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  1. Such colorful homes...really great page with that great journaling. Thanks for sharing
  2. Beautiful...my daughter and her family were there 3 months ago and loved it. Great photo arrangement and background.
  3. Here is my page. I used painterly...I love masks.
  4. TMD_Always,DRB_AutumnDay-retired, TMD_FancyThat Photo by me,I used Painterly from PSE
  5. Love this, it looks so interesting...If we go that way next summer I will have to go check it out. Beautiful collection of photos and arranged so well.
  6. That is a place I want to go...Looks beautiful and Greek food is so amazing. Super pretty clusters and the background with touches of blue...works great with your beautiful photos.
  7. Here is my 3 photos page. Thank you April for all that you are doing for this World Tour. I see you spending allot of time with the Captain planning our next stop I know it will be a fun destination. I have friends who went to Dubai twice and they loved it. They have many tall buildings and very classy hotels with wonderful food they said. Wow we are nearing the end of our tour and everyone has been so good. I know this has been a most enjoyable trip and I want to go longer, anyone else??
  8. So adorable...got to save that for trivia night, its the perfect name for bunnies.
  9. Great photos. I love your cluster of zoo animals.
  10. BMU_Lifted Frame, DBH_Safari- retired Photo by me Visited with Kirsten and Tyler Feb 2019 My favorite part was the Safari Ride and feeding the Giraffes They have purple tongues The baby one could barely reach over the rail but was so cute
  11. Beautiful photos...sunrises and sunset over the ocean are so beautiful. Wonderful page with that great collection of photos.
  12. Boatlady

    Ulua Beach

    What fun beach photos making this amazing two pager. Great photo placement and simple embellishments.
  13. I'm looking forward to touring the castle and checking out the view from up there. Imagine decedents of the original family still live there!!!. They sure built sturdy castles that are still standing to this day. I'll see you at the pool @MariJ I want to have some German pastry...they make the best...not too sweet and I love their coffee too. I love the beach but will stay away from the topless one and use the pool here.
  14. LLO_MainStUSA, We decided to take a ride up Mohawk Mountain. When we got to the top this is what we saw. They were on a training mission. I asked if I could take photos and they said snap away. So I did. Connecticut State Police.
  15. Boatlady

    Dream Creatures

    Wow they are so colorful and creative. Super page with that wonderful informative journaling.
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