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  1. Dady


    GWH_Joyful Collection Biggie Photo Gordon
  2. Dady

    The Best Gift

    GWH_Joyful Collection Biggie Photo Paige-cody
  3. Dady

    Grown in grace

    CKH_Scrap Girls Club_EverydayGrace Photo Donnie Ray Jones
  4. Dady

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    Thank you for such a fun month 🧡 My Lo
  5. Dady

    I am the most beautiful

    ABR_Love Notes GWH_ Beauty in Bloom (alpha) SNU_Creative Spirit Fonte Channel Photos CCO
  6. Dady

    So Pretty

    CWX_A little bit of life Photo Nurpalah-dee
  7. Dady

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I used 3 brushes
  8. Dady

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    Yes it got complicated, I chose for embellishments, Creative Spirit from Syndee Nuckles!
  9. Dady

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    My papers from Angie Briggs Love Note
  10. Dady

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    Here's mine Love I was really bored with my only picture so I added one in sketch style!
  11. Dady


    BMU_Midnight garden Journaling Translation He is always very touching and charming, to be offered a rose. Especially when it is a loved one who gives it to us. Its smell, the velvety of its petals, the delicacy of its shape. everything in it is allied to dazzle our eyes and our heart! If I treat her with kindness and respect, she will make me happy. But if I shake it or scorn it, I will have to repent! This is the people I chose to surround myself with .. They only ask for respect and kindness to decorate my own life. Josette Mimeault
  12. Dady


    Very beautiful your new front courtyard !
  13. Dady

    Nov Slow Scrap LO 3

    I love your page and journaling!