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  1. This is just AWESOME !! Thanks for learning us how to create those GIF layouts !
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day!

    1. Sensiwoman


      Thank you very much !! And oh yes !!! I had a most wonderful day !!! xx

  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Sensiwoman


      Thank you very much for the wishes !!! :-D

  4. I love this one very much as well !! Your layouts are very inspiring ! Please keep sharing them
  5. This is sooooo beautiful !!! Cute pictures, nice colors, lovely clustered embellishments !! Just perfect
  6. What a lovely layout ! And such a cute picture ! I love the blending and the color combo you've used ! Great job !
  7. What a beautiful place !! Makes me want to go there as well !! Your layout is just perfect and I love the colors you've used !
  8. I signed in today after a long break and I see it's your birthday ! So wishing you a joyful day, cheers to you and here's to many more to come !! Definitely want to say that I love everything you create, I learn so much from your designs !!!

  9. From the album Diverse

    And here is another stationery design I've created with the AlteredLife collection ❤️ Thanks for looking xx Connie
  10. From the album Diverse

    Oooh, it's been so long since I've been around here and I'm glad to be back I guess some of you already know that besides scrapping, I also love writing letters to pen friends all over the world, so I thought, why not trying to combine my two hobbies ...and right now I just LOVE creating stationery with all kinds of scrap embellishements ❤️ and guess what, my pals REALLY love the designs )) This one has been created with the AlteredLife collection, which is currently one of my favorites Thanks for looking xx Connie
  11. This is the very first scrap page I'm uploading (quite exciting) ... this picture has been taken about a week ago, I especially love how the trees are reflected in the lake and I believe it's perfect for this month's contest - it's still a bit hard to try and combine all the elements on my page, but I think it's gonna look okay in our year album of 2014 Thanks for looking ! And here are the credits : http://store.scrapgi...tric-p26440.php http://store.scrapgi...erie-p29408.php http://store.scrapgi...ments-p8500.php http://store.scrapgi...ggie-p25448.php http://store.scrapgi...nts-p26014.php#

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