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  1. As the shot is not clear enough then I would suggest you to adjust the brightness/contrast a bit to see the difference!
  2. Congratulation to Boatlady
  3. Yes I am worrying the same, that is why confused about it!
  4. Hello All, Its just a general post, I have just come across to this forum and got to see the new look of this forum. Its cool, so how much you all are liking this new look?
  5. Hello and welcome to this big community, hope you will have a great time being here.
  6. I use my Dropbox account only from website, I mean online so I have never faced such issue yet!
  7. Hello and welcome back ​Helen. Its always nice to see the old members getting back here.
  8. As I am seeing many of the experts are recommending to use another layer for this task, I am also going to say the same. It is always a good practice to do specific task in different layers so that you can edit any portion at any time.
  9. I would suggest you to use Bridge in such cases. You can edit and manage multiple images in easier way I guess. Here is a post on how can you use it -
  10. So finally have you created the album?
  11. Wow, all of them looking unique and beautiful. Good job done indeed.
  12. You can save it as PDF file. Here is the link of whole guidelines -
  13. Hello and welcome to this forum. Hope you will get all kinds of help from here, enjoy your stay!
  14. One of my friend was thinking to buy a Nikon camera which has been used for 6 months! He is confused on buying it as its not the new one, though its really good! Is it a good choice to buy a second hand camera?
  15. Welcome to this big community. Hope you will get all kinds of help from here.