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  1. Such a great photo of your youngest, love your background and the cluster of flowers is so pretty. Lovely page of the birthday girls. Happy 13th Brooke
  2. Sweet little guy he is :). Great photo Debbie love the b&w photo with the smaller photo insert.
  3. Great page Geraldine, love the circle shapes you used in your blending technique really brings out elements of your photo.
  4. I agree with all of the above, you make amazing ocean pages. Love the reds you used here and in your blending too.
  5. This made me smile, what a wonderful photo and I love the way you put it all together, I really like the scribbles and the glitter and I love your title too. Is your title a font with styles applied to it? It looks super.
  6. Lovely photos Jean, a busy August full of color so nice to see. Great page!
  7. A very happy Birthday to your DD. I always enjoy mixing my supplies of templates, thanks Carla for this enjoyable challenge. Weather the storm
  8. I used: ABR_SSPaper_NatureWalk6 BMU_SSPaper_InPrint_JustText MRE_SSPaperWhatevertheWeather_Clouds JOD_YouGotMeLike Oh_Brushset10 JOD_YouGotMeLike Oh_Brushset6 JOD_YouGotMeLike Oh_Brushset8
  9. love love this Andrea, it looks fantastic. It would look amazing on canvas hanging on the wall. Super creative.
  10. Love the photo Val, is that from the Photoshop mag? Here is my layout
  11. Arriving in Santander, Spain on the ferry, greeted by local fishermen as we gently roll into the harbor, feels like home. The journey awaits ... I used: ABR_Blendology6 BMU_RusticWedding_Collection FlO_TravelersNotebook_Stamp6 FLO_TravelersNotebook_Heart
  12. Here is my 2nd wild animal of the week I used the middle horizontal line, thanks Valerie for your wonderful charts.
  13. I used: ABR_SSPaper_Blendology4 AFT_LivelyPaper-10 AFT_LivelyPaper-4 AFT_LivelyPaper-8 BMU_Tropical_Palm BMU_Tropical_BigLeaf BMU_SSStyles_GL_Distress-Cream photo: Kevin Schar
  14. I selected the far right vertical line Toucan
  15. Supplies in exif properties