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  1. Wow another week has passed and here we are at the Tuesday Newletter Challenge again.

    Challenge:  your either a morning person or night owl.  Either one you get to see one of the most beautiful times of the day.  Sunrise/sunset always are favorites of mine. I look forward to seeing both!  This challenge gallery is going to be a pretty sight with all the sun's shots from all over the world! Have fun. Post your LO's Here

    Thank you for joining in this fun challenge. I might not "leave love" right away as we are going across the state to visit friends for a few days and won't be on much, but I want to thank you all for understanding.

  2. Ooops sorry I'm so late...dear daughter is 48 years old  today so I had to chat with her awhile. Not really sure where those years went!!!

    Task Eight; 9th Jan

    Add some brushwork to your layout. Please note this does not have to be from the set you picked yesterday.

    Have Fun.

  3. Everyone's pages are coming together... and just went you were on a roll...oops.

    Task Seven; 8th Jan


    Our layouts need something extra. Head to the Scrap Girls Shop and find a brush set that you think will fit your layout.

    Note: you do not need to purchase the brush set you like...just show us it.

    Sorry about the speedbump👿 I know you are anxious to complete your LO....all in good time!