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  1. AHA_Bakers Dozen Collection
  2. I make this 'easy' dessert recipe whenever I need a quick dessert. Before Covid, when unexpected company would come, I found it to be something easy to put together. For frosting I use a canned Cream Cheese frosting to still simply the dessert portion of our meal.
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    I was not going to like this recipe. My daughter was visiting last summer. One day she offered to make dinner that night. An offer I would never refuse. Then when she said that she was going to make Turkey Meatloaf, I thought "Yuk! Dry, tasteless, a waste of time, money & turkey". But, I was willing to give it a taste. Boy, was I wrong this time. It was moist. It was tasty. It was delicious. And, on top of that, it was easy to make. Now my husband & I have it a couple of times a month. We enjoy it every time. I hope that you do to.
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