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  1. Fantastic blending and I also love the way you've used the colors. The pic is amazing!
  2. Mo Ch #1-Paper Bits Papers: EBA-Calypso; SNU-SSPaper-Creased Torn; CKH-EverdayGrace; FLO-SousLaPluie-OldPapers (used for some of the “bits” Elements:ABR-CaptMem; ABR-LoveNote&ajoyfullife; SNU-HelloLovely Fonts: Billy Harley; Designer2 Pic: Mine
  3. Photo is FAB - love the blending
  4. Newsletter Ch-7-28-Shine Papers: DRB-Don’tBeBlue Elements: DRB-Awakening*SweetSafari; ; AFT-Blissful; EMA-Transitions & Simple Pleasures; CRO-RosehillCottage; SNU-JustPeachy Pic: on-line by WINK Weather - credit: Jeff Gammons
  5. So peaceful looking andlove the way you''ve blended the blur with the sharp!
  6. I love what you did here! I never saw the quote before and I have to cc-paste! It looks like it came from an old pic-antiquey
  7. Love the blending! Really perfect...
  8. WWC-7-26-Layered Papers:EMA-IntoTheWoods; BMU-Botanical-Paper-Painted (Blended) (Papers for Heart shapes Elements) - EMA-IntoTheWoods; GWH-SwapMeet & FallFarmhouse; FLO-SousLaPluie; Elements: BDS-CopperSpice; BMU-Botanical; FLO-SousLaPluie & OceanTreasures Font: BewachBum & Advantage Pics: Mine
  9. Beautiful page with wonderful background. Looks like t was painted with the texture!
  10. Newsletter 7-21-Weekend Papers: CKH-EverdayGrace Elements: CKH-EverdayGrace; BMU-SSEMB-DLP6; SNU-Stitches & HelloLovely; ABR-CaptMem Fonts: LillyMae & Almeria & Designer1 Pics: Mine
  11. Ditto to the blending...beautiful job. I like the way your journaling follows the layout - Great work.
  12. My 6th! - Mo Ch #2-Mixed
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