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  1. Dady

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 10/8

    I like this challenge, a second for me Hello Autumn
  2. Dady

    October Challenge Chase

    A second for W2 + Hasthag Hello Autumn
  3. Dady

    Hello Autumn

    OAWA_Autumn Breeze Collection Biggie #hashtag
  4. Dady


    GWH_Splendor Collection Mini GWH_ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Simply Vintage Photo Masks Photo Sander-weeteling
  5. Dady

    Wow...14 years

    I discovered ScrapGirls in December 2015 and I have not left! Thanks to ScrapGirls and his team for all the pleasure you give us! I wish you a long life ♥️
  6. SNU_ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Watercolor Rainbow Journaling > First of all, every morning, I go around the garden, I admire, I observe, and especially monitor the health of plants and I think about future plantations, and always accompanied of course by Nuage!
  7. Yes I think your dentist would be proud of you and wish your life back to calm 💐
  8. I love your journaling and beautiful page!
  9. Dady


    MPE_ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Two Curvy OAW-Autumn Breeze Photo Markus Trienke
  10. Dady

    Fall Colors

    OAWA_Autumn Breeze Collection Biggie Photo Cristian Bortes
  11. Dady

    Autunm Days

    OAWA_Autumn Breeze Collection Biggie Photo John
  12. Dady


    Sweet photo and beautiful page ♥️