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  1. Me too Please. I am so far behind but I do feel better after that drink and so down time. So good hanging out with you Kelly and Laura, just what I needed. I am going to miss everyone, the cruise has been a real blast. Now I need a vacation to rest up!
  2. Here is my Easter Island page. As soon as I saw the pic I knew I had to use these photos from a few years ago when I visited the Outer Banks with my girlfriend. Then the added challenge of Faces!! Perfect...DONE
  3. These carvings are perfect for the Easter Island excursion. PWR_MemoryLane
  4. Wow...wonderful page. Love the color!!! Perfect photo for all the reasons.
  5. I really like that idea....but I have had my dog on the screen ever since I had to put him down 2 years ago...I change the picture but I need to see him every morning and say "Good night Pirate I miss you" every night when I shut down.
  6. Here is my Great Barrier Reef page....ooops it's only Mystic Aquarium!!! Yup I have my paintballs stored up...anyone need any????....let the fun begin. I cannot believe this trip is almost over...I had a hard time keeping up with all our excursions but it was fun while I was aboard. No one even got reprimanded by the captain so that is a good trip. It was great to hang around at the pool and catch up with all the scrappers. It is sad to see the end is near.
  7. JZI_UponAWatercolorSea EMA_MixedUpPieces EBA_Chesapeake CRO_BeBold
  8. Diane, this is so cute. He looks so happy to be taking an underwater selfie. I love the way you scrapped it.
  9. We watch weather very closely and always try to find safe harbor but we have been caught in nasty weather a few times in our 30+ years of boating. When we are anchored or at a dock there are always projects and cleaning while we wait for the weather to change. Thanks for asking.
  10. I have always wanted to dive that reef...I sold all my scuba gear last year so I will have to rent some but that's ok...ready DIVE, DIVE,DIVE !!!!!
  11. Very pretty photos those gardens are amazing.wonderful page.
  12. I really like your oval photo snd the cheerful colors you used. It's good to see you.
  13. Very well done. Love the old photos.
  14. Gorgeous page. I love his work and you have shoes it off beautifully. Just super great.