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  1. docsheila1

    Weekend Challenge - 7/20

    Here's my 1st prom. A horrible pic, I know but it was pulled off a "movie" reel and actually the movie wasn't that much better quality:))) PS can only do so much...
  2. docsheila1

    Chalk Art by Rebekah.jpg

    Everything about this is wonderful! Now I want one too😁
  3. docsheila1


    I'm such a sucker for puppy photos and this is great! Mine refuse to pose and look miserable; Merry & William look quite pleased with themselves. A grat way to combine two special events at once!
  4. docsheila1

    weekend challenge_Card

    So wonderfully soft and uncluttered! Beautiful blending
  5. docsheila1

    South Dakota Badlands Beautiful

    Yes, I remember!
  6. docsheila1

    July Challenge Chase

    No prob - I just reposted my #6 separately:)) Sorry, I think I was thinking of last month's challenge for giving love all in one!
  7. docsheila1

    July Challenge Chase

    #6- WWC-7-13 card
  8. docsheila1


    They are not happy puppies.....but they're so happy when it's done:)))
  9. docsheila1


    These girls are never thrilled about being dressed! It only occurs 2x a year, Christmas and their birthday -- I think that's why the vet loves her cards so!!! Thank you!
  10. docsheila1


    A great push for me to get ahead of the game with a pic I took for our vet last year and was keeping to send out to our friends this hear. Thank You!!!
  11. docsheila1


    Beautiful use of colors and the title is WONDERFUL! You always manage to capture beautiful sunsets!
  12. docsheila1

    July Monthly Challenges

    sorry, i keep putting mine on the wrong page! too many computers:(