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    CRO_SwapMeet-Retired, GWH_SwapMeet
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    MPE_Basically, BMU_JunkTrunk, BMU_Primavera
  3. Boatlady


    Wow super close up. great page.
  4. So much fun for the girls, our granddaughter did that too and everyone loved it. Adorable collection of photos..
  5. Boatlady

    Featuring: Summer Reverie

    Very pretty LO I love that background
  6. Such a pretty sunset. Great pohto of you and hubby too.Very pretty page.
  7. You have been busy. All your projects are so colorful. What a fun page.
  8. Congratulations....I wish you the best of luck and want to hear all about it. Fancy ID too Do you have to travel allot?
  9. Boatlady

    Ready for School

    That is so cool, its a great idea. That is a great summer project.
  10. Boatlady

    Concrete Work

    How exciting, it will be worth the wait. Super cool photos and the scrapping is as always very cool.
  11. Here is my page Newsletter Challenge Not a very exciting or fun summer. We moved out of our boat after 30 years. We filled our little utility trailer and will be moving into a camper at the end of the month.
  12. We sold our boat and moved out...I hate moving! COL_MovingDay
  13. Challenge: What did you do this summer? Did you take a vacation, do a remodel of your house? This weeks challenge is to scrap the highlights of your summer/vacation. When you complete your LO post it HERE. I look forward to seeing what everyone did this summer. Please leave some love on the pages of others, anyone can do this and we all love to read them.
  14. OMG how cute is he....He looks so happy. Adorable photo and I love the fun page you made with that picture.
  15. Boatlady

    Rose Bush

    Gorgeous. Roses are my favorite flowers and that one is gorgeous.
  16. Wow Diane that is amazing what a cool quote. I love that little caterpillar.The embellishments are super and the soft colors make is to pretty. Thank you for making this wonderful ATC for the swap this month.
  17. Boatlady


    Amazing photos and super wall of fame.
  18. BLO_SousLaPluie, BMU_Botanica., SNU_CollageArt, GWH_TextPhotoMask photo by me
  19. It should be here in a couple weeks...getting excited. JZI_Campfire Songs, LLO_CampingOut.
  20. Hilarious!!! super ATC. This is great with your siggie and date on the phone. Kelly this is a super cool ATC for the swap this month. Love it.
  21. Boatlady

    My Guy

    Awwww so precious...sleeping children are always so cute. Great LO.
  22. AnD_Moments of Life, AnD_Waiting for Summer, I blended my photo into background and used a brush from my stash
  23. Happy 8th Birthday Jake. Super page.
  24. Boatlady


    Oh Andrea she is just so precious. Adorable photos and the cluster is really well done too. Super 8 page for the weekend!!
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