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    A bad day on the boat is still better than a good day at work.

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    Winter in New Port Richey FL -Summer on the boat Mystic CT

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  1. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January Week 3

    Oh my That is so awesome!! Great LO with all the perfect embellishments. I love it Diane.
  2. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    I had so much trouble keeping up this week especially the 7 embellishments but pulled it off so here is mine. Thanks for the tasks Conda, it was great.
  3. Boatlady


    Had to take a photo of this truck!!! I used COL_Moving Day, SG_RusticReflections, SNU_Noteworthy, EMA_Barnwood
  4. Boatlady

    Weekend Wildcard 1/25

    Fun topic...Here is mine Mystery Winetasting I scraplifted Angie's photo walk page because it had many photos and a place to journal.
  5. Boatlady


    I scrap-lifted Angies photo walk pagehttp://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/105698-photo-walk/ for my page I used BMU_Vineyard and my photos
  6. Boatlady

    Week 2 (Jan 13).jpg

    What fun greens...even the dumpster.LOL
  7. Boatlady


    Love when these spoonbills come to visit the Pond House.
  8. Boatlady


    Friends week! Started the week with new boating friends, then with friends from the club, then the rest of the week was in Boca Raton with friends from the marina in CT.
  9. Boatlady

    Celebrate - State Finals

    Wow Congrats to him and great page to show off this amazing achievement. He sure looks proud and happy.
  10. Boatlady

    Font Explorer/Organizer

    By the way I use windows and Font Viewer works for me
  11. Boatlady

    Font Explorer/Organizer

    I use AMP Font Viewer and love it. I have mine in categories so I can find a style I want then sort through to find the exact one I want. Script, type, bold, fancy etc.
  12. Boatlady


    So pretty. It sure looks like a fun time with your friends.
  13. Boatlady

    Bride Down by the River

    So pretty. Such a romantic page.
  14. Boatlady

    Weekly Winners - January 20th

    Congratulations winners, excellent work