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  1. Boatlady

    Cool Delight

    Adorable photo and great OOB
  2. Here is my page for the hot weather
  3. TMD_Persistance, VJS,TheAbsolutBest,JZI_Pub My photos- Journaling, 105 degrees- You are walking around Dodge City and you are super hot so what do you do???? You stop in an air conditioned brew pub and share a flight of cold craft beers
  4. AHA_Canyonlands One of my favorite stops this trip.
  5. Beautiful pics. Do you live in Colorado? We were just traveling around there in our camper.
  6. Very cool photo and the mask work is excellent
  7. We only spent a few days in IN and it was north-- just off the tip of the lake. We are in Michigan now for a little over a week. Then heading route 80 over to CT to see family and friends.
  8. MPE_Cottage Reflections Photos by me
  9. LOL. the photo is so cute and The red leash is perfect for the page.
  10. Dolphins are so cool...great photo and such a cool page. I went scuba diving with them in Roatan and it was so thrilling I know how she feels.
  11. Congrats What lovely memories to capture on your page.
  12. First rainy day since we left in May!!! Defrosted the freezer in the camper and a few cleaning projects...not organize some of my SG stuff.

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    2. ladyscrapalot


      Send some of that rain down here in Texas! ;)

    3. MariJ


      Rain is in big demand in so many places.    And it's been such an unusually hot summer and still gong strong, I can't remember a day under 90º and humid at this point!  🥵

    4. GraceJ


      Have a wonderful day my dear <3

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