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    A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work.

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    Winter in New Port Richey FL -Summer on the roads traveling the US

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  1. ABR_ChristmasWonder,GWH_CallofWinter My brother and myself at 4 years old.
  2. Awwwww she is so cute. Adorable page.Maybe she should have devil horns instead of the birthday hat...LOL
  3. My husband and friends went out this morning (in the rain) for National Clean-Up day and filled the truck. I am still recuperating so was not able to go so here is the page I made when he was gone!!!.
  4. GWH_PackYourBags, EBA_Mermaid papers altered color, DRB_Adventure-retired,
  5. This is great. I love that you are doing something that you love and are preserving it. Great page with that super cluster too.
  6. GWH_ThisIsLove,BMU_19Hearts, SNU_SSPaper-ArtTextureGesso Photos by me and one of my best friends.
  7. JBS_MyDigitalLife, CWX_WeareFamily-Blended, LLO_ToyTrain, TMD_FancyThat, TMD_Always Photo by me
  8. Boatlady


    Thinking of you Susie as you recover. LLO_ToyTrains My flowers from CT.
  9. AFT_Overlays, GWH_SummerReverie Photo by me
  10. Boatlady

    Birthday Bash

    What fun...great use of the collection. Adorable cake too.
  11. CKH_Elenaor, FLOCamet, GWH_ThroughHisEyes, AMD_Circus. Built as a first-run movie palace by Warner Bros. Studios elaborate art-deco building located in Torrington CT. In the 1960s Warner Brothers sold the Warner Theatre to a private owner who continued to show movies until the late 1970s As a kid I saw movies here but in the 1980s when it was making a revival I helped with the costumes for several plays .My Fair Lady,Jesus Christ Superstar & Peter Pan. Kristine and I used to go see the Nutcracker every year. It’s a very special place. Both Kris and Mike had High School graduations her
  12. Boatlady

    DC Tourists

    DC is such an interesting city. Great use of the map and simple but perfect embellishments.
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