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  1. Week 3 Challenge Chase using wire. This one stumped me, but I slept on it and voila! Hope you enjoy. The masking for the net and crab was really fun. Using Wire, Maine Lobster Pound
  2. This challenge stumped me at first, but after sleeping on... I used SBA Breathtaking for the wire, SNU Art Styles, BMU Anchors for the crab and lobster, JZI Upon A Watercolor Sea and my own buoy :)
  3. I think i’s simply wonderful. What font did you use? You lead the eye, and the blending is lovely.
  4. Here is my week #2 for the November Challenge Chase. Foot Prints On My Heart
  5. Week 2 November Challenge Chase. I used for my custom shape...footsteps. I also used BMU cutout styles, AFT Antique Edges, BMU Costal Styles that I turned into a pattern. I wanted to put a frame around the picture, but everything was too much. Thanks for looking
  6. Oh, I love this idea. I'm trying to learn how to use photo masks to their best ability. AND second I'd love to learn how to create a photomask and/or add on to one from the SG store that is perfect, but needs one more spot to masking to make it work with the photo. Thanks Angie, for asking. Just one more reason to love SG!!
  7. I'm going to use this challenge for the Challenge Chase. At first I thought you meant shapes we bought in the store, then I read the link. I love custom shapes and use them all the time. Now to find an image. Hugs to all, Leslie Ann
  8. Great job, your page is wonderful. I learn so much from seeing what other people do. Wonderful
  9. Here is my week 1: Halloween in Cars Land, All the info is on the image in the gallery.
  10. So much fun. I've been wanting to use VJS's Mistress of the Macabre and so this challenge was perfect. I also used JZI OOB frames vol. 2, AFT's Antique Paper Edges, Crackle Styles, Wood Styles and Chalk Styles. I think that's it :)
  11. Unbelievable. Where did you learn to do this kind of complicated sewing. Mom worked at Selznick studios in the costume department. Her mother used to make clothes without patterns! (During the depression) Mom made my brother and I matching clothes for fashion shows and my Barbie doll had one as well. She made my wedding dress and all my prom clothes, Easter clothes, suits for interviews. Now I can't find a pattern that fits. Sizes are weird.
  12. Ohhh, great. I've been wanting to do one with my kits. Perfect.
  13. Me, too, please. I love this. I'm learning how to make confetti brushes, they are so much fun.
  14. Wow, what a job. This was more than for Halloween, I'm guessing. Huge amount of work, you both look smashing.
  15. Oh, sewing, I love to sew. The bigger HD will be awesome. Thanks for all you do for us