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  1. This is a super great everyday life page. I really miss growing a garden so I love this page for the memories it brings me, we used to have "only from the garden" dinners many nights. super page I love the title and that cute little cluster.
  2. Every day I feed the birds that hang around the pond so here is my every day pond life.
  3. My every day life includes feeding the birds that live on the pond. I used ABR_Perfection
  4. Boatlady

    Journal Challenge

    Very beautiful ladies and great photos. I love the colors you used to compliment the daisy headband. Super LO. Thanks for joining in the journaling challenge
  5. Boatlady

    Journal challenge

    Very typical New England fall colors along the the roads, it sorta makes me homesick. Such a pretty page and the journaling to tell about your photo is super. Thank you for joining in jouranling challenge.
  6. Boatlady

    14th anniversary_journaling

    Scout sure loves you. Dogs do complicate our lives but are so wonderful, I miss mine so much. I love the page and the title work is excellent too. your jouranaling is so special. Thank you for making this special journaling page for my challenge.
  7. Boatlady

    Tuesday Challenge

    The photos and jouranling tell a great story of everyday. I love it. Dogs make a great excuse to walk every day. Super page.
  8. Boatlady

    PS - SG 10 15 18.jpg

    Such pretty gardens. Your close up of the blue jay is great. I like your photo placement too.I love your book and the flower bouquet is so pretty. Great journaling. Thank you so much for making this wonderful page for the journaling challenge.
  9. Boatlady

    Birth Story (Laura)

    That is an amazing story to journal.It is sure is a treasure that she will read over and over then maybe to her own children. I love your background colors too. Super job. Thank you so much for joining in the journaling challenge.
  10. Boatlady


    So pretty with the photo mask and your creative colorful flower cluster. Thank you for joining in this Journaling Challenge.
  11. OMG those look so yummy. Great page with great jounaling, great photos and great photo blending, all of this making it a special memory page. Thank you for making this special page for the Journaling Challenge.
  12. Boatlady

    Journaling Challenge

    What great memories!!!! All those wonderful meaningful sayings. This is just wonderful journaling and the photos are fun too. Thank you so much for making this super special page.
  13. Boatlady


    Love what you did here. Such a pretty background and your cluster is great. Thank you so much for making this great LO for the Weekend Challenge
  14. Boatlady

    Every Moment Matters.jpg

    Wow great LO. Just those touches of color really make it look like a classy page. Very well done. Thank you for joining this Weekend Challenge.
  15. Boatlady

    Decorating Fun

    Great photos for the weekend challenge. I really love what you did with the frames to tie the whole page together. Super job. Thank you for making this wonderful page for the Weekend Challenge.