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  1. Boatlady

    WWJan11_Ken's Goals

    Super goal and that background looks like dirt...perfect. We want to see in process pages.
  2. Boatlady

    11/1/20 - Title challenge

    Great LO. Farewells are never easy but memories will help it. I love your word art.
  3. Boatlady

    Weekend Wildcard 1/11/2020

    Here is my word art Now I will go leave comments for everyone's wonderful work's of art.
  4. Boatlady

    ProjectLife2020 Week 1

    All about me page 1 ABR_Build Your Own Photobook template
  5. Boatlady

    Jumpstart Jan Week 1

    Sand sculptures in Treasure Island TMD_Shoreline, JZI_SeasideSonnets,
  6. That sounds so yummy and easy...love that part.Cute recipe card.
  7. Boatlady


    Stunning photo! so dramatic with that dark background.
  8. Boatlady

    Jumpstart Jan #1

    Fun photos and great placement of they. They are so precious.
  9. Boatlady

    JJ #1

    Carla first of all it's great to see you here. Brooke is so so grown up and I didn't even recognize Lauren. Great LO
  10. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January Week 1

    Awesome boat show of lights. So much fun. Great collection of photos.
  11. Boatlady

    JJ20 LO1

    Very gorgeous flowers and I love the green background it really sets off the photos. My desert rose is looking pretty pathetic now but your looks nice and healthy.
  12. Boatlady


    Great LO I love all the pink and your face is priceless. Great LO to celebrate a great thing. I am sure the little "girl" will be spoiled happily
  13. Boatlady

    Cozy Christmas PJ's

    What a fun traditions. Great LO.
  14. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Whoot Week1 is done. I want to thank you all for participating all week to complete your LO's
  15. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Thank you all for sticking with it and I really look forward to seeing your finished pages. Task Ten; 11th Jan Add any finishing touches, including a date. Then upload your layout to The Hodge Podge Gallery.
  16. Boatlady


    Super cool LO. All the stuff we take for granted.
  17. Boatlady


    LOL your groceries. I remember feeding all the extra kids too. I miss those days. Great LO.
  18. Boatlady

    Jan Proj Life 1

    What a start to the year but no worries of leaks when it is done. Great LO simple and tells the story, you really are the master of that.
  19. Boatlady


    Looks like so much fun. Great LO.
  20. Boatlady

    #2 January_Holidays_Christmas Eve

    Perfect collection for your photos. Looks like a fun time for everyone.
  21. Boatlady

    Newsletter challenge_Word for 2020

    Very pretty so much to read and wishing David good news.
  22. Boatlady

    1/7/20 Resolution

    That is very beautiful... great resolution.
  23. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Almost done.
  24. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    We are winding down and the LO's are really coming along. This task should be pretty easy. Task Nine; 10th Jan We need a title! Find or create some word art to use as your title.
  25. Boatlady

    Jan ATC - Heritage

    OMG this is wonderful I love the vintage books. Your background is excellent, great saying too. Thanks so much for making this wonderful vintage ATC for this month. I enjoy seeing the vintage supplies we have in the store.