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  1. Congratulations on your winning layout - lovely page! http://scrapgirls.com/blog/

  2. Congratulations on your winning Weekly Layout - lovely page! http://scrapgirls.com/blog/

  3. SkyMom

    Newsletter Challenge: Technique Tuesday

    Here is my challenge. I'm not sure it qualifies. I definitely did some blending with SS papers but seems all of yours are predominently showing paper and I'm showing more photos. If I didn't get it right, let me know and I'll do a new one.
  4. SkyMom

    March Challenge Chase

    Here is my Newsletter Challenge
  5. SkyMom

    6th Birthday

    I faded the photos into the background so I'm not sure it is showing my blended papers as well as it should for this challenge. I scanned a small bag to make the element and I'm not sure American Girl peeps will go for that. I love it though! ABR_ArtJourney SSPapers EBA_BlessThisNest Photo Template #sgdigispring
  6. SkyMom

    NL Challenge 3-8-16 Magical Mystery Walk

    This is SOOOO creative! Crashing waves and star sparklies and tidepools...and I love the frames leading her into the background! Love Love.
  7. SkyMom

    March Prompt Party

    No scrapping? This is different! My house is currently a rented apartment. So I'll describe my last house which was a light grey single story brick with a narrow but deep front porch. From the porch there is a half light, cut glass door and other windows looking into the formal dining and living area. The attached garage sticks out a bit from the house and a garden of shrubs and annuals runs the width of the front with a tree surrounded by monkey grass and bulbs. The back porch is deep, square and leads onto a large open deck with an herb garden just beyond. I'm so ready for a new house!
  8. SkyMom


    Such a pretty layout. I love how you made all the horizontals work togther. So happy and relaxing to look at it. We're blooming in Texas already, too!
  9. SkyMom

    Little Dancer

    Thanks! Just realized I spelled chasse wrong. It's a dance move, not from a book. ha. At least I can redo on this end.
  10. SkyMom

    March Challenge Chase

    Here is my Newsletter Challenge
  11. SkyMom

    Little Dancer

  12. SkyMom

    March Challenge Chase

    Sign me up, please!
  13. SkyMom

    Week 4 Furry Friend

    oh and thanks for all the love!
  14. SkyMom

    Week 4 Furry Friend

    Oh my goodness. And don't we all love how I forgot to turn off the CREDIT layer? ha ha. I've been in a hurry to do layouts the last two weeks and finally had a big oops. (kindergarten should NOT require so much mom work!).
  15. SkyMom

    Slow Scrap - What We Love

    My last February LO. Can't wait for tomorrow. March is a BIG birthday month around here so I'll have plenty to scrap. Slow Scrap - Furry Friends