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  1. Hehe, me too I'm going to try one today b/t edits on my new book and cover fixes and recruiting a team of reviewers. Sigh, book launches are tough stuff
  2. Elisha, it really is beautiful, bought, downloaded and opened. So many pretty elements and paper. Now for the styles next week. THANK YOU.
  3. Oh, great, thank you. I was worried
  4. Is it really an additional $25 for crafters license?
  5. You are a magician!!!! It truly is stunning. And styles later. FANTASTIC. Is it available in the store yet, and hopefully with a crafters license? OH now the link works. Thank you, I hope you sell a ton. I’ll put it on FB. And I’ve been meaning to do a blog about some of my go-to sites for all parts of my writing, and SG plays a part in that. So I’ll message you, Angie and Syndee (who has been on it before talking about backing up work) and I’ll get you and SG featured!
  6. Oh my goodness. It looks like it's going to be stunning. You must have had this in the pipeline, or else you're a magician
  7. Can’t wait. Seriously!!
  8. That is a beautiful collection, your work is stunning, and it's on my wishlist as of now. I'd love to see a collection of rose gold metallics, glitter, foils and complementing satin or flat colors Thanks for responding to my query. Hugs, Leslie Ann
  9. I've tried that, but I'll try it again, it just never seemed rich enough. But I'll willing to give it another shot. Rose Gold is SO popular right now. Thanks, Anne Marie.
  10. So there really aren’t many rose Gold foil, glitter and paper items, it seems...what do you designers think ... a need to be filled?
  11. Thanks! Time needs to slow down.
  12. What did you search under, Anne Marie? Thanks!
  13. Hey, I'm looking for Rose Gold anything, styles, paper, embellies ... When I put Rose Gold in the search function ... I don't get rose gold. So dear designers who are so incredibly talented, how about some or lots of rose gold? And I know I'm missing some somewhere. Help with that, please. Hugs, Leslie Ann who is celebrating her 38th Anniversary (Wedding:) ) tomorrow.
  14. Ohhh, snowflakes! Can't wait to see the rest. And yes, I must update my siggy.
  15. I couldn’t get the images to come up on the tutorial???