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  1. i would be happy to send an email ...but i don't know how and sadly i think its going to be a retired item
  2. i purchased something in 2016 and i have never used it and when i look for it cannot find it (on my mac) is there a way to re download it thanks Order id: #475994
  3. Creative Live dot com is running a free class this week on Photoshop elements I started with PSE also and self taught using Youtube videos ... and trial and error !!!! STILL LEARNING but I never paper scrapped
  4. thank you ... i may try this as I have the kit from 2016 so I could just pop it on to the top portion ...thanks
  5. Thank you Brandy ... will check it out ... I'm trying to get a jump on some christmas gifts !!!!
  6. Can anyone tell me where I may be able to print the Scrap Simple 11 X 17 calendars I purchased it last year and never used it because I didnt know where to get it printed I would like to purchase again but not if I cannot use it again. thanks
  7. I got some advice here a while back regarding picasa for organizing my stash. I loaded Picasa but feel I wasn't very prudent on organizing my stuff into Picasa. Can I delete Picasa and then re down load it and start over ??? thanks for any info or advice you can offer. (i can never find anything when looking for it) now that I know picasa a bit better (not great but better) I feel I could organize my self better thanks