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    Very artsy...I really like it.
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    Our son's demolition derby car before it got smashed up. LLO_MainStUSA
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    First Home

    Happiness!!! awesome page.
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    Breathtakingly beautiful

    So pretty
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    DRB_VintageCamera, BMU_Chasing Dragonflies
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    March Challenge Chase

    Here are mine...this should take care of all of mine. Thank you for the fun challenges. Weekend Wildcard Challenge Weekend Wildcard Challenge-Green Project2019week6 Weekly Newsletter Gallery-reflection
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    Super pretty LO and congratulations on that milestone. Great frame work.
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    March Layout Madness 2019

    Sorry I didn't think it was that funny...I was hoping for an easy week we have lots going on here. LOL
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    March Layout Madness 2019

    OMG that is horrible to have to do all that work....does that mean you will be going easy on us now???
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    Seven years old

    Very pretty LO.
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    Laura's 3rd Birthday

    Adorable photo of here with her crown and 3 tee. I love the title 3 . Great girly colors for the background.
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    Super Bowl LIII

    Very cute photo. Super # page.
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    Newsletter Challenge

    Wow what a great memory page this is. Super amazing. Very cool page.
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    So pretty. The background is super pretty with the touches of yellow.
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    Great numbers. I love lighthouses and this one deserves the whole page! Super pretty LO.
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    Very pretty LO with the pretty paper and the delicate embellishements are so great for the vintage table. I see the hand crank butter churn too, (I gave mine to our son who loves old things) that's a treasure too. Super pretty special page.
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    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge March 19th

    Here is my number page
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    Catching Waves

    I love this. Great photo treatment and blending. The word art is super cool and the embellishments are perfect
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    Flying High

    This is super...Evelyn is so cute and it is a super photo with her bright colors. I Love this take on the challenge.
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    mar atc kelly out of darkness

    Well Kelly I'd say that little voice that called to you sure had a great choices. I love this quote and the partial face is perfect. This is just a super coin. Thank you for making this special ATC this month.
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    March ATC Swap

    Last month had ups and downs for me but now it is another month , I hope this one is a great one for all of you. We had great coins and cards last month so lets have more fun with either the coins or the cards. " trading coins" either 2", 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" circles. Angie was kind enough to make a template set and you can find the free link here. Thank you for joining in. Directions to make ATC -Cards or Coin's 1. Create your ATC with your interpretation of the theme. Create a 2.5 x 3.5 inch card either landscape or portrait at 300 dpi then either post as is (and it’s big enough to be enlarged and seen) or when posting you can reduce the longest side of your card (the 3.5 inch one) to 600 pixels. You can use this same size for the coins. Be sure to share the link in the current ATC thread. Make sure to sign and date your card/coin. Post your ATC to the gallery HERE and please leave some love while you are there. 2. Email the full resolution (300 dpi saved at high quality), flattened jpg version to me at Albin40A@yahoo.com . One favor I will ask of those who participate please use this format for the file title when you send the full size copy to me. "month and your name" like this Jan ATC- Debby. I found that those with same name were not saved correctly and made it difficult for me to collect them for the month. I find it best to email your copy immediately when you're finished that way you won't have me bugging you down the road with reminders and no one will miss out on your beautiful work! Please send them to my by March 31st. At the end of the month I will send you a zip file containing all the cards and coins that are sent to me. Now just to kick up this challenge a notch I'd like to hear or see what you do with the coins or cards. Some people print them and put them into vinyl sleeves in notebooks. I am going to save this years cards and coins then print them in a 8.5X11 so I can slip them into vinyl sleeves to put in a 3-ring binder. Please share your ideas with us. Now you have a choice to make the traditional card, the new coin format or both. The gallery has been full of color lately so I think it would be great fun to change is up a little and make our ATC's stand out so theme this month of March will be Black and White. Happy Scrapping ❤️
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    TMD_Always, SNU_FleaMarket, VJS_Industrious