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  1. Marie-Christine

    Christmas in Bern.jpg

    Great page, I love your photo with pretty cluster of flowers.
  2. Marie-Christine


    Wow, the different views of the christma slights look amazing!
  3. Marie-Christine

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge December 11th

    Here is mine
  4. Marie-Christine

    Toast to Christmas Eve

    Laura Louie - Festive Elegance Collection
  5. Marie-Christine

    Day 2 of my Daily December Album

    Gorgeous, I love this page and what a beautiful Christmas tree. Great seeing you in the photo too :)
  6. Marie-Christine

    Page 1 of my 2018 Daily December Journal.

    I love the pages you are creating for December, with wonderful photos of Sydney and everyone at the conference. Love the bright and inspirations it gives to us all.
  7. Marie-Christine

    Dec ATC Candle - Light

    Beautiful, I think it's awesome!
  8. Marie-Christine

    Dec ATC 2 - white space

    Very pretty ATC
  9. Marie-Christine


    Very festive and pretty, have a great time when you get there and safe journey!
  10. Marie-Christine

    Weekend Challenge 12/8/18 Carol: Kermit

    Absolutely adore it, Kermit can join in with the Carol singers currently on tour. I love your page, i'm a great fan of Kermit
  11. Marie-Christine

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge Dec 8th

    Here is mine, Carol singers on tour
  12. Marie-Christine

    Silent Night

    I used Ginny Whitcomb Yuletide Collection. My carol singers are on tour, they are currently in Holland, performing one of my favourites 'Silent Night'
  13. Marie-Christine

    Weekend wildcard

    How cute, I love this page together with your family's tradition, it's wonderful.
  14. Marie-Christine

    Mirror on the wall

    DRB Designs - Memory of a moment Collection
  15. Marie-Christine


    CarolWDesigns-Gray Space Templates Collection AFT_ColourPop Collection Brandy Murry - Brushet 19 hearts Elisha Barnett- Graffiti Hearts Brandy Murry - SS Puzzle Templates