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  1. Thank you for a great sketch to work with. Here is my offering using Aimee Harrison - Believe in you. September Sketch challenge - Cothele
  2. JodyT


    Aimee Harrison - Believe in you
  3. JodyT

    Project Life Week 6

    Now that is a busy busy week.. another great layout with fab journaling.
  4. JodyT

    JJ Layout 5 Web

    That's a beautiful layout. I would like a house with that view.
  5. Beautiful .. I got the pollen on my nose once from something like this and I had an orange mark for days. that will teach me.
  6. JodyT

    2014 January left

    You are quite right there Belle.. the school terms are quite different in Australia.. as are the seasons LOL.
  7. Hi Jody, after seeing you layout I just had to check where you are from. I'm from South Africa and our school year starts in January as well. Have a great day.

    1. JodyT


      Must be southern hemisphere Belle? Climate based?

  8. JodyT


    You are so making me want to come to see this place.. Its just beautiful.
  9. I really admire anyone who can actually achieve taking a photo every day.. very well done. I tried it in 2010 and it nearly drove me crazy.
  10. JodyT

    january 2014 SG

    Great journaling and great layout.. its funny how we are never tourists in our own back yard.
  11. JodyT

    Week 5

    Great layout, easy to tell were you are from, you have the same plants in your garden as we do.
  12. Sometimes you find hidden treasures in cupboards when you clean them out.. things you have not seen for some time..
  13. JodyT

    Project Life Week 5

    Love all the journaling. I would love to be a 'journaling' but I am just not. I can never get the hang of it.
  14. JodyT

    Catch of the Day

    That is a big fish. What sort of fish is it?
  15. BooLand Designs - Mother Mine Fonts are Tiranti Solid LET and Freehand591 BT
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