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  1. Here is my reflection-Taj Mahal layout
  2. Photo opportunity along the road riding through the Pyrenees. Supplies in exif properties
  3. Welcome to Scrapgirls Christine, look forward to getting to know you.
  4. Love the colors and your fun photos, great idea to use your title for the reflection.
  5. Oh my this is spectacular, love love love it. Love your lace border stunning photo! Beautiful!
  6. Great result, love it. Love your photo and great title too. Well done on the reflection too.
  7. Great photo and love how you used vines to frame it, great idea to use coat of arms for the challenge.
  8. Love your photos Joyce and your background photo with the reflection is awesome! Great page!
  9. I really like this, love your blending and your photo is awesome, love all the lines and the two garden benches just frame your photo perfect and takes your eye to the center of your page, what a reflection it almost looks like water!
  10. mmmm.... mmmm....
  11. I love both, I use alphas and wordart. PlEaSe DoNt'Go AlPhA's wE lOve YoU Love to use alphas as part of my embellishments giving them a pride of place, I tend to use word art more on my art journals, I find that they help me to create what it is I want to say on my art journals and whilst creating I add alphas and see what works and vice versa, it all depends what it is I'm trying to achieve, or the mood I'm in but there usually is always a secret(hidden just to see what it looks like with or without) layer with wordart or alphas or I might use one alpha followed by a font to blend it all in. Reading everybody's comment I also tend to move my alphas around and then change again if I spend too much time searching for the right one I know that it isn't going to work. I have made layouts starting with alphas and or wordart, it feels a bit like an upside pineapple cake.
  12. This is beautiful, it pulled my heartstrings, I agree with what everyone has said above and you are all truly blessed. I love your page, great outdoor background and your wonderful photos going through the years. Well done!
  13. Congratulations ladies amazing layouts!
  14. Oh my that is gorgeous, love the colors and it looks very magical. Wonderful page well done! Love it
  15. This is so pretty and perfect for the challenge, wonderful photo of your Grandma & Grandpa. I love your background with the sewing and crochet embellishments. Adding the pink ribbons too brings your whole page together. So pretty :).