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  1. DRB Designs - Bicycle Ride Collection
  2. Dagi's Temp-tations & EMA_Honey Garden Collection
  3. Back up& running, my user file was messed up during a security update and had to create a new user account for windows. The next security update sorted the problem out so I deleted the additional user account  I set up two days before which apparently you shouldn't delete manually. :) I created the problem and I also fixed the problem following instructions I located from microsoft, I'm so happy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MariJ


      SO glad you’re back Marie and that the fix wasn’t TOO bad!

    3. alsoarty


      Oi the mistakes we make without knowing it. Glad you're back up and running.

    4. A-M


      Good read all is now well.

  4. Great photo! Your daughter really does look a lot like you. I really like the way you used it here and using the time for the number challenge is great.
  5. This is so good, love the circles and the flow of your journaling.
  6. Love this, such a great combination of photos and blending.
  7. I love your layout, love the placement of your wonderful photos in your number. Such a great name for a coffee shop and you all look like you are having a fun time!
  8. I'm off line for now, my computer has had issues with (users) since a microsoft update, I fixed it last week but it has happened again yesterday. Fingers crossed I hope can get it fixed fairly quickly. I am logged on at work for now. :angry:

    1. MariJ


      Oh no so sorry Marie.  It’s so frustrtating when things like that happen - hope you’re up and running soon!   Computers - I think I have a love/hate reliationship wiht them, but we sure do depend on them.   Good luck. :) 

    2. Dady


      Yes good luck Marie-Christine, I wish your computer is quickly repaired!

  9. Hooray, it's bee a while. I think it will be 23:00 here in the UK. If I can stay up long enough I drop in too
  10. Great idea to use numbers and I love how you have put your layout together. The orange blending in your background really brings out the colors in your photo. Great page Marilyn!
  11. Wow that is so pretty, love the energy on your page with the pretty colors, great page!
  12. It has been crazy for you guys on the other side of the Atlantic. I love how you put your layout together, and I also love the alpha you used to showcase the winter weather in your page!
  13. My Pesto Bread Rolls They are delicious, they also do a magic trick they disappear before your very eyes.
  14. BMU_Basil &Co Papers
  15. Wow, that is stunning, love how you used the torn edges to work with the flow of the water. Love the foliage too great layout!