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  1. Daisy Does It by Veronica Spriggs
  2. I feel you. it's hard to use something else when you are so used to using something
  3. lol it's what we live for
  4. too cool, are these your decorations?
  5. well now it looks like someone is all ready for Halloween. Super cool pages!
  6. lol why don't you use it?
  7. I start all my tutorials with intstructions to duplicate the image. I think this is essentially what you want to do. open your file and before you do anything else Go to File> Duplicate Image. Close your original document. Then you are free to do whatever you want. The other alternative I sometimes use is to copy everything I want to use for the layout into a working folder. But duplicating the file is simpler
  8. Urban Blight Collection by Veronica Spriggs
  9. Urban Blight Collection by Veronica Spriggs
  10. Urban Blight Collection by Veronica Spriggs
  11. Urban Blight Collection by Veronica Spriggs
  12. lol yep! and oh my gosh this minimize is GREAT! once you minimize they literally dissapear. In PS they simply dock to the bottom of the workspace and can still get in the way. this is awesome thanks so much!
  13. oh my gosh i was looking at the layout options and realized float all was greyed so i found out why in Preferences. Thanks so much for your help I NEEED to be able to move my documents around!
  14. now how did you do that? yes i'm in expert mode V14 as well. Are you dragging the photos into the photo bin or using file> open? hmm i just tried file> open but it still opened the same way
  15. This is so gorgeous!