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  1. wow, love this, I can also take inspiration from your stunning layout
  2. For my papers I used Col_SSPaper_Pc_10 x 3 coloured it in red, orange and yellow and used blending modes photos taken in garden center trying out macro mode on my camera
  3. Love this Andrea! Such a pretty page with amazing colors. Well done for keeping your tradition alive Brood is one of my most missed food since moving over to the Uk ca1978 The bakers back home are the same as in France, fresh bread every day, no preservatives, not in plastic bags. Just good wholesome fresh bread, verse brood wit of bruin, groot of klein. I love making bread it is so satisfying and it is the first place I stop at when I go home 'the bakker' .
  4. I've been meaning to leave a comment and say how pretty your layout is and loved watching you putting it together. It looks like one of your photos is near the SS Great Britain, great background too and love the embellishments you used. Shame had I known you were in Bristol we could have met up.
  5. Qui, pour moi aussi.
  6. It's so nice to see you Ngaire and I love your photos of your family, love the blue in your page it really sparkles.
  7. Bonjour Geraldine, c'est toi, ca va Love your page, it looks like you have placed your photo on fabric and then stitched it, how clever and creative.
  8. Hi Diane so good to see you and I love your photo. Love your layout, so pretty.
  9. Oh Jane, sorry to hear that your adventure ended like this. Hope you are healing well. It is a very gorgeous layout love the emoticons and bike embellishments they really add to your story.
  10. Wonderful photo of you Hilary, love the postcard idea and such gorgeous color too.
  11. How beautiful, serene elegant and gorgeous colors , you should enlarge this and find a perfect place to display it in your home. Great layout
  12. Great photos of you and your grandkids, love the fall theme and i just noticed the youngest member of the family among the pumpkins
  13. You brave soldier, but my I do feel your pain! You did a super job in creating this layout, I love your background. I think you are very brave and wish you a splendid recovery, take care & hugs from afar
  14. Here is one of me and my boys taken a long time ago, most of the time I take photos Together
  15. I used BMU_ChasingDragonflies_Collection