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  1. Hi Guys, I'm in desperate need of either a striped paper template where I can color the stripes (stripes need to be evenly spaced) or a style that I can use for the same effect. HELP Hugs Leslie Ann
  2. There are no repeat designers. If you find an item, and there isn't a star, look at the coordinating products to find it. Merry Christmas! I found them all, it was fun. I'll post them soon. I wish we could have another challenge chase, I've never done so much scrapping
  3. It's been fun looking at all the collections, and adding to my wish list Almost done. Merry Christmas to all my buddies at ScrapGirls.
  4. anybody know why my blinkie Gif isn't working?
  5. This is always so much fun. Off to start my search.
  6. TEECEE, Here is an answer you gave from 2014. I tried it and it's perfect. "Hi Joey, I'm sure there's a way to use Replace Color, but I'm not familiar with it. Try this: First be sure your foreground color chip is the color you want to change the ribbon to. Then go to Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation. When the Hue/Saturataion dialog box comes up, click the Colorize box and adjust the saturation and lightness sliders. You can also play with the Hue slider if you want to change from the foreground color chip. HTH "
  7. I coloring the grosgrain ribbon red. It's so brilliant that the grosgrain is hard to see. H/s isn't helping, neither are the blending modes. Is red just hard to work with, or grosgrain? L
  8. Hi TeeCee, how are you? I've seeing you Challenge Chase. Anyway, I tried that, I even went to you awesome tut on the gemstones and pearls coloring, but for some reason I can't get the red to blend well. It almost obilerates the texture of the grosgrain. And going to Hue/Sat didn't help. GAYLE, I did just go and look at Brandy's video and I saved it as it's a great one for lighter embellies. Thanks for posting the link. I blush to admit, I'd forgotten the videos on YouTube. Hugs Leslie Ann
  9. Hi Gayle, Which club is that? Thanks for answering my query.
  10. Hello, I seem to always fight this, so thought I'd ask the best way to do this and then print it off I'm using MRE SS_Bows template and I want to color them red or whatever color (not add a style), but when I either do a color overlay or a clipping mask, I lose that lovely satin feel to the ribbon/bow or the texture to the grosgrain. So I'm doing this wrong and when I've done it right, it was stupid luck. Please help. Hugs, Leslie Ann--who is missing Challenge Chase as I did more work then than I've ever done before
  11. REALLY? This week? How did you all find out?
  12. April, Someone said I won a weekly layout winner for this: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/163449-do-you-think-mom-will-find-us-here/ I didn't see anywhere that I won anything. Can you enlighten me? Was there a prize? I hope we start up the challenge chase again. I loved it. Hugs Leslie Ann
  13. Thanks, guys. But what win?
  14. RIGHT! I can't wait.
  15. Ohhh, I'm excited!! How many pages? More than I can buy I'm sure. WOW, I need to save up quickly, eh? Hugs and thanks!!