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  1. Here is my page of Bananas. I used the first one.
  2. Boatlady

    Sunflower Time

    This is so cute. They look like they are having a great time.
  3. Adorable photo I love how you scrapped it.
  4. Boatlady


    Newport is such a wonderful place and this is so elegant. Very pretty LO
  5. Boatlady

    Willows Garden

    Super pretty page I love the dark strip of paper as it really sets off the photos.
  6. Boatlady

    Sept 7th: Food

    A favorite thing to do is to go winetasting and buy local wines. Great photos and looks like a fun time with your hubby.
  7. Boatlady

    Sept 5th: Sun

    Very pretty photo and the other pictures to set it of are super too.
  8. Boatlady

    Sep: 4th: Buildings

    What a cool photo of the NY skyline, I've only seen it from the water. Very pretty photo and the mask work is super. Pretty embellishments too.
  9. Boatlady

    Sept 3: Me

    It is a great picture and I love the embellishments that you used with the pop of red.
  10. Boatlady

    Sept 2: Shoe

    Great take on the "shoes" task. I love the color background what fun hammock.
  11. Boatlady

    Sept 10th: Family

    What fun..... and so true!!! Great choice of embellishments and that background paper is so pretty.
  12. Boatlady

    Sept 9th: Stitches

    So nice that you went to see her, I bet it meant so much to her. I used to love to visit mine because I know they lived for it. Great use of the stitches.
  13. Boatlady

    Sept 11th: Hobbies

    Awesome LO and great photos to keep this memory. Happy/Sad day.
  14. Boatlady

    Dialed Up

    Such a cute photo
  15. Boatlady

    Enjoy the Ride

    Wow awesome old cars and that hardware truck is really cool. I love that there are women with some of the cars too.....super LO. are these family photos?
  16. Here is my Sept 12- favorite home.
  17. My favorite home. Xuper_Vertitude
  18. I like to do so many things. BMU_MadisonCounty, SED_Adventure, CRO_Nautical Mile- retired, COL_Geocache, BDS_Photo, LLO_BloomPlant, DCA_GardenView, ABL_NaturalistJournal, BEE_Sew
  19. 12th September Today’s prompt is; FAVOURITE When you have finished your layout post it in the Hodge Podge Gallery That it for the week....we all have a day off then start again on Monday. Have a great weekend
  20. Boatlady

    SPP Prompt 5: Sun

    Stunning photo. and I love the background you chose to use it's so rustic and compliments the photo so well.
  21. It was a busy month again. Your journaling is amazing. Great pics of the birds. I miss my porch, we had a 44' porch that was 16' wide so it as a great party place and so relaxing. I am envious of your porch.
  22. This is such a sign of the times!!!!!...awesome creative ATC. I am so glad you finally posted this amazing coin. I'm sure everyone loved it as much as I did. The siggie is awesome too. Thank you for this work of art ATC that you created for the Swap this month. The queen reigns !
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