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  1. Our sweet daughter has to have a hysterectomy today. She is nervous and has to go this totally alone. I hope all goes well and the tests come back ok. No visitors...poor girl. Stressful day as we pack to go North. I will see her in 2 weeks.

    1. Dady


      Glad to read that everything went well!

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  2. My sister-in-law passed away this morning. Apparent heart attack. My brother was in hospital with a prostrate problem. They live in South Africa. My heart hurts.

    1. Dady


      I'm so sorry to hear this, Andrea! Hugs to you ♥️

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  3. To put a positive spin on our new lives in "lock-down" this is such a great opportunity to scrap. You can still access products, create lovely pages, and support online printers by ordering photo books. We can also all keep in touch with each other so we don't feel so isolated. My husband is in the "at risk" age/medical group so he is at home most of the time, if he's not out walking the dog or fishing. While I am creating a new ScrapSimple club for the near future, please check out my current club, Bloom and Grow! You can make lovely cards from it to send to loved ones who need a virtual hug! Love to you all. Susie

    1. Dady


      Yes, we are all going through difficult times and scrap is a good way to allow us to get away from it all!
      Take good care of yourself and your family and stay away from this *** virus!
      I can't wait to discover your new ScrapSimple club! ♥️

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  4. Happy New Year to you all. The sun is shining here down under so lets hope its a good year :happy-sun:

  5. Happy New Year to you all, I wish you a wonderful, healthy and successful new year.

  6. Seasons Greetings to everyone here at Scrap Girls.

    Hope you all have safe travels and happy times.

    I will not have computer access again now until next Saturday.

  7. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

  8. Down-under, our greater Sydney region is fire-rated today at the highest level of Catastrophic! High winds, no humidity, no rain, 37°C/99°F and all the bush is incredibly dry! 600 schools have been closed and it's quite smoky anyway from the terrible fires in the north of our state that have killed three and destroyed 150 homes! Our thoughts have been with the Californians as we too are going through a very dry time. Summer hasn't even arrived yet so it doesn't bode well for the next three months! 

  9. Final day of our Anniversary Celebration! Hop on over to the Blog for Fall Recipe Card freebies! https://scrapgirls.com/blog/free-fall-recipe-cards

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

    The family is all coming to my place today for dinner. 23 of us. Thankfully we now have a party room to use. 

    The first one without my Dad. We miss him so much. 

  11. Friday at last! But here’s my news. Alopecia areata
    Also called: AA, patchy hair loss
    Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.
    Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles, and is (in my case) and be brought on by severe stress. 
    This is the autoimmune disease I have, second time in my life. It sucks buckets! Extensive and hard treatment begins on Monday. For now I am bald everywhere! and have to wear hats. So be it!


    1. Dady


      Oh Andrea, how sorry I am to read this, I pray that everything will heal quickly 🧡

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  12. I’m stuck in Newark airport.  Which is actually where I started out 8 ½ hours ago.  Delay. Delay again. On plane sat an hour.  Moved toward runway sat another hour.    Then pilot announced route to Rochester closed due to weather.   Awhile later they found another route but it was lower and longer so we didn’t have enough fuel.  Plus they were receiving notifications about our plane so it needed to be serviced.   So that flight was cancelled and all the rest tonight and tomorrow are full. So now they are bussing all of us to Rochester and the bus won’t get here til 9:30 pm. A 5 hour drive so we should be in around 3am or so......   I won’t even tell you about the outside walking and ramps and stairs to get to a bus to get to the plane in the first place. And then do it all again to come back..  Meanwhile the website announced us as landed in Rochester!I hope I get there by 4:30 tomorrow for the wedding.    

  13. I'm so excited because I will be meeting Andrea tomorrow. She is coming to visit us on the boat. I'm sure we will have a fun day.

  14. Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Our son who had Influenza A was in hospital for 4 weeks. He is recovering at home. Then on Tuesday this week David was taken by the paramedics to hospital from the doctor’s surgery with a suspected heart attack. Turns out he has/had influenza A which has left him with viral cardiomyopathy. He came home yesterday with a whole new eating regime to get our heads around and lots of medication whereas before he wasn’t taking any. Then on Friday I had my second cataract surgery after it was postponed 3 weeks ago because my lens had not arrived at the hospital. But all good now & we can move forward.

    1. Dady


      Oh I hope everyone gets better real soon 🧡

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  15. It's been a rough week - my SIL is having heart surgery tomorrow and that's all I can think about. The surgeon has a 75% success rate but that does little to relieve my anxiety. I know I'm behind in CT work but just can't focus right now.  If you can send prayers or good thoughts his way, my family will appreciate it.


  16. I'm still having trouble with my hands, and that is why I haven't been on the board lately. I'm going to attempt to do a layout and see how I do. I hope I can get at least one done this weekend.

  17. Love the new club Syndee! Those colors are gorgeous!

  18. Oh... poor Notre Dame cathedral! Seeing it burn is heart-rending.

    1. Dady


      I'm so sad, when I lived in Paris, Notre Dame was one of my favorite walks!

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  19. My nieces triplets were born today! 5-6 weeks early, but

    We are pleased to welcome Alyssa, Bryar Rose and Cassiya to the family. 

    A was born around 1654p at 16.75 in and 5 lb 1 oz

    B was born about 2 mins later at 17.75 in and 4lbs 13.5 oz

    C was born about 2 mins later at 17 in and 4lbs 2 oz

    All three came vaginally and Mom and babies are doing well

  20. Injections in my hand are done...very painful. Wrapped up to keep swelling down but it is swollen and black & blue. Now I dread friday when the straighten it out and do therapy...ouch.

    1. Dady


      Oh Debbie heal quickly it seems painful !

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  21. Our son was badly injured  in was in a snowmobile accident in Canada on sunday. His friend brought him home ---12 hour drive- but he is  in massive back pain!!!! He was transferred to Hartford Hospital in CT. They will put rods and screws in his back as soon as they can(tomorrow) 

    He is not paralyzed  and should be fine. But I am beside myself with worry. I will be going back to CT as soon as DIL needs me....it's the mother thing!

    Please send healing thoughts our way.

    1. Dady


      Oh I understand your worries for your son, he is in my prayers !

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  22. Sidelined again! I’ve been diagnosed with shingles, this time in 2 separate areas. I expect to be out of commission for a couple weeks at least. The 1st time I had them, it was a 3week recovery. 

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