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    Comes the Spring

    From the album: Rosemarythyme - Tami Miller CT

    Come the Spring Value Pack by Tami Miller Design and Aimee Harrison Design Syndee Rogers - Blended Grunge Template Pixabay photo
  2. Rosemarythyme

    Flowers Blooming

    CarolW Design - Flowers Blooming Value Pack Pixabay photo
  3. Many of you know Julie Sherwood...a designer at many stores. She passed away from cancer today which was also her birthday. I met Julie at a scrapping meetup quite a few years ago. When I told her I loved her kits and would someday like to be on her CT, she immediately added my name to her group.  RIP, my friend.

  4. Rosemarythyme


    Angie Briggs Yours Truly Collection Biggie Wonderful You alpha
  5. Rosemarythyme

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge March 19th

  6. Rosemarythyme

    delightful boy page
  7. Rosemarythyme

    Simply Perfect

    Veronica Spriggs - Simply Perfect template, Just Suppose Collection, Just Suppose Mini Kit 1, Just Suppose Mini Kit 2 Graphics Fairy illustration
  8. Rosemarythyme

    Blended Botanicals

    Susie Roberts Blended Botanicals , My Grandma’s Garden Collection Syndee Rogers Stories We tell template photo from Depositphoto
  9. Rosemarythyme

    Jonathan's First Fall

    A great boy page...I love it.
  10. I forgot to say the my shingles are 95% gone. I can start to scrap more now!

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    2. Marie-Christine


      Great news, we've missed you!

    3. Silly


      That's great news in every way! 

    4. Mikelle


      Good news, glad you're feeling better!  My DH just got the shingles vaccine.  I have to wait until I'm 50, but I'll be getting it - I've heard how miserable shingles can be.

  11. We survived the blizzard cyclone, thank goodness. Only about 7 inches of snow but winds up to 75 mph. I had an appointment yesterday AM and could see only about half a block in front of me. I've seen blizzards before but this one was a doozy. My DD and family live farther east and they are still digging out...plus roads are still closed out there.

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    2. Boatlady


      Wow...Sounds like a real mess. Glad you are ok, looking forward to seeing those pages


    3. MariJ


      Oh my goodness, I saw this on the news, it sounded awful.  I’m glad you’re ok.

    4. BetC


      Let's hope this is the last of it. Spring! Are you going to arrive???

  12. Rosemarythyme

    WWC-March9- Green

    AFT- Peridot Pleasures Value Pack, A Little Gratitude Super Mini Pixabay photo
  13. Rosemarythyme

    WW Challenge (Green) - Peacock Strut

    What a great title...and a great page!
  14. Rosemarythyme

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 3-9

    Spring is way off but I'm Dreaming of Lilacs
  15. Rosemarythyme

    Those Were the Days

    From the album: Rosemarythyme - Tami Miller CT

    Tami Miller Design - Vintage Memories Collection, Vintage Memories Tattered Pieces - Katie Pertiet - Blendables LT 92
  16. Rosemarythyme

    Peek a Boo

    From the album: Rosemarythyme - Tami Miller CT

    Tami Miller Designs - Create Happiness Collection Akizo Design- Paper Play 8 template
  17. Rosemarythyme

    To My Left

    Angie Briggs Love Notes Collection Biggie
  18. Rosemarythyme

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge March 5th

  19. Rosemarythyme

    Life is a Beautiful Thing

    DRB Designs - With You Collection Pixabay Photo
  20. Rosemarythyme

    Simply Perfect

    DRB Designs - Bountiful Butterflies template, One Fine Day Collection Mini
  21. Rosemarythyme

    Sweet Pea

    CarolW Designs Wonderful Life Collection, Eternal Memory Template
  22. Rosemarythyme

    My heart is yours

    DRB Designs - My Heart is Yours Collection Mini , Large Masks template
  23. Rosemarythyme

    Newsletter Challenge

    Super duper page!
  24. Rosemarythyme

    Eternal Memory

    CarolW Designs - Eternal Memory Value Pack , Eternal Memory template