lovely layout!
  24. Love your background work on this! Perfect for your lovely photos!
  25. Ah, you've got the right idea! Love your relaxing photo and the stroke on your title!
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