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    A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work.

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    Winter in New Port Richey FL -Summer on the roads traveling the US

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  1. Love it This is so beautiful...great quote too. Great flower treatment
  2. Beautiful bird for sure...Great photo for the page.
  3. Another awesome week for you. I love all the red in your LO this week.
  4. BMU_Anchors photo by me Journaling- Finn’s at Old Harbor on Block Island is the place for fresh fish. The fishing boats dock right there. You can buy fresh fish to cook or go to their casual/ fancy restaurant. The fish is so delicious fresh from the salt water. There is nothing like buying some fresh fish then walking back to the Great Salt Pond to cook it on the boat while watching the sun set.
  5. Not bad Mikelle I think you can come out of hiding now. Thanks for the fun to make pages.
  6. Boatlady

    Day 30

    More stunning views...your pictures are amazing. This book is going to be amazing.
  7. OMG I love this..the photo work is super!!!. I love the quote and the music embellishment is suble so perfect.
  8. CWX_SeaWorld Lyrics from internet. photo by me. Journaling-We toured the National Museum of the Great Lakes. It was very interesting to see the huge lake freighter history. They recovered this life ring after the sinking. The displays were informational so we learned about lake shipping history and weather on the lakes.
  9. What fun planning a garden. Super embellishments for your story page.
  10. You have a wonderful task to do. Our house burned so we lost all our photos all we have are what grandmothers had. Super page with the spider webs and your journaling. Enjoy sorting trough those memories.
  11. Boatlady

    Day 29

    The coast is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. Looks like you had another beautiful weather day.
  12. Boatlady


    Great page with that cool paper and the great clusters.
  13. Boatlady

    Organize Spices

    Very cool...Someone did that in their camper and I thought it was a pretty cool idea.Great page. Did you put them in alphabetic order?
  14. Here is my page. Currently I am planning the summer trip... It gets intense so I have to take breaks, but I am back at it.
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