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  1. He looks so happy. Great picture story with those 3 action shots. Congrats to him for his great team effort. Love the footprint back ground.
  2. Great photo and I love the blending and mask work that makes the back ground. the red makes the whole page pop. Really wonderful LO. She is so pretty, too. I love the brushstroke title and subtle jouranaling.
  3. So interesting. Great photo and I love the vintage way you scrapped it.
  4. This is such a special page on so many levels. The photos and the history behind them and the subtle background, embellishments and title are just so perfect. Love this page.
  5. I'm so excited my hubby just ordered a 27" moniter and new keyboard  for my set up. Now I can have 3 screens. Just call me spoiled!!!

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      Oh my word! I never even THOUGHT about this option for my desktop. The hubby uses multiple screens at work. you've got me thinking! Enjoy your new setup!

  6. I go to "file" then "save as" add the word "copy" to the file name then hit "save" in the lower right corner.
  7. Welcome back. You are not wasting any time getting back into the swing of things here at SG...have fun.
  8. That is a great story to tell and you did a great job with all the arrows and journaling. I love the patriot colors too. So you just stand there to take pictures, no ride for you???
  9. I always love that bridge. We used to cross late at night on from Maryland to visit family in CT and the lights were spectacular. Then we went under in many times in our boat a whole different view. The new one is going to be so impressive. I love your page's story.
  10. I don't see much mess but it is a great page.
  11. Adorable photo...I love the LO you made of your student. Great use of the embellishments.
  12. OMG They are so cute...great LO.
  13. Here is my page Moving I've been wanting to scrap this event but never got around to it. So this was my perfect opportunity. Thanks for the great challenge Marilyn. I used the The Bare Minimum, Word Art Little Tidbits and a Photo label across my delicate china cabinet (the movers didn't break the glass) I used bullets of text for my jouranling.
  14. I been wanting to scrap these photos and tell this story. COL_MovingDay EMA_RoadRules
  15. I love this...she is so happy and what a special gift to get. That is amazing that her initials are the same and no one picked up on that till then. I love the way you have arranged the photos with the pin being the center and title. Such pretty colors too. She has a lovely smile.