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    For Jody: Tues Challenge 1/15/20 Sunset

    This is gorgeous. I like the way you used such suble framing which draws the eye but doesn't distract. Glad you were able to finish - it's too special not to!
  2. docsheila1

    newsletter challenge Jan 14

    I absolutely love sunsets and this one is extraordinary. I also love the way you've split and framed -- this will be an inspiration for me in the future! And the quote is perfect. A "10" for sure!
  3. docsheila1

    Be Brave.jpg

    I was so struck by the title and actually what it means to me! I like the simplicity with and the way you married black/white and teal.
  4. docsheila1

    Day to Remember

    I was struck by the way you frames her face and then blended the remainder. Great idea
  5. docsheila1

    Weekend challenge

    That ornament is really an eye-catcher. Then I looked further and noticed how you blended it and the tree into the background. GREAT job wth a beautiful result!
  6. docsheila1

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    Mine: "Resolutions"
  7. docsheila1

    Favorite Toy

    Sooo cute! I love the way you blurred the background and also how the pic lifts off the page! Wish I could do it that well.
  8. docsheila1


    This was my New Year's post to my friends. Had to "clean" it up a big (language-wise)
  9. docsheila1

    Jumpstart Jan - Siggie copy

    This is great. I especially like the colors which pop!
  10. docsheila1


    I love the way you framed and used the photo to cover the middle. A beautiful pic as well and the elements set it off perfectly!
  11. docsheila1


    A gorgeous piture! The light background is perfext for the picture as it wonderfully ephasizes the gorgeous lion. Great work!
  12. I love this! It expresses the New Year start wonderfully!
  13. docsheila1

    No.4 Light

    I really like the white and the simplicity. It is so elegant!
  14. docsheila1


    Gotta say, another GREAT one from you. I've gotta get that one. Tried another and failed miserably: Fingers crossed on this one:)))
  15. docsheila1

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    I'm in again! Seriously addicted! 1-My First - WWC-Tutorial 2. Resolutions - Newsletter #3. Mo Ch #2-Holiday #4- Mo Ch, #4-Light #5. WWC-Title #6- Newsletter-Sunset
  16. docsheila1

    My Photographs

    A GREAT photo. Not only does it look soooo peaceful, I like the reflection which I'm not able to capture very often! The cluster emb is great - so complimentary to the photo without distracting.
  17. docsheila1

    January 2020 Monthly Challenges

    Challenge 1 - Leaving Love MariJ - Tribute Marie-Christine - My Photographs Boatlady- WWC BarbaraJ-Light MariJ-Light IM44West - WWC-tutorial Kbrak1207-Peace-Mo Ch Alsoarty - Jumpstart-Jan Celestine - Fav Toy Beatricemi-WWC-2020 JandinNZ - WWC ornament SeeWhatSueSaw-WWC-DayTo Remember ScrapgirlCindy - BeBrave MariJ-Newsletter-Jody Scrapgran - Uluru Sunset Ch 4 - Light Ch 2- Holiday WWC-Tutorial Newsletter-Resolutions
  18. This is a heartwarming page and a very special lady. I thought the larger blow-up was done with sketch? It led me into the page. Wonderful backgroumd and your blending is phenomenal.