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    A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work.

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  1. CWX_BlueBayou,MPE_Mexican,AFT_LivelyFrames
  2. Boatlady


    Beautiful page. I love the blending.
  3. Boatlady

    Who I Am Day 8

    Home looks so pretty with the sky and lights. Uprooting and moving is hard to do but new places to explore and new people to make into friends make it a great adventure. Wishing you happiness in your new home.
  4. Boatlady

    may11 prompt

    Beautiful photo and a leading line photo too. I like that title work, simple but a little extra
  5. Such a pretty photo treatment. Very pretty scene. I agree, by the water!!!
  6. This is beautiful. Sandy Hook does have great sunsets, we were there a few times in the boat. Super pretty page. With the whole photo background.
  7. Great story and tribute to your friends dog. Penny sure is a pretty one.
  8. So cute, great colors too.
  9. Kelly you are on a roll with awesome pages. Great memory page. I have a paw print like that for my Pirate...They are so special. You are right they "leave paw prints on our hearts."
  10. I make it point to try to see both sunrise and sunset, so I made two pages for this one. Sunrise Sunset
  11. LOL your journaling is fabulous... Great page with the circle photo.
  12. Stunning photos...and your scrapping and journaling are super.
  13. Yup light changes and it makes a whole different photo...great page.
  14. Super I love the quote...I say that too.
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