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  1. Conda, put the kettle on, and put an extra plate for me I'm on my way. Love your clipboard and layered notes, very pretty recipe card.
  2. Pretty page, wonderful photos and love OOB too.
  3. I love bread pudding, I love your card and the pretty cluster, it nice and easy to read and my tastebuds are awakening and now I want some . I love reading everybody's comment and the first thing I thought of was the bread pudding from mum and the ones we could get in the local bakery/patisserie shop. My mum's was as good as the one in the shop, but sometimes I would buy a piece of bread pudding on the way to school with my pocket money. A big thank you Conda from me too!
  4. Stunning work Diane, love your photo and love how you blended the soft green in and around the iron gate. Cardiff castle is beautiful, you really made it stunning. Cardiff is only 1 hour drive,ride away from where we live
  5. Love seeing your grandchildren, you created a stunning page and I love the combined colors.
  6. Love your creativity, beautiful page!
  7. Here is mine Vita a Venezia
  8. Inspired by Mediterranean colors.
  9. Wonderful page Jane, I'm so happy for you that you have managed to overcome your fear. Well done! I love that you included the snapshot you took, yo must be seated really comfortable to be able to do it. Enjoy and stay safe!
  10. Here is my layout Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  11. I've always wanted to ride a motorbike and 2008/2009 proved to be the time to do it. A few months later I was on my way traveling through Spain and have since covered thousands of miles. Supplies in exif properties
  12. Congratulations everyone, wonderful layouts:)
  13. Love love love the new look, great job everyone! 

  14. From the album Travel

    Photo taken during one of our trips last month. TFL Supplies in exif properties
  15. Wonderful cover, love your creativity as well as your humour, love it!