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  1. Rosemarythyme

    Rainy Day

    CarolW Design - Rainy Day Value Pack , Eternal Memory template Pixabay photo
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    true blue

    DRB Designs - True Blue Collection Mini AFT Designs - Beautiful Backgrounds and Mini template Pixabay photo
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    From 3 to 23 in a Jiffy

    Delightful page!
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    Easter Sunday

    BMU - Easter Sunday Collection Biggie AFT - Brush Set Chic Blender http://store.scrapgirls.com/Brush-Set-Chic-Blenders.html DCA - Dynamic Brush Homespun Lace http://store.scrapgirls.com/Dynamic-Brush-Set-Homespun-Lace.html
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    DRB Designs - Recollections Collection mini AFT _ Blended Over 6 template Morgue File photo z
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    After The Rain

    Lovely page, I'm glad you found the photos as they're beautiful.
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    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 9 April

    Rainy Day
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    Rainy Day

    AFT - Rain Dance Collection mini l Pixabay photo
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    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 3-23

    Here's mine Fresh
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    WWC-March 23 - Fruit

    AFT - Mango Sorbet Bundle template by NBK
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    Lucky Me

    DRB Designs - Lucky Me Collection, Layered Shapes Template Morgue File photo
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    Special Moment

    Carol W Design - Special Moment Collection Biggie , Eternal Memory template
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    Flowers Blooming

    CarolW Design - Flowers Blooming Value Pack Pixabay photo
  14. Many of you know Julie Sherwood...a designer at many stores. She passed away from cancer today which was also her birthday. I met Julie at a scrapping meetup quite a few years ago. When I told her I loved her kits and would someday like to be on her CT, she immediately added my name to her group.  RIP, my friend.

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Sad news. Thanks for letting us know.

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      So sad.


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      I'm so sorry.