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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I wanted simple and to let the journaling and her picture be the focus. Hugs, Leslie Ann
  2. April, I don't think I deserve a # button, as I don't believe I've done that for May yet.
  3. Thank you. Mom is a very special person. She and Dad adopted my brother and I. She called us the chosen ones. My favorite saying was "Lessie Do It" and both my parents nurtured that in me. At 95 she's slowing down a bit, but when I see the twinkle in her eye, I grin, and later I tear up.
  4. Here is my page, Wings Of Love.
  5. Here is week 3 Wings Of Love
  6. Wings of Love. If you read the text on the page, you'll see why. I also decided I was going to try only using one collection and used GBE's Wings of Time. Mom turned 95 May 5th. This picture was taken a few years ago. Love you, mom.
  7. Week 2 for me MothersX3 I added the file below by mistake, and now can't remove it. I'm not sure why this didn't post last Sunday, it should have as people have seen it. Maybe it's because I tried to edit the post. Sorry April, I hope it will still count. (see the date in the image link )
  8. Week 2 MomsX3
  9. Aunt June or JuneMa, her daughter Jackie and Jackie's daughter Nina, all holding newborn Graham. There is so much more I wanted to do to this, but lacked the skills and time. Using photo masks still feels uncomfortable to me, though I mask all the time. Maybe because it does what it's supposed to do and remove part of the image :) I used DRB's Don't Be Blue, ASO's Seaglass masks, and Floriju's mask and I can't find it right now, but I will and post it.
  10. Thanks, it was a great challenge.
  11. Thank you.
  12. Very, very nice. Love the way you've played with the circle idea throughout.
  13. Thanks, guys, if I'd only been more patient with my reading. Now I know where to look.
  14. Here is mine Pixar Fest. I kinda panicked then had fun. I don't use a lot of paper layers so finding them was a treat.
  15. The challenge was using at least 4 layers, and then embellies as a treat to the page. I was going to use a lot of pictures, as I have a ton from the week, but decided to focus on one with a little one for detail. I used: SNU's Follow Your Bliss, Spring Collection, MRE's Star Brush, Exuberance, Zoomba paper, Zoomba stars, Shabby Chic, Jubilant, Bright Canyon, Life is Sweet. I'll edit this with the designer names as soon as I can find the rest of them.