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  1. This is amazingly beautiful...I love it...
  2. Where do I find website issues? I can't view my content at all. Page is blank.

    1. teecee


      Do you mean the content you have posted yourself, or content found using the View New Content button? You may want to post a question in the General Questions Forum here: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/forum/17-general-questions/

    2. SodScrap


      Theresa is right...if you can post your question in the forum it will help!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      It helps if you let us know what browser you are using too.

  3. Hey Digi sisters...I've been really busy in the process of buying my first truck. I'm so excited. Once I get on the road my projects always fall to the wayside unfortunately and I'm not on the road as much. So if you don't see me, just know I'll be back soon. I pray you're having a victorious day in the Lord...

  4. AngelaScraps

    Bentley Kason

    Thanks Ladies...He's off the oxygen...YAHHH!!!
  5. I missed the chat...I was uploading photos.

    1. April Showers

      April Showers

      I saw you come in right as everyone was leaving. Sorry we missed chatting with you.

  6. AngelaScraps

    Bentley Kason

    This is the newest addition to the family. Bentley Kason. Having a few issues but we know and claim in his healing. Nana loves you angel. Supplies from Bel Vidotti, Boys Will Be Boys.
  7. AngelaScraps


    This is Princess MacKenzie. New Big Sister to Bentley Kason. Supplies from Bel Vidotti, Cherish
  8. AngelaScraps


    This of course is me.
  9. AngelaScraps

    riley copy

    This is Princess Riley. Sweetest lilttle angel ever.
  10. AngelaScraps

    My Princess

    Princess Kor'e Persephone Leann Hodges. Just 2 months old and already has taken over everything.
  11. AngelaScraps

    Michael3 copy

    This is Michael, my middle child. The one who never ask for anything and is so very independent.
  12. AngelaScraps


    This is Prince Julien and Princess Kor'e Persephone. Nana's pride and joy.
  13. AngelaScraps


    This is DJ. My son n laws son. Loves the camera. Supplies from Bel Vidotti, Sea life.
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