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  1. Boatlady


    Stunnning photo. My pineapple got ripe when we were up North so I didn't see the whole thing so I'm a little jealous.Great mask work too. super pretty LO. Thanks for making such a pretty Fruit LO for the Weekend Challenge
  2. Boatlady


    I have a fig tree but it is only 3years old so we have only gotten a few from it but they are so delicious. This is a very pretty page I love what you have done with the circles and dotted line. Thank you for making a fruit page this weekend.
  3. Boatlady

    What colors are you scrapping with

    I'm trying to use more neutral colors then embellishments and title with color from the photos. I am finding that I like my pages that way, at least for now. I agree with Diane there isn't much green but the demand fro green might be a Florida thing!!!
  4. All the party supplies are ready for our party today except the ice. The "Fifth Day of Spring" party. Any excuse to have a gathering. Expecting about 30 friends over so this will be fun. More pics to scrap.

    1. MariJ


      Have fun Debby.   Sounds like a good time.  :)

    2. alsoarty


      Haha, you don’t need an excuse for a party, but I love it!

  5. Boatlady

    23rd Birthday-Starting Over.jpg

    Well I agree -scrap about yourself too. Your life is a story, too. Super page so glad you are sharing this and letting those creative juices flow. You made it pretty page with all the pretty flowers but you look so uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs to you.
  6. Boatlady

    WW Challenge

    I never heard of it so I looked it up, its' also called pineapple guava. Guava plants are plentiful here so I wonder if I could grow one so I will check on that. Super page I love your photos, Great job scrapping. Thank you for joining my Newsletter Challenge.
  7. Boatlady

    I AmThe Vine.jpg

    This is a real twist to the Fruit theme, it's very creative. I like how you thought outside the box on this one. Great work and so pretty. Thank you for making this very creative for this weekend.
  8. Boatlady


    Such a pretty strawberries page. I love the photos and how you framed them. It is making me hungry for some. Thank you for making this great fruit page for the weekend challenge.
  9. Boatlady


    I love the coin, it is super cool and very creative. Thank you for making another super ATC for this month.
  10. Boatlady

    March Madness #3

    LOL this is hilarious...so tell us did Scout win??? Great LO. I love the masking on the photo
  11. Boatlady

    Mar 23 WW Challenge - Fruit

    I love that you used a photo from your special trip and had been wanting to scrap. Super cool photo to be able to scrap. Look at all the yummy goodness. Thank you for making a page for my Weekend Wildcard challenge.
  12. Boatlady

    MM LO3

    The birds always amaze me during storms they just hunker down and some how they dont get blown away. super background and I love your photos. Seas with the wave crests blown off are not fun to be in but they are sure pretty to look at.
  13. Boatlady


    Sounds like a special excursion. Such a pretty background for your pretty photos. The embellishments are just right for the page. Super work.
  14. Boatlady

    March Madness week 3

    Yikes if this is the quiet one I dont think I want to see the other. so pretty I love what you have done with your color photo and the wonderful mask/blending. Super pretty LO.
  15. Boatlady


    Love John Wayne. BMU_NewsClub