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  1. Hello everyone. Where is the time going, it's already the last week of the month. July has flown by for us. Challenge: “shine” let’s use the word shine as the prompt for this weeks layouts. Use a photo that shines or shiny title, maybe shiny embellishments are more your style. Just put some shine on your LO. Go for the bling! Post the the Newsletter Gallery Here. Have fun. I look forward to seeing all sorts of shiny things in the gallery, I think I will put on my sunglasses to take a look!!!
  2. So sorry but you are not alone with that. It's happened to me too and I see lots of others.
  3. Boatlady


    Awww so cute.
  4. I love this. It is so much fun to walk out on the breakwalls. Great perspective shot and great LO.
  5. Awww this is so sweet. Things are improving and hopefully you will get to see them closer soon. They look happy to see you. Great journaling and great take on the situation. Stay well.
  6. Boatlady


    Love this and you are making me hungry.What a cute corn stand and such a great purpose!
  7. LOL...she looks so skinny when wet. Great series of shots...super cute. Fun colors.
  8. Boatlady


    CKI_Jungle, EMA_HoneyGarden,MPE_TakeAHike,
  9. Fixed it by switching files...I hope it stays fixed!
  10. I use windows with PSE19 . I am getting a scratch disk full message so cannot use the program. I have tried to search to find a remedy for the problem but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me please. TIA
  11. Boatlady

    Sweet Summer

    Wonderful page...I love that photo and gorgeous location.
  12. Such a privilege and wonderful memory preserved on this page.
  13. Ann this is really beautiful background is so pretty and the photo mask and frame is super. Your cottage is very pretty.
  14. Boatlady

    Summer Days

    Awesome photo...I love photos of children at the beach they always look so happy. Great fun colors with lots of layers.
  15. Boatlady


    Wow layers...great photo and I love the rainbow colors you used on the page.
  16. Pretty LO. Such a pretty flower cluster.
  17. These are strange times and this is just more proof. Great LO.
  18. Boatlady


    That is a gorgeous photo and interesting journaling. Thanks for sharing
  19. Awesome...So pretty and creative.
  20. Here is my page. Great Week of tasks...I was able to catch up today. Thanks for the page.
  21. SDE_CometotheBeach, SDE_SeaVoices, ABR_ScrapSimpleTemplate, VJS_NauticaByNature, My photos.
  22. Adorable photos..she looks like such a happy baby. What a thrill grandchildren are and it gets better & better. Great embellishments too.
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