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    I use this method when the sweet onions (Vidalia) are in season so I have them into the Winter months. When done, I spoon them out with a slotted spoon & put them into small freezer bags. I close the bags & then flatten them out so the onions are now a thin layer. To use, I put them into whatever I'm making still frozen. They thaw very quickly. My husband likes them on burgers. He breaks off a piece, puts it on a piece of foil & lays it on the grill. When his burger is ready, he spoons the onions onto his burger.
  2. I'm thinking that you are the person who so generously donated the free download for this month's recipe swap.  I can open the templates and everything is fine.  When I open the instructions to use the templates, it's illegible.  I've tried downloading is several times, but it still can't be read.  Can you help?

    1. MariJ


      I downloaded the instructions, which are actually the “ScrapSimple Handbook”.  The one that downloaded for me is the old one, probably because the product is retired.  You can try downloading the updated instructions and book HERE.   Let us know if that doesn’t work.   And, yes!  Angie so generously is giving us all the recipe templates. :)  

    2. angleigh


      Yes, Mari is correct.  If you download the link she gave you it will give you the newest handbook

  3. margel


    I ordered something similar to this while on vacation in Tennessee recently. When I returned home I went in search for such a recipe - although a recipe was probably not needed. The difference between the restaurant menu item and this recipe is the chilies used. The restaurant used roasted Hatch green chilies - which I happen to love. So, I followed the recipe except for the chilies - and I did use the Hatch green chilies - which I found frozen at the supermarket. Delicious - and easy enough for an everyday meal or when company comes. Just bear in mind that chilies come in different amounts of heat - so choose carefully. BVA_BrushSet_WornThreads_Paper_Special1 (Scrap Girls) The border is a template fromPixel Scrapper & the flowers from Altered Amanda. Fonts used: Minion Pro and Monkey Snake
  4. A good recipe if you need to control your sodium intake. I'm allergic to MSG - which is found in a lot of canned soups. I use this recipe when I'm making a recipe that calls for some kind of canned soup. It's a bit bland in taste, but adding your choice of herbs & seasonings helps. Papers & Clip Art images from: The Lily Pad: Veggie Garden and Scrap Girls: Farmstead Collection & Grandma's Kitchen Fonts Used: Minion Pro & Dancing Script OT