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    PSE 14 - circular text upside down on bottom

    That was my next thought to try but *** it seems it should be easier! Going to check for any convenient text paths in the shop that may help too. I can't be the only one on the planet wanting to do this hahaha!
  2. OMG I am pulling my hair out. I recently upgraded to PSE 6 - I believe i had full photoshop 5 (3?) prior and maybe pse 6 before that? Anyway it's all kinds of different and I am about to lose my mind as tools I am used to are now gone (hiding?) Anyway, my pressing need is in designing a logo. Picture in the middle. Circular text around the top and bottom. I have gotten as far as adding the text but it is upside down on the bottom. I have looked at tutorial after tutorial and I can't do what they suggest because none of the things they say to click on are anywhere on my workspace that I can see! I can highlight the text that is on the bottom but i can't flip it. Any help???? Y'all always have the answers here!
  3. AHHHHH thank you! I did not realize I could do that! perfect!
  4. Hi everyone, I was using Backblaze as my computer back up and sure enough my computer just completely died. I thought I was safe because I had backblaze and everything restored BUT my digi scrap files. A good many of them give an error as it tries to restore them because the file names are too long. Any thoughts?