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  1. docsheila1

    Weekend Challenge_cake

    Oh, haven't we all that that happen!!! Funny after the fact though. Can you share what font you used for the "Disaster"? I'm a font freak and would love to have this in my stash!
  2. docsheila1

    Newsletter-White Space.jpg

    This is her guity look! Given the situation now, hopefully they will work
  3. docsheila1

    Newsletter-White Space.jpg

    She is the clown in the family!
  4. docsheila1

    Newsletter-White Space.jpg

    Thnk you nd yes, boxers are precious! This is one of our two:)
  5. docsheila1

    Monthly Challenge #scraplift

    What can I say? another winner. I also have Untimate Artist but haven't even come close to being this good with it -- this inspires me to work harder. The background is so creative as is the 1/2 frames onthe two side pics
  6. docsheila1


    I love this! Never seen one and at first thought you had put "fake" sunglasses on him Great capture and a pefect background to allow the photos to stand out. Emebellishments are a great idea which anchor but don't distract!
  7. docsheila1

    Newsletter-White Space.jpg

    Gotta have something to laugh about right now and my Sugar Rae always obliges:)))
  8. docsheila1

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    My 6th-Newsletter-Music
  9. docsheila1

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    My 5th - WWC-quote
  10. docsheila1

    Spring Is Here

    I love the softness of the layout and the pic being sharper making it stand-out so! I also love the way you titled "spring is magical" all the way down! I never thought of that before and this goes into ny "inspiration file"!
  11. docsheila1

    March 2020 Monthly Challenges