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    BMU_SSEMB_DLP,BMU_OrangeBlossum, MRE_JTBegining,
  2. Boatlady

    Rio Ranch Respite

    Very pretty photo and the angle of the papers is eye catching. Great LO
  3. Boatlady

    Weekend challenge

    Good for her doing all that, getting ready for the baby.
  4. Boatlady

    Weekend Challenge 18th January

    Here is mine. I was inspired by the many photos and the accent papers behind them.
  5. Boatlady


    Very pretty collection of photos and this is a great way to put them on the LO
  6. Boatlady

    Girls week in Vegas

    Long time ago. 2011. I would never go there and not get in touch with YOU
  7. Boatlady

    Girls week in Vegas

    AND_TicketsPlease I just love this collection from Angelle
  8. Boatlady

    Floral Genius

    Those are gorgeous floral arrangements. Great LO too.
  9. Boatlady


    Great photos and beach walks are always great whether they are long or short.
  10. Boatlady

    Our bike ride in Cuba

    AND_TicketsPlease- wonderful travel collection.
  11. Boatlady

    My boys at vacation

    Awesome LO...Cute boys too.
  12. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January week 2

    Florj_BotanySummer, CWX_Wonderland, ABR_Naturalist, JZIFlightsOfFancy, BmU_Menagrie My photo
  13. Boatlady

    Jumpstart Jan-card

  14. Boatlady

    Weekend Challenge 18 Jan_600

    Fun photos and fun LO.
  15. Boatlady


    She is getting cuter and cuter.
  16. Boatlady


    This is really different. Great creative page.
  17. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January #2

    She looks a little mad...Great LO.
  18. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January #2 - card

    LOL love it
  19. Boatlady

    JJ Speedbump - Card

    So pretty.
  20. Boatlady


  21. Boatlady

    JJ Speedbump Card

    Great card with that cute cupcake.
  22. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January LO #2: Beautiful You Are

    What a cutie...I love the page.
  23. Boatlady

    JJ #2

    Great LO to save such a good memory. Your cluster is so pretty.
  24. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    We just got back from visiting friends for a few days and I am trying to catch up. Great tasks Mikelle .Here is my week#2
  25. Boatlady

    Jumpstart January 2020

    I made this Thank You card to send to our friends that we just spent a few days with ...perfect timing for this task