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  1. Welcome to Scrap Girls I look forward to seeing your pages. I live in Florida also and there are a few others too.
  2. So pretty...sunsets over the ocean are just so wonderful. Great mask and eroded frame.
  3. So cool...Someone else must have been feeding to too.
  4. I love birds too. Here is my page of the Sandhill Cranes doing the mating dance--interesting as they mate for life so nice to catch these photos...it was a super foggy morning so they are not that great.
  5. ASO_WhiteLinen, TMD_BlessThisNest Mating dance photos by me
  6. This page says it all!!! There is such a simple beauty in this page. Super pretty photo and such pretty treatment.
  7. Being a senior in Florida is awesome..   We were able to get the first Covid vaccine today and an appointment for the second shot....it will make our summer travels easier. Stay healthy my friends.

    1. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      Congratulations! How wonderful! We can't start getting it until March so are hanging out for that! In the mean time we have to continue our vigilance and protection. My daughter and her partner will be released from being locked down on Sunday so are looking forward to finally celebrating a very delayed Christmas! The tree is still waiting with presents underneath!

    2. ValerieT


      Lucky you. Based on the current estimate it will be sometime between June and September for us.

    3. bcgal00


      Glad to hear you were able to get it so soon. We hope to get ours sometime later this year but it will still be months away. 

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  8. LOL such a cute photo, his face is so adorable!!! and she is so precious. Super page.
  9. Hey lady good to see you here. I'll join in this month
  10. Task 1. I try to download my photos right away from my camera I do have quite a few on my phone that I am putting on my computer. I let that slide a little and now I have a mess so I work on it ever day for a little while. Task 2. I am trying to get my new PSE 2021 organized with all my styles loaded and it is giving me fits! Happy Healthy New Year everyone.
  11. Here is my #1 Alpha Here is my #3 ScrapSimple here is my #2 Word
  12. Youngest grandson loves his teepee he set up his workshop in there with his tools. GWH_UnderConstruction, MRE_Farmhouse. My photos
  13. Ahh that looks great. looks like they are enjoying the pool. I remember a few years back when you were having it built. Great fun page with that alpha title.
  14. Beautiful picture and the title is super with the embroidered "Lakes". Your cluster is so pretty.
  15. Buy the biggest and best you can afford...it will be outdated in a year and all the new programs take so much to run.
  16. Stunning photo. Fall reflections are so beautiful! Super great LO.
  17. Chief looks good in this photo. Great photo and I love all the journaling hidden on the page. Super memory page.
  18. You are brave I would never let my hubby near me with scissors...he likes short hair. Your husband did a great job. Awesome page
  19. BEAUTIFUL. She is beautiful, her hubby is very handsome and the page lovely
  20. Hilarious photo...so well scrapped.
  21. Boatlady

    The Sea

    Oh yes I agree the sea makes me happy too. I love the whole page with all the sea embellishments super.
  22. That is a great old lighthouse, we went past it a few times in our boat. You had a great day for photos and got some good shots. The yellow paper really shows off the photos.
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