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  1. Success! Andrea and I were able to meet. We only live about 15 minutes from each other. Andrea is so stinkin' darling!!! Sallie
  2. Thank you April! I just sent her a message!
  3. Thanks so much! I am not new to ScrapGirls, in fact I went to the ScrapGirls crops when they were held in SLC. I also attended some of the monthly luncheons which were SOOOOOO fun! I hope that eventually there will be a group of local "digis" that can meet up. I just checked and I joined the site in 2006. That was many "$s" ago, haha. Sallie
  4. We moved from SLC and I have not been able to find any digi friends down here yet! Lonely and depressed, haha Sallie
  5. I always love Temple pages! This is absolutely a gem, so beautiful!