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    Beyond Perfect!!!
  2. docsheila1

    squirrel-WW 3-16.jpg

    Thank you. And extending my sympathy to you and your fellow citizens for the tragic, senselessness.
  3. docsheila1

    squirrel-WW 3-16.jpg

    Our squirrels are always raiding something! A year ago we kept hearing a noise on the side of our house: looked and found the critter sitting on the fence next to the house, chewing on the side of the house:(( And Thank you!
  4. docsheila1

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge March 16th

    The Taunting Squirrel:)
  5. docsheila1

    March Challenge #2: Austin Peacock

    Thanks soooo much -- I thought it was his feathers but couldn't figure out how you did it. It is absolutely stunning!
  6. docsheila1

    March Challenge #2: Austin Peacock

    Me too! Gotta know!!!!
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    If you get the chance to go there, just go in August -- their only real summer month. Just don't fall in love and want to move there. August is deceivingšŸ˜Ž
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    Thank you! One of "not enough" drop-dead-gorgeous days in Washington!
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    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 3-9

    Missing the "SC" where it looks like Wa:(
  10. docsheila1

    March Monthly Challenge

    Challenge #3-Journal on Pic
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