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  1. BrightEyes22

    BrightEyes22 - CT for Designs by Helly

    Layouts made using Designs by Helly kits and collections.
  2. BrightEyes22

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge - 7th August 2018

    Had to wait for the kit to be released here. Scrapping Our Story
  3. BrightEyes22

    Scraping Our Story

    Week 1 Newsletter Challenge Tapestry collection - Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Tapestry-Collection.html
  4. BrightEyes22

    August Challenge Chase

    Week 1: Newsletter Challenge: Scrapping Our Story Week 2: Newsletter Challenge: The Chosen One
  5. BrightEyes22

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge, August 14th

    Here is my LO: The Chosen One I love blending - especially to build a background to add interest to the main theme of the page. I blended 2 papers together and layered them on top of some stacked papers. Also blended in some graffiti and played around with blending the fog elements.
  6. BrightEyes22

    The Chosen One

    Tues Newsletter Challenge Blended 2 from the 2 kits for main background paper. Blended accents graffiti plus fog elements into background Remember The Magic Collection - Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Remember-the-Magic.html Esplanade Avenue Collection - Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Esplanade-Avenue-Collection.html Torn paper from Night in Autumn - Designs by Helly Photo from Pixabay
  7. BrightEyes22

    Bright Eyes22 - CT Layouts for Valentina

    LO's from Designer Valentina made by CT member Bright Eyes
  8. I need to re-size LOs from 300 - 3600X3600 down to 72 - 1000X1000 and have it under 250K and save as a jpeg. Some LOs will come up with poor resolution [down around 3-4 on the scale] when I try to get it to 250K or below. I flatten all my clusters so no extra layers there... and same for masks. I have simplified all the layers and deleted unused layers and even flattened the whole LO by dragging it from the photo bin into a new blank layer. Then I go to resize - image size and set the document size resolution to 72 then change the pixel dimensions to 1000 X 1000. and do a save as jpeg... the slider come up to show the size...and I move it down to where it is less than 250K. That is when it ends up with poor resolution. Any tips or suggestions about how to get good resolution at that size??
  9. BrightEyes22

    Valentina's Creations Is Here!

    Hi, Val. Glad your store is open here now.
  10. BrightEyes22

    Hello From New Mexico

    Thanks for the warm welcome, gals. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Figured out how to add my avatar... that is a step in the right direction. Always takes a bit of time learning the way around a new forum. Will be back later with a siggy.
  11. BrightEyes22

    Hello From New Mexico

    Hi, gals. My Name is Kay and I am known as Bright Eyes in digi-land. But that name is taken here at SG so will be known as BrightEyes22. I have been digi-scrapping for several years. I started as paper scrapper many years ago but love digi as it is so quick and easy. Married to my loving hubby forever it seems... really we will be celebrating our 61st anniversary in April. We have grown children, grown grandkids and some great grands. We live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico which borders with Alburquerque [the 1st and 2nd largest cities in NM]. I look forward to chatting with other members and participating in the forum.