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  1. I don't know if any of you noticed but for the last few months there have not been many planes flying over.  Lately it has increased, I hope it continues to improve and that we can get back to normal. So let's make a card or coin of "flying". It does not have to be a plane it can be anything that flies.

    1. Create your ATC -card or coin with your interpretation of the theme. Your original ATC file should be 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches or 1050 pixels x 750 pixels (can be portrait or landscape orientation) at 300 pixels per inch. Be sure to sign and date your. Post your ATC to the gallery HERE , as well, to share with all of our members. The " trading coins" either 2", 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" circles. Angie was kind enough to make a template set and you can find the free link here.

    2. Email the full resolution (300 dpi saved at high quality), flattened jpg version to me at Albin40A@yahoo.com . I find it best to email your copy immediately when you're finished that way you won't have me bugging you down the road with reminders and no one will miss out on your beautiful work! At the end of the month after collecting everything I will send  zip file to all of you.

    3. For uploading to the gallery, save a copy of your ATC at 72 dpi jpeg, then upload.


    Have fun. I look forward to seeing all the cards and coins.

  2. This is a great challenge...I have old photos to scrap but always seem to do more current ones so this forced me to do this old one. This photo is from my grandmothers collection because we lost all of our family photos when our house burned when I was was in High School. This photo was dated in my grandmothers handwriting so it's 106 years old. Here it is

    Thank you Mikelle

  3. 18 hours ago, SodScrap said:

    Is this a memory issue with your computer?  I'd be sure trash is empty and temporary files are deleted.  BUT, what do I know???  Hope it is fixed!

    I have lots of memory on this computer and I did empty trash and delete temp files. I switched the location of the scratch disk file and it seems fine now. Go figure.

  4. 17 hours ago, SkyMom said:

    I had this issue a few years ago with a laptop that I bought specifically for photoshop, CAD and heavy programs.  I think the programs update and improve so rapidly that our hardware just can't keep up.  Here is a link from one of several sources I often find helpful. It may just changing your settings or upgrading memory or hard drives.  I miss my laptop and the ability to work wherever I want.

    This computer is not even a year old and has ton's of memory and speed. I think that PSE19 was using the smaller file so I switched locations and it seems fine. Thanks for the link it is one I did looked at too.  I need to use a laptop as we travel allot so it can go with me but but I do miss my extra screen then.

    Thank you so much for your note.

  5. Hello everyone. Where is the time going, it's already the last week of the month. July has flown by for us.

    Challenge: “shine”  let’s use the word shine as the prompt for this weeks layouts. Use  a photo that shines or shiny title, maybe shiny embellishments are more your style. Just put some shine on your LO. Go for the bling! Post the the Newsletter Gallery Here.

    Have fun. I look  forward to seeing all sorts of shiny things in the gallery, I think I will put on my sunglasses to take a look!!!

  6. On 7/25/2020 at 8:51 PM, AnnBK said:

    Did you all hear that scream?  I worked all afternoon on a page and was really pleased with it.  I had saved up to the last touches, clicked to save the final and somewhere between the old and new it all got erased....poof!  Out in virtual no-where land!  I at least have a supply list so recreating it won't be as hard as the original.  GRRRRRRR.....

    So sorry but you are not alone with that. It's happened to me too and I see lots of others.

  7. I need a quiet weekend...All moved out of the boat, visiting family then driving to Florida towing a utility trailer full of our stuff. We will be in FL by the weekend.


    Challenge:  “The Weekend”  we all look forward to the weekend, what’s your favorite way to spend the weekend? Make a page about a winter weekend or your summer weekend, you may love a spring or fall weekend. There are so many wonderful weekends I am sure you can scrap about one. I look forward to seeing a gallery full of fun weekend pages. Post your LO HERE


  8. 1: Do you miss sports not being played right now--not at all

    2: Favorite color-- burgundy

    3: Cake/cupcake or cookie---cookie

    4: Is there one digital scrapbooking technique you'd love to learn or be better at---Changing color of specific part of a embellishment without changing the whole thing.



    1. Do you like shopping?


    2. Favorite food?


    3. Where did you go last?


    4. Do you leave love on the scrapbook pages in the gallery?

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