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  1. Lesann

    Wish list 2019

    I would love to see more foils especially satin, I have an example I can post if that helps. And more styles and embellishments in Navy.
  2. Lesann

    Christmas Boutique Hunt - 2018

    I love this game. I print off the picture and mark off the “ornaments” as I find them. Good luck everybody! Merry Christmas.
  3. Lesann

    Denim Styles Help please

    Wow, this is fantastic, thank you so much. Basically, it looks like I can remove some of the styles, like stroke and shadow which is exactly what I need to solve my issue. Perfect, thank you so much. Hugs, L
  4. Hi Guys, I've been hard at work on two books and travel (not so hard) and I miss being here! And working on the challenges. I have a question, please. For Armi Custodio's ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Denim Super Biggie 13001 it looks like the style has a stroke around it. Can anyone who owns it, tell me whether it does or doesn't, or if it does can I remove the stroke? I'm in desperate need to fill in a spot with denim and need to find a way to do it. Hugs, L A
  5. Lesann

    Who is Retiring?

    I hope not, for both of them. I love their work.
  6. Lesann

    June Challenge Chase

    Here is my # challenge on FB https://www.facebook.com/Leslie.Ann.Sartor
  7. Lesann

    Weekend Challenge 23rd June

    Here is my Red Challenge. No pix just using the color to create word art.
  8. Lesann

    June Challenge Chase

    Here is my 4th week Red. Instead of finding an image I decided to create word art around the color.
  9. Lesann

    Week 4 June 2018.jpg

    Instead of finding an image (I couldn't) that would work, I decided to use the color and create word art. I used snu_ayo jeweled flora flourish and AFT Paper Reinvent LOM-1
  10. Lesann

    June Challenge Chase

    Here is my week three, Low Tide Reflections from the June 16th Weekend Challenge.
  11. Lesann

    Weekend Challenge 16th June

    Here is mine, I think I squeaked in. I wanted more color but every time I tried to add some it detracted from the image. Low Tide Reflections
  12. Lesann

    Land Of Enchantment

    Thank you. It turned out better than I'd hoped, I was about ready not to turn it in!