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  1. l love the colors....rich red for Chistmas is great with these pictures..
  2. I love the fun arrangemet of the photos over the wonderful background pic.
  3. Great page with wonderful photo..you have preserved a special moment with little bling too.
  4. Sunset over the harbor of Kingston Ontario. Sadly, I took this photo from our boat on our last night in Canada. It was a wonderful 2 month cruise in the canals....now we head back to CT in the next 3 weeks.Great memories
  5. Boatlady

    I love My mechanic copy

    Sarah once told a friend " I love my mechanic"...." no really I love my mechanic?" Then years later she married our son. I extracted them and placed them in from of his repair shop. ...this was a fun page to make
  6. Wonderful page with a great story.
  7. Boatlady

    jacob pirate

    Land ho....great page
  8. I love your work on this page..really cool colors and blending.
  9. I took this picture from our boat as we returned from our 3 month cruise into Canada and then home.
  10. Wonderful pages...really great pictures
  11. The yellow frame really makes it stand out and the smaller pics with the lifted corners add the extra umph to the page. Very very nice.
  12. That is a spectacular 2 page LO. I love the beach so I am extra impressed. I love the little photo capturing all the details.
  13. My first attempt at a challenge
  14. OMG this is a gorgeous page. Great picture too.
  15. Boatlady

    Sons wedding

    A hodge-poge page but I loved the pic I took of their mailbox with the flowers so this is the finished product.
  16. Boatlady

    5 Little Monkeys

    I love this idea...great job...reminds me of singing with the granchildren...they should have been jumping on the bed..ha ha
  17. Way to go...Congrats.

  18. Locking up into Ottawa was very exciting...8 locks that lift you right through the middle of the city. So many people watching and asking questions made it even more exciting. Pirate liked it too because all the kids were talking to him and trying to pet him.
  19. I used some special effects on the picture to preserve the wonderful memory of this awsome day on the boat when we arrived in Ottawa
  20. Interesting stop on our summer boat cruise into Canada
  21. I love this page...great photo too.
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