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  1. Rosemarythyme

    Erie Canal near whitehall

    Fantastic blending, great page
  2. Rosemarythyme

    Little Dog, Big Bone

    DRB - Smiles Begin with You Collection AFT - Paper Borders styles
  3. Rosemarythyme


    CarolW Designs - The Window templates Tami Miller Design - Sweet Memories Value Pack
  4. Rosemarythyme

    happy birthday

    DRB Design - Birthday Party Collection SS DLT Large Masks
  5. Rosemarythyme

    Love Me Love My Horse

    CarolW Design - Unique Scenery Template Tami Miller Design - Must Love Horses Value Pack http://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-Must-Love-Horses.html
  6. Rosemarythyme

    Hi From New Nexico

    Welcome, we're almost neighbors as I live near Denver.
  7. Rosemarythyme

    High Sierra problem

    Ok gals, my hard drive is failing and is being replaced. The tech said they only last 2-5 years. You might want to get your macs checked out. Sorry for the bad news.
  8. Rosemarythyme

    High Sierra problem

    Mari, the repair guy said it sounded like a software (OS) problem. He said the Finder problem was a new one; I said I knew 2 others who have the same problem. I think they’ll install a new OS, but I’m worried cause no backup could be made. I have lots of scrap kits in download that hadn’t been added to my EHD. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
  9. Rosemarythyme


    Great photo and photo technique. Great background blending and cluster.
  10. Rosemarythyme

    Hello, new friends!!

    Welcome Helly! I’m with you on vintage - I love making vintage pages. Hopefully you’ll need help from the CT as I love your designs.
  11. Rosemarythyme

    California Poppies

    Stunning is right and yes it would make a beautiful card.
  12. Rosemarythyme

    High Sierra problem

    Andrea, isn’t it frustrating. I’ve started sending reports to Apple every time Finder relaunch is required-which is frequently.
  13. Rosemarythyme

    High Sierra problem

    Mari, at least we’re not alone! I’ve tried everything you suggested, even to adding code to the Finder library file...that worked once but soon reverted back. I don’t have Apple Care and there is an Apple store near to where I live but getting an app’t takes quite a while. There is a Mac certified repair group here that has a great reputation and is pretty reasonable. I’m going to try them tomorrow. I’ve been working on backing up my 50,000+ photos online and just get started with another folder when the d*** Finder acts up. I would gladly go back to El Capitan OS but am afraid to try as I can’t backup to Time Machine now and am afraid of losing everything. At least my photos and scrapbooking stuff are on separate EHDs and I’m not worried about them -yet. Thanks for your reply; I’ll keep you posted on any success or not.
  14. Rosemarythyme

    High Sierra problem

    I'm going crazy using Finder on the lastest High Sierra update. Finder will work for a couple minutes then I get the spinning disk. I've tried changing and then deleting code in my library as advised on Google but again that only works for a few minutes. I have 48G memory so that's not a problem. Is anyone else having this problem or know what can be done? I'm ready to take it to the Mac doctor for a checkup...
  15. Rosemarythyme


    GBE - A Real Friendship Collection