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    Great collection my Marlene Photos by me
  2. Boatlady

    MPE_GrapeWine (2)

    Great collection by Marlene photo by me at a friends wedding
  3. Boatlady


    Besides my family The colorful leaves are what in miss the most since moving to florida. Stunning.
  4. Nice use of the collection Great photos too.
  5. Have fun everyone and good luck. I'll give it a shot but we are traveling at the end of the week and not sure what we will have for internet. 10/23 - Saturday Game 10/24 - Sunday Challenge10/25 - Monday Game10/26 - Tuesday Challenge10/27 - Wednesday Game 10/28 - Thursday Challenge10/29 - Friday Game10/30 - Saturday Challenge
  6. Great page with all those wonderful photos. I love the branch embellishment.
  7. BMU_RoadTrip, EMA_RoadRules, CWX_BlueHeaven-- I altered some colors. Dear daughter and one of her cars.
  8. ABR_MilThing, CKH_FreshLIne Scraplift BetC- Spring 2021 April#3 4photos. Photos by me. Journaling-We visited Muscle Shoals AL with Emily & Gary to check out the sound studios that so much famous musicians recorded. The Swampers played with many musicians.hundreds of hit songs with artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, Duane Allman, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Bob Seger, Staples Singers, Rod Stewart, Leon Russell, Willie Nelson, Cat Stevens, Dr. Hook, and Eddie Hinton.
  9. Boatlady

    Grand Marais Bay

    Awesome photos and super template to use the photos on
  10. AFT_Eucalyptus My photo I blended into background paper. Journaling reads- We stored our boat up the Connecticut River during the winter. Srpin and all we took the 7 hour boat ride to or from the marian in Mystic. We passed this scene every year. Lucky with just a little tweak we were able to make it under the bridge so not to have them swing it so we could pass under.
  11. Super collection of photos...It's such a cool place to go. Looks like you did some walking on the boardwalk. Great page.
  12. Yes let's sit and relax there. very pretty page.
  13. Boatlady


    Great use of the sketch. Super pretty photos
  14. FLO_SeaHolidays My photo as we went by.
  15. Very pretty page I love your blending/mask work
  16. Boatlady


    So sad loosing a FurFriend. Great memory page.
  17. That looks like a wonderful place. You sure put some bling on the page to go along with the pretty lights.
  18. Beautiful building. Pretty embellishments
  19. looks like she is having a blast. Fun girly page.
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