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  1. Great photos!
  2. Love this, she is just adorable and I really love how you put this together, just so pretty!
  3. So sweet, absolutely adore your page! Such a great photo.
  4. Bee

    Very pretty and speaks of summer, lovely page!
  5. Sh sure does a super flip in the water, great page Diane, love the colors!
  6. Heer is my Vrrmmm!
  7. Supplies in exif properties
  8. Great photo Geraldine, love that look and stare.
  9. Mine is S for Sisters,
  10. So sweet!
  11. wow, impressive!
  12. The cupcakes look delicious, love all the shapes you used and great color combination, fab page!
  13. Wonderful layout Marilyn and how cools is Melbourne, i would love walking around and soaking up all the artsy wall, my camera would be clicking away! Thanks for taking us on this journey, absolutely fab!
  14. Great page Laraine, this sure looks like an amazing place to visit!