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  1. Wow, you are a busy bee. Great page Marilyn with all your wonderful photos and I love your background. I am so enjoying finding all the small embellishment on your page relating to your month of June.
  2. I also start off with a plain paper but always end up adding a pattern or a texture or a brush or the eraser or ... or... and play around to see what works well with my photo/s. LOL then sometimes I start all over again
  3. So very beautiful!
  4. Thank you Carla for this wonderful challenge, I so enjoyed putting this together. I traced with the pen tool and sketched using filters. Together we run
  5. EBA_Harmony Collection BMU_Menagerie
  6. Papers from this month Scrap Girls Club Photos added
  7. Beautiful, love everything about your page, love the title soaring higher. I so love the corner with the flowers and then the time piece above it. The transition and the blending is stunning.
  8. Wow, amazing photo!
  9. I really like the heritage look you created with your wonderful photos, and the pretty cluster brings out the lovely soft colors of your background.
  10. Looking forward to seeing all of them!
  11. Great photos!
  12. Love this, she is just adorable and I really love how you put this together, just so pretty!
  13. So sweet, absolutely adore your page! Such a great photo.
  14. Bee

    Very pretty and speaks of summer, lovely page!
  15. Sh sure does a super flip in the water, great page Diane, love the colors!