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  1. OMG what a cute photo and I love the background and the pretty papers and embellishment. Super page.
  2. So pretty. Such a pretty setting.
  3. Boatlady


    Looking out the dining room window for 2 weeks till we got it ready to go. TMD_Growwings,
  4. Awesome shadow picture, great blending.
  5. Boatlady

    End of summer

    I like your page but not that you are sad to see summer go. Peaceful photo.
  6. Boatlady

    Kythe CT 02.jpg

    Awesome ...I love lighthouses.
  7. Boatlady


    My dads birthday in 2014 with my twin bro and sister...not all of us smile!!! DBH_LifeIsAJourney
  8. Our current obsession is our new travel trailer and new adventures. I used BMU_GrungeBlocksTemplate and EBA_GrandpasDresser
  9. Wow amazing journaling. Your background is very dramatic. I'm glad you are safe but feel bad for those who lost everything. It's so horrible.
  10. I guess you did get allot of downed sticks during the storm. Great collection of photos.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Death is so final. I've been following you on FB so knew of your loss. You are so amazing to be able to make this page. It is an heart wrenching page. Hugs to you and your family.
  12. wow You got some amazing photos. Great job scrapping this horrible even. They are heros!
  13. What a cool photo to scrap to remember that winter storm. As a child snow forts and sliding were so much fun....now not so much! Super weather page.
  14. Those are such pretty color buildings. what a fun colorful page. Great journaling too.
  15. Great use of white space. Pretty embellishments for the pretty bridesmaids and bride.
  16. Aww look at you.....so cute. This is an adorable photo of you. Great page.
  17. Boatlady


    A hike with ex-daughter in law.
  18. LOL...very determined little girl. Great mask and super background. Super cute memory to scrap.
  19. Boatlady


    Awesome photo and OOB. That background really looks great with red tomatoes.
  20. This is a great idea to make a recipe...looks delicious too.
  21. Boatlady

    Sept 8th: Scraplift

    The embellishments are so perfect for this photo. Super pic too. Grandpa had a tractor like that to have his golf course mowed with so this brings back memories. (My sister has it now.)
  22. Laura this is so pretty. Great photos and the embellishments are so pretty. Great mask work too.
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