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  1. Marie-Christine

    Tuesday Challenge 6/19/18 Dad & Uncle Syl

    Wow Marilyn such a special layout, I love the placement of all your embellishments and your journaling following the curve of the path and then my eye takes me to your blended background, so lovely. PS I love your big flower
  2. Excellent, look forward to it Amanda.
  3. Marie-Christine

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 6/19/2018

    Here is my dad
  4. Marie-Christine


    BMU_Junk in theTrunk Collection
  5. Marie-Christine


    DRB Designs - Paper Templates - Painted Overlays
  6. Marie-Christine

    My little knight

    DRB_Designs - Templates Pretty Paper Pieces
  7. Marie-Christine


    DRB Designs - One Fine Day Collection http://store.scrapgirls.com/One-Fine-Day-Collection-Mini.html
  8. Marie-Christine


  9. Marie-Christine

    Newsletter challenge

    Yeah Windsor Castle, love it. I also like all the people in foreground framed with all the bunting and your blending is superb!
  10. Marie-Christine

    The Roller Coaster Walk

    Sadly, you can complete the walk for obvious reasons, but you can't see in the photo that it has been closed of with a fence
  11. Marie-Christine

    Tues NL Challenge.jpg

    I love the wonderful contrast in colour of the old stone and the white rendered building together with the colour and texture of the roof against the wonderful green landscape, it really is quite a striking photo. I love your quote you used too. Great layout.
  12. Marie-Christine

    The Roller Coaster Walk

  13. Marie-Christine

    Tuesday Challenge 6 12 18 Old Auntie Sue 90 JP72.jpg

    Such a wonderful layout and a lovely tribute to your Godmother. I love the cluster of flowers cascading down, so pretty.
  14. Have you seen all the emoji's I just wanted to insert a smiley and saw them, so cute and I love them 😍🙌💐

    1. ladyscrapalot


      🤗 Yay!! They  match what is on my iPhone!!

    2. MariJ


      Oh wow - I made sure they were still there, but didn’t check them out.   So cool, they really are the same Apple ones and I see my favorite is now available.  I use this guy a lot. 😱

  15. Marie-Christine

    Weekly Winners - June 11th

    Congratulations to you both!