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  1. I love your page, it sparked off my interest and I looked the plant up, I might give them a go!
  2. Love this, such a great page and very special to you all!
  3. Brandy you did it again, love your new collection Chasing Dragonflies txs!

    1. CRS


      I agree, it's stunning!

    2. SodScrap
    3. MariJ


      It really is so pretty!

  4. Great collection!Love it Between a rock and hard place
  5. BMU_ChasingDragonflies_Collection
  6. Thanks for a fun scrapping week everyone!
  7. Our friend's daughter has got two new horses on their patch of lands and have become the best of friends. Love you too
  8. Supplies in exif properties
  9. 9+ embellishments added I used ABR_SSEmb_NatureWalkMask_2, JZI_HarvestSpice_Embellishments, GWH_NatureWalk_Flower2 Title done using SNU_SSAlpha_StencilLetters rotated my layout worked out quite well
  10. Congratulations ladies, such lovely layouts!
  11. I changed my mind about the paper I will use it for something else. I used: FLO_OneDay_Paper & BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders5-6 photo added
  12. Great challenge Marilyn, I hope to get this one done.
  13. I went for Florju Designs - Travelers Notebook
  14. Here is my 2nd layout for this month: Elan Valley
  15. Supplies in exif properties