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  1. This was almost late but I had just the picture for this one! Romeo playing Games
  2. EMA_Transitions Biggie
  3. GSW_MorningBrew, SNU_SSEmb_BlendabilityMask
  4. Here is my LO #10 TALL and I'm so happy to be caught up!
  5. My LO #9 TREASURE. I heard the view from the Terrace is great. I'm on my way!
  6. AHA_SomewhereInTime, BMU_HeartOfGold_Emb (heart, staple)
  7. I had asked for a helicopter drop-off but apparantly there were a some ladies using the landing pad as a dance floor. Go figure! I wasn't too keen on the parachute and flew in a little close to the Titanic scene. Ladies, that seemed dangerous! 😲 Thanks for that drink, Debby. I was a little rattled but feeling much better now. LO #8 WATER
  8. AFT_Beginnings (paper and bead embellishment).
  9. Edited my #7 Book Layout. I must be tired from all the travels. I put my LO in Laura's gallery somehow. 🤔
  10. Racing through the globe on my super sonic jet to catch up with our ship! Here is my LO #7 BOOK. I hope to see you all soon.
  11. I'm oh so far behind. I'm going to have to catch an Uber jet to find you all and will need a stiff drink and masseuse when I get there! LO #6 "Sport". I added "GLASSes"
  12. ABR_DiamondDiva AFT_Olivia_Emb_Glasses
  13. Thank you! I'm up for being snack lady. Since we're still in Rome, I'll bring Crostini and Saba. Great idea about Russell. I'm sure he won't mind. 🤭
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