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  1. Week 5 update - Still some pain but I can now lift my right arm 90 degrees with help from my therapist. The harder exercises won't start until week 7, but at least my shoulder sling isn't needed except when leaving home. I get impatient and want faster progress but have to remember that I'm old :)

    I've been able to scrap more and am going to work on some SG challenges.

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    2. alsoarty


      Sounds good! I;m the same, impatient, I think it gets worse the older we get. Hang in there...

    3. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      So glad you're on the mend! Very hard to do anything with such an injury!

    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      It's good to hear things are improving, although slowly. Please take care of yourself. Wishing you all the best.