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  1. Wonderful family photo for this white challenge. Super page with your cool selection of embellishments.
  2. This white background is so cool. Very interesting building and history. I like the eroded frame
  3. This is beautiful. I love the last leaf hanging on the branch. I love the white pumpkins.
  4. Adorable photo and I love the embellishments you used simple and elegant.
  5. Boatlady


    Beautiful. Great title for the photo.
  6. My final stop page is of some of the party food they are serving for our last dinner aboard this wonderful train. It's our chance to say our farewells till next trip. An enormous Thank You Valerie for the wonderful trip, you are a GREAT Captain. It was great seeing all of you on the train and hope to see you on our next adventure.
  7. BMU_TravelJournal, AFT_Gratitude, TMD_Shoreline. Food photos by me
  8. FLO_EndOfWinter New Years Day walk at an oceanside park in CT. Pirate too.
  9. Super page and I love the interesting story behind the stump. So did you go "beyond the black stump" on your adventures? I really like the round photo as the focal point of the page.
  10. He took so cool photos, children have a different outlook and it is so interesting. Great pages.
  11. Awwww so cute. Super photo and great cluster.
  12. Super page. The quote is perfect for the pic.
  13. So pretty I love the backbround blending that you did it works so great with their clothes.
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