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    A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work.

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  1. EBA_SugarPlum Jousrnaling-When we lived in Germany we used to go to the Chriskindlemarkt in Nuremberg. I got this nutcracker decoration there. When I lived in Torrington I used to take her and Kris to the Nutcracker by the Nutmet Ballet at the Warner Theatre. Then I started giving her nutcrakcers every year for Christmas. When she would help me decorate our tree she always put this decoration on.When I am no longer here she will get this to put on her tree to remember all the fun we had through the years.
  2. I love and agree with the easier Christmas like you have planned. Super page.
  3. AFT_KraftyWhiteChristmas Photo by mom of me and twin brother. Journaling reads=Mom would always have one unwrapped gift for each of us under the tree We could play with it till after breakfast then we could open the rest of the gifts. I did the same thing with our children
  4. Boatlady

    Disney Tradition

    So cool...I am sure you treasure them like I treasure all the old one I have inherited. Super photo and love the black background it really sets off the photos.
  5. BMU_CristmastoRemember Journaling-Since moving to Florida I do not have a fireplace to hang the stockings so I decided a good place would be on the curtian rods in the dining room. I hang them there and remember all the hours spent making them and enjoying them every year. I still keep them instead of giving them to everyone because they all have their family stocking. Some day they will get them and I hope they remember all the special traditions
  6. She looks so serious placing the lollies in just the right place. Adorable photos and what fun for both of you.
  7. We did the Yankee Swap many times at our marina parties and it is great fun. Never played when no one was stealing so I imagine it would be dull. This will be interesting!!!!
  8. Love this siggie...you know why
  9. FLO_VintageSpring-altered. CWX_OldMemories,EMA_ Antiquities-altered Photo by me at Chimney Rock where we camped.
  10. Marilyn she is going to be 21 in May...my adult granddaughter...time flew by.
  11. BMU_Petals, DRB_Sweetness Photo of granddaughter by me...I call her "My Sweet"
  12. BMU_Noella Photo by me of our last real tree. It was in my favorite house too so great memories.
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