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  1. Prompt 16 Current Obsession Papers: Flo-OceanTreasures Elements:SRoberts-Vintage Handwriting; EMA-Transitions Fonts: Foxymist Myriad Pro; ChopinScript Pic: Our son’s picture
  2. Oh how I love puppy photos! She is beautiful and the bow collar is great. the background dark splash is a wonderful way to allow her to so stand out. Really great page!
  3. Beautiful and even more beautiful. I love tyhe big pic and the elements that blend sowell but don't overtake. And the "doggy bag" is a wonderful for hikers!
  4. what a gorgeous picture and really great extraction! The background is so subtle and then the flower pops even bigger. Also like the 3 frames you ushed behind it.
  5. A great page! I love the large full page of her and the blending is fantastic. BTW, she is ADORABLE!
  6. This is so cute and the background paper is fabulous. And the Zoro??? Makes for a memorable Halloween page!
  7. This is a wonderful page, dramatic and very special! I also really appreciate your providng how you did it!!! I often look at something I want to try but can't figure out how to! Reading your comments, my first thought was the quote "when life given you lemons, make lemonade". You did!
  8. Prompt #4-Scraplift Paper: CKH-EverydayGrace Elements: AFT-TheRitz; MLD-WhiteChristmas Font: Cimochi Pic: Mine
  9. I so wish I could do white space this well! Love the pic and am going to scraplift this for the Bingo game this month, I never thought of make my pic look ike it is tucked into the background! Another great idea you gave me!
  10. Good Lord: This pic is wonderful! You are one of the wonderful mother's who keeps stuff from way back. If I tried, I'd forget where I put them:( The background paper is inspired and the whole page is wonderful!
  11. Prompt 25- 3 frames Paper: FLO-SousiLaPluie Elements: SNU-EverydayStories & BuckleMyShoe & Eveyday Stories;; MDesigns-WhiteChristmas & Natural Beauty; LLO-ASkyFullOfStars; GHW-SummerGarden (poppies & victory medal stock) Font: Myriad Pro Pics: My father’s from his group, and plane, and him
  12. Prompt #24-Full page Papers: EBA-Calypso; ABR-Effortless Elements: LLO-FallSnaps; JRA-BojoGlitz=GWH-FallFarmhouse; LLO-ArtisticAutumn Font: BeforeTheRain Pic: Mine
  13. Prompt #1-Blended-Savannah Papers: Papers:-ABR-Serenity Elements: Brushes-SNU-Collaged; ABR-Serenity Font: BeforeTheRain Pic: Mine
  14. This is so wonderful and I so wish I had your talent for this art style. Perfect backgkround and the quote magnificent!
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