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  1. Dady

    Everyday Smile

    GWH_Everyday Joy Collection Photo Eric Ward
  2. Dady

    Best Day

    GWH_Everyday Joy Collection Photo CCO
  3. Dady

    Every Day has a Story

    CWX_Value Pack: Story of The Flower Photo Al Jazeera
  4. Dady


    ABR_Backroads Collection Biggie
  5. Dady

    Happy Both

    WX_Value Pack: Come with Me Photo Wsilver
  6. here's mine The Promises ...
  7. ABR_ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Capturing Life ABR_Love Notes Collection Biggies
  8. Dady

    June ATC Swap

    r is for Rose
  9. GWH_ScrapSimple Paper Templates Enjoy Textures GWH_Brush Set Floral Doodles
  10. Do you know software that allows you to view an ABR file on a macOS Catalina before installing it in Photoshop? With Windows I used ABR Viewer but unfortunately it does not work with Mac! I found Brush Pilot but it doesn't seem to be updated anymore and doesn't work with my mac version! Thank you in advance for your assistance
  11. Dady

    My Hero

    GWH_Just For Him Collection Mini
  12. Dady


    CWX_Value Pack: Magnolia Time Photo Donnie Ray Jones
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