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  1. So does Picassa search the actual text or just the file name? While sorting, I've found so many things I forgot I had & because it takes so long to scroll & preview the entire folder (I just search in the Windows file explorer when I'm looking for something) I never get to the bottom and I know I've searched a word (again, in file explorer) and had nothing come up because it only searches file names. Making more subfolders for each holiday & common themes (camping, school, etc.) definitely helped reduce the size already but I'm an organizing freak & actually enjoy sorting so it's hard for me to stop. Haha! In any case, refining my sorting of supplies has shown me 1) I need to randomly go through my files more often to remember all the cool stuff I've already got and 2) *gasp!* It may even be beneficial to maybe lay off the purchasing for a bit since I've got so much I've never even used! LOL! Thanks, everyone!
  2. Hi everyone! I've spent the last few days further sorting the larger folders in my pretty large supply stash & am down to my last category...Word Art. So far, I've sorted it into pretty generic individual holidays, birthdays, etc. (as in 'if-Hallmark-makes-a-card-for-it-I've-made-a-folder-for-it') but my stash of words & quotes is still ginormous & takes forever to scroll through so I'm looking for some suggestions or ideas on how to further sort all those individual words & inspirational quotes & such. Other than maybe separating them into "single word" and "multiple words" folders, I'm at a loss how to break these up so if anyone has a system they find helpful, I'd LOVE to hear it. Thanks!
  3. Update to my original excitement about all the updates to ACR...unfortunately, you only get ALL the updates through Photoshop CC. (I searched & searched before buying PSE 15 to see how ACR changed but couldn't find anything and ultimately had to go with it anyway because the older version from PSE 13 couldn't read my newer camera's raw files.) However, at least PSE 15 DOES now have a "Dehaze" filter. It's not as cool as using a slider (like the updated full version of ACR but you can still mask that layer or change the opacity so it'll do for now. (I'm stubborn & really don't like being "forced" into a subscription when I just do this stuff for fun.) Granny, to answer your question (I hope,) yes, you can leave your old version on your computer if you have the space to spare for both programs. Your computer will see them as separate programs. (I had versions 8 & 13 on my computer until I installed the new 15 version & realized it.) I chose to uninstall mine (after I deactivated it) & am going to give it to my sister as soon as I go and try all the actions & styles I've collected to make sure I can still use them in the new version. If you do a search, maybe you can find a comparison between versions 10 & 15 and see if there are enough new features that you'd actually use to warrant changing. I went from version 8 to 13 and loved it because loading actions, brushes, etc. was a lot more convenient. Good luck!
  4. Thanks! I will definitely be needing that troubleshooting because when I initially opened PSE13 to see if "deactivate" was an option I DID see the "sign out" option but it wasn't available (grayed out) so it looks like you saved me a google search...thanks a bunch!
  5. Bummer, it's not there (under Help) for PSE 13. I'll have to look into it though before I give it to someone though so they can actually USE it! Thanks for the info.
  6. Good to know but how do you deactivate the license? I've never done that when I've given something away...oops.
  7. Hi, all! Awhile ago I decided not to upgrade to PSE 15 (from PSE 13 which I have used for some time now) but after seeing all the updates in Adobe Camera Raw I decided I HAD to upgrade to get it but that makes me wonder what do you do with the old version of software when you upgrade to the newer version? Seems silly to use all that space on the computer to keep I missing a reason that makes it worth it or should I just uninstall PSE 13? Thanks! Cathy
  8. Yes, thank you! Very helpful stuff, indeed. I think I'm going to print all this until it becomes "habit".
  9. Another there an easy way to copy the supplies from your layers or how do you go about listing your supplies when you've used from many (many!) different kits/designers?
  10. This was my 1st speedscrap & it was so much fun! The time constraint was actually very "freeing" for me. I'm not thrilled with most of my choices but not knowing what to expect (AT ALL) I chose elements quickly & "forced" myself to work with them. What do you know...I CAN do a layout without overthinking and overworking to death?! Thanks for the prod in the right direction. I've learned so much today. Time well spent!!! Thanks!
  11. Beautiful blending!
  12. Drats! There's etiquette? Haha! I like to use things from lots of different kits...should I list what individual elements came from what kit or just the kit name, in general? I'm thinking if it's each item, that could create some lengthy supply that still the preferred thing to do? And where/when do you list supplies? (Or will it be obvious when I finally go to upload a page?)
  13. Yes, that DOES help! Thank you, Jennifer.
  14. I don't have a lot of layouts actually done (I tend to edit/scrap on my 4x6 pic's & put in pocket pages so far) but I really want to get started on doing more actual 12x12 pages. When I upload them into my gallery, what all do I have to include? I see some products/supplies listed on some layouts but I'm not sure what all is required? I've searched the forum tutorials but didn't see (or just overlooked) this part addressed specifically. Thanks, Cathy
  15. Is it too late to ask "What do I do?" to get in on a chat? Do I just click on the "chat" button at the top of the screen? I've never sat in on one before but really want to try to catch a few today. Thanks!!!