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  1. riandei

    can I download old purchase ?

    i would be happy to send an email ...but i don't know how and sadly i think its going to be a retired item
  2. i purchased something in 2016 and i have never used it and when i look for it cannot find it (on my mac) is there a way to re download it thanks Order id: #475994
  3. riandei

    Overwhelmed Beginner

    Creative Live dot com is running a free class this week on Photoshop elements I started with PSE also and self taught using Youtube videos ... and trial and error !!!! STILL LEARNING but I never paper scrapped
  4. riandei

    calendars ...where

    thank you ... i may try this as I have the kit from 2016 so I could just pop it on to the top portion ...thanks
  5. riandei

    calendars ...where

    Thank you Brandy ... will check it out ... I'm trying to get a jump on some christmas gifts !!!!
  6. riandei

    calendars ...where

    Can anyone tell me where I may be able to print the Scrap Simple 11 X 17 calendars I purchased it last year and never used it because I didnt know where to get it printed I would like to purchase again but not if I cannot use it again. thanks