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  1. Marie-Christine

    La Promenade des Anglais

    Love your photo treatment and the blended text page, works so well, super job!
  2. Marie-Christine

    Weekend Challenge

    Amazing, looks absolutely stunning!
  3. Marie-Christine

    PositiveATC copy.jpg

    Very beautiful, and I love your quote too!
  4. Marie-Christine

    Sneak Peek 08/17

    Cute indeed!
  5. Marie-Christine

    August recipe swap

    Love spinach, your recipe sounds delicious and I love how you put this together. Perfect background and great color combination. I'm so going to try this, I always have spinach in the freezer. txs for sharing your recipe:)
  6. Marie-Christine

    Finish This Sentence Game

    watching this posting that Andrea made but paused the tv=doc rescues on Everest What are you planning for your evening meal? OK it look like mimes and me replied at the same time This morning I forgot - to take the shellfish out of the freezer But what did you remember?
  7. Marie-Christine

    Finish This Sentence Game

    Sitting hear I can hear my fingers tapping on the keyboard... and thinking of?
  8. Marie-Christine


    Carly Renay Cats Meow Collection
  9. Marie-Christine


    Carol Wen-xin Unique Scenery Also used DRB Samuel Collection
  10. Marie-Christine

    Happy Birthday

    DRB Birthday Collection
  11. Marie-Christine

    Question And Answer Game

    Do you have a strict cleansing routine for your skin? yes, cleans, tone moisterise. Have you ever broken a bone? Yes hairline fracture in fibula, (leg) along time ago i was 16What colour car do you currently drive? Red, love red What age did you pass your driver's test? 20 What time do you normally get up in the morning? Are you a breakfast person? What is your most favourite tv program? What time of the day do you read your book?
  12. Marie-Christine

    Hi From New Nexico

    Welcome to ScrapGirls Dana!
  13. Marie-Christine

    New Way To Search A Designers Store

    brilliant, that is so good, thanks Angie
  14. Marie-Christine

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge - 7th August 2018

    Here is my Every day
  15. Marie-Christine

    Every day

    SNU_Heart and Soul collection