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  1. Bee

    Poor baby is right!!! I love this page!
  2. Arent new doggies so much fun? I absolutely love this layout!
  3. I have been trying to decide how to scrap the worst decade of my life. Your layout gives me some great ideas on how to do that! Nicely done!
  4. From the album Things about me...

    I used to travel to the places my husband was working. This trip, he was working at Tillamook Cheese in Oregon. I flew up and we traveled into Washington state over this bridge, then drove down the Oregon coastline on our way home. Great trip!
  5. From the album Turbo

    I ran back into the house for a bottle of water, and when I came to get in the car, there was Turbo! Obviously, he didn't want to stay at home alone. He is such a character!!!
  6. From the album Turbo

    Turbo and Gerby, our grandson, fighting over Turbo's bed. Gerby would slide down the stairs on Turbo's bed with Turbo following closely behind. Quite hilarious, actually!
  7. I, too, recognized Nitro! Love your layout (and your puppy)!
  8. From the album Other Fun Stuff (or maybe not so fun?)

    My husband, David, died in 2003, and at that time a pair of mallards nested in the growth by the creek that runs through our back yard. David was an avid duck hunter until I convinced him of the beauty of the ducks landing on the water (and taking off, too), and after that he took our duck-hunting dogs, went out to the blind and watched the ducks land and take off. Each spring I wait to see the mallards come back.
  9. From the album Other Fun Stuff (or maybe not so fun?)

    I love this quote. It is soooo true, for when you chop your own wood it warms you while chopping, and it warms you again when you burn it!
  10. From the album Other Fun Stuff (or maybe not so fun?)

    We went salmon fishing in Ellis, Idaho. While the guys were out fishing, I wandered around the cottages where we were staying. I saw a bald eagle and had to take a picture of it. These birds are so magnificent!
  11. From the album Things about me...

    Yep, I went in on August 23, and came home August 28, 2013! They replaced my mitral valve and did some mazing - cryogenically cut into the heart muscle to keep the electrical currents from causing atrial fibrillation. I now have a St. Jude mechanical mitral valve. Tick, tick, tick, tick!
  12. From the album Things about me...

    I was so nervous going in for surgery on my rheumatic mitral valve. My mother had heart surgery in 2005 and died in the hospital two months later. I only want to do this once, so I waited until my doctor told me, "Now is the time." I am glad I had the surgery; had I waited much longer there would have been much more damage done to my actual heart muscle than there already was. One year later, I am feeling vastly better, have more energy, and can actually go on walks without running out of breath! Yay me! Yay Dr. Goff (surgeon)! Yay Dr. Holland (cardiologist)!
  13. From the album Other Fun Stuff (or maybe not so fun?)

    These mailboxes have been standing on the Old Highway since I moved here in 1997, and I'm sure long before that. One day while I was driving by, I decided to take a picture of them because they were colorful, some were old, and basically, I just wanted to! A couple of days later when I drove by, the old mailboxes had been removed - yes, all of them - and replaced by a much newer, stand-alone box with locked cubby's for each house's mail.
  14. From the album Other Fun Stuff (or maybe not so fun?)

    Lauris and I were driving home after visiting his son in Logan, when we came upon this "Shoe Tree" at First Dam. I begged Lauris to stop so I could get a picture. How fun??!!!?
  15. From the album Things about me...

    When I was young I loved to dance. I took tap and ballet. While my brothers were out flying with Dad and having a great time doing fantastic things with him, I danced. While they took swimming lessons, I danced. While they went hunting, I danced. I danced until I tore the cartilage in my knee. Then I had to quit.