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  1. Bee

    Poor baby is right!!! I love this page!
  2. Arent new doggies so much fun? I absolutely love this layout!
  3. I have been trying to decide how to scrap the worst decade of my life. Your layout gives me some great ideas on how to do that! Nicely done!
  4. From the album Things about me...

    I used to travel to the places my husband was working. This trip, he was working at Tillamook Cheese in Oregon. I flew up and we traveled into Washington state over this bridge, then drove down the Oregon coastline on our way home. Great trip!
  5. From the album Turbo

    I ran back into the house for a bottle of water, and when I came to get in the car, there was Turbo! Obviously, he didn't want to stay at home alone. He is such a character!!!
  6. From the album Turbo

    Turbo and Gerby, our grandson, fighting over Turbo's bed. Gerby would slide down the stairs on Turbo's bed with Turbo following closely behind. Quite hilarious, actually!
  7. From the album Turbo

    We had so much fun ice fishing with Turbo. Only problem was that he wanted to run off and visit other ice fisherpeople (it's not all men anymore!). We took his green Kong thingy-majiger to throw for him, and he thought that was the coolest! When we started catching fish, Turbo got soooo excited, especially when they flipped around on the snow. He wanted to eat the fish we caught - bit the head off one of them. He obviously doesn't know the meaning of "catch and release"!