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  1. It so works together doesn't it :). Love your composition, great perspective too.
  2. Mmmm... sound delicious. I love your veggies in the basket and your background stripey color to match.
  3. A beautiful card Ann, so glad to see you on the forum.
  4. I had a lovely busy weekend and finally got some time to put my page together, well souvenir from our stop over in Japan Dream
  5. My souvenir from Japan, safely tucked away in my luggage. from world tours :) right? Supplies in exif properties
  6. Love it, great photo and love the collection.
  7. Great challenge Carla, I used Angie Briggs Effortless Collection. My Sister
  8. I used Angie Briggs Effortless Collection - Jiffy page5
  9. love it, made me laaaaaaf !
  10. thanks for this challenge Valerie, I've been meaning to do this one for some time, no time like the present. The Mercator
  11. I used this month Scrapgirls Club Brandy Murry's Grace Collection
  12. Wow, love your page!
  13. Beautiful page and beautifully done, love the turquoise colors matching her eyes.
  14. Beautiful, love the soft blending and embellishments you used.
  15. Here is my China-wall-gift layout