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  1. Aweee sweet photo of handholding. Addison has a lot this year...school and a baby sister coming. Great page.
  2. Congratulations...great pages ladies.
  3. Adorable photo and what a fun way you scrapped it. such a cute page.
  4. Hey nice boat! I didn't know you had a boat. Great catch he looks so happy.Great arrangement of photos and background photo blending
  5. That is really cool. Wonderful job with the marketing sheet.
  6. What fun. Great frame work and your embellishments are super perfect for the page.
  7. This is another good LO with the marketing sheet background. Adorable photo and awesome cluster work.
  8. What a cool coin and so special. I love all the pretty colors and special meaning. You really made a super creative ATC for this months ATC Swap.Thank you for making this wonderful coin.
  9. Boatlady


    AnD_HawaiiDream Brushes from my stash.
  10. Adorable use of the marketing sheet. Your OOB is awesome. She sure is a cute. Super job for this weekends challenge.
  11. That walk is amazing. Did you walk it? Did you tour the mansions? This is an awesome page.
  12. Boatlady

    In the Fall

    Awesome job on Andrea's cool challenge this weekend. They look like they really are having a good time with the duck.
  13. Diane this is awesome...I love the creative grungy look of the page.
  14. Here is my Sept 26- button page. I have been scrapping so many photos this month. Thank you Valerie for the wonderful challenges...The month is almost over and I will miss this so much.
  15. Love it with the OOB splash. pretty Florida colors too.
  16. I love masses of jellyfish they are so interesting. Great under water page.
  17. Boatlady


    ABL_Subtropic. BMU_GrungeBlock template. Photo by me
  18. Love this photo and super scrapping. Simple and the focus goes on the photo.
  19. Super cool photo. Great scraped vintage page.
  20. Precious photo and super page. What a great memory to have made for Lucy.
  21. Wow. that looks delicious! But those calories yikes.
  22. OMG she is such a cutie. I'm glad you got a few photos to share with us. Great challenge and super great page.
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