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  1. WWC-1-16-Groups Papers: GWH-MyBestFriend; Elements: GWH- My Best Friend & Autumn Blessings; ABR-Backroads; BMU-Style(Tinsel) Quote: Joseph Parry (poet) Fonts: Amigirl Script; Myriad Pro Pic: mine
  2. Background: A picture of a sunset of mine which I worked on for 3 days trying to make it look like a sunrise! A lot of PS modification! Elements: SNU-JustPeachy; DRB-Simple Pleasures; SNU-Hello Lovely (WA) Fonts: Allura; Bebas
  3. WWC-1-9 - Style Change Papers: ABR-Serendipity (4 Papers) Elements: SNU-JustPeachy Fonts: Allura; Myriad Pro Pics: Mine Wow - not my usual style! I rarely use more than 2-3 pics; even more rarely use 4 papers and usually more solid than patterned; My preference is more of a “clean” look; not quite white space but somewhere in the middle of this and that! Fortunately, I had 15 days worth of photos that cropped okay! This was was real challenge and forced a different way of looking at my page! (Alsoarty—It even crashed my PS 2021—thank goodness for recovery! )
  4. Oh yeah-- been there done that!
  5. This is great with such cutey as the star! I also am going to have to remember your stitching border and lift it!
  6. Mo. Ch. #4-WhiteSpace Papers: LLO-ArtAut (Blended with white) Elements: MRE-JTBeginning; LLOASkyFullOfStars; aimeeh-winterwoolens Fonts: Allura; Myriad Pro Pic Mine
  7. My 3rd: Mo. Ch #3-SimpleScrap
  8. Mo Ch. #3-ScrapSimple Template: MPE-Simply Blended Elements: ABR-Serendipity Fonts: Amanda; Myriad Pro Pics: Mine
  9. Papers: AFT-Eucalyptus; bed-rmnsce; DRB-Boho garden Elements: BDS-PhotoOfLife; bed-rmnisc; ABR-LoveNote; SNU-SSPaper-BlendMask; AHA-JoyfulLife-alpha Font: Allura Pic Mine
  10. This is just great! Being a sunset fan myself... Your elements go so great with the pic and I like the lights. Great OOB - Just beautiful!
  11. Oh yeah! I've lost so many and still grieve for each one.
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