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  1. Welcome and I look forward to seeing your creations.
  2. My granddaughters boyfriend graduated today from Fort Jackson , we all were able to watch it so that was cool. Celebration with a salute. DRB_Hooray-retired
  3. Awww so precious...how cute in her little party hat. Great page for the challenge.
  4. I love what you did here...what a fun page. Great use of the photos and the bright colors make it a really happy page. Thank you for joining the photo swap challenge.
  5. Super work with the large photo in the corner circle frame. I think the curled edge is awesome. Great take on the photo swap challenge and thank you for joining in.
  6. Oh my she did make a mess for sure but she looks happy about it. The green background is so great and the vines circling the photos are so super. She is adorable.
  7. What fun bright colors you used for Valerie's photos. Well done photo swap page. Thank you for participating.
  8. Oh my they got so big...all the kids look so happy with their pumpkins. Super adorable page
  9. That must have been an amazing collection to see. I love your photos and the colors are super for the photos. Great take on the ad.
  10. I think the different size photos really is interesting. Great photos and super color theme.
  11. Boatlady

    My Great Uncle

    Special photo and now is preserved for other generations...so cool.
  12. We just toured this most amazing home built by the famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, he even built the furniture. BMU_GrungeBlock. photos by me
  13. I love your little map with the dotted line and star destination. Super take on the ad.
  14. Boatlady

    Road Trip Day 8

    I love to follow your adventures...You are amazing to ride your own bike to so many cool places. Super interesting page.
  15. Love hanging around with my daughter. MRE_JustTheBegining
  16. I love the song reference. Your photos are very beautiful and your title is fabulous, the clusters are amazing too.
  17. LOVE this... She is so cute posing like a model. Great colors too. This is a great take on the ad.
  18. Great pictures from Jane. FLO_Nature, MRE_TakeAHike, SNU_BlendMasks, CROShabbyShores, DBH_Flamingo
  19. Wow how special is that...wonderful selfless thing to do. I was just with a HS friend and she did the same thing for her brother. such a wonderful page and love the heartbeat heart!
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