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  1. OK, with this latest update my computer did, SOME of my styles are showing up again. Not everything, but in the drop shadow style set I use the most often more of the files are showing up.
  2. lol I want to catch that little sucker & strangle him!
  3. Thank you!! <3
  4. Yeah, I emailed the people at add-o-matic to see if maybe they had a trial version. I don't want to pay $15 & it not work.
  5. OK, yeah, I did that. Support with Adobe had me do that. When I did & reopened PSE, less of the styles were showing up.
  6. Windows 8.1
  7. *blank look* How do I do that?
  8. Gayle, I had Add-O-Matic years ago...totally forgot about it. Might have to try that. It couldn't do anything worse than I'm dealing with right now! lol Belle, I've uninstalled all my styles, gone into the folder & manually deleted the files, gone tru the preset manager & uninstalled (with a reboot between each) & nothing's worked. The weirdest part is that i didn't do anything! I scrapped one day, closed my program, went to open again a few days later & poof.
  9. OK, I did that. There's only 1 style showing that I installed. And it's the one style from the set with 44.
  10. I don't see that option in PSE 13. Am I blind? I don't see it in 11 either.
  11. That's how I installed the last set with 44 styles. Any way I install or load them, I get the same results.
  12. See, like this: 44 styles, only 2 are showing up as useable.
  13. Thanks Theresa! I really hope someone has some ideas. Maybe PSE did an update? It's just so weird cause they all worked fine, everything was good, then I opened PSE & it was all screwy.
  14. Yes.
  15. Theresa, I did! I tried that, I tried resetting everything to default. I manually deleted all the styles, (with a reboot after each try) & I even uninstalled & reinstalled PSE 11. The part that makes me so irritated is that everything worked great, up until a cpl weeks ago. Then (after I didn't change ANYTHING) half my styles were missing.