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  1. Perfect all the way around!!!
  2. My 2nd Mo #1 Inspiration KeyWest
  3. Papers: nbk-BeyondTheSea Elements: AFT-TheRitz; Flo-OceanTreasures Font: Aidan script; bebas; Artiste1 Pic: Mine Inspired by Boatlady: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/194461-gwh-aged-to-perfection-clubjpg/
  4. thanks to alsoarty for introducing me to this font! (Bigilli) - LOVE IT (from a fontaholic too)
  5. WWC-9-3- font Paper: AT-belleOfTheBayou Elements: las-Nostalgia; DRB-Don’tBeBlue; BDS-PhotosOfLife; GWH-MomentInTime; Fonts: Bigilla; BillieHarley Pic: Mine
  6. Love tyhis! And the photo is magazine quality!!!!
  7. Newsletter - 8-30 - Pink/Brown Papers: ABR-Backroads Elements: ABR-CapturingMemories; CWX- DreamOfFlowers; FLO-OceanTreasures Font: Gautreaux Pic: Mine
  8. WWC-WWC-8-20-underutilized Kit: ABR-MillionLittleThings BMU-Managerie for Mask Font Apple Chancery Pic: Mine
  9. My 5th - WWC-chevrons-HongKong
  10. WWC-8-13-Chevron-HongKong Papers: BHS-perfectDay Elements: ABR-Seredipity & MillionLittleThngs; cwx-FabulousFall; tmd-MessOf Happiness; BDSHalloweenNight- AHA-AJoyfulLife; Fonts: Times Roman (colorful filled with color, beveled and embossed) Pic: Mine
  11. Great layout - extremely eye-catching with the pink and the backkground paper goes so well...again, beautiful!
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