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  1. BrightEyes22

    BrightEyes22 - CT for Designs by Helly

    Layouts made using Designs by Helly kits and collections.
  2. BrightEyes22

    July Monthly Challenges

    Keep forgetting to add these .... #2 - Circles - If You Ever - frame, circle of pearls, charm #3 - Metal - Enduring Love - Metal frame and center of flower #4 - Style - Apple of My Eye - Style - PSE Stroke on title
  3. BrightEyes22


    Noel by Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Noel-Collection.html Photo of my special Christmas Angel that my hubby bought for me several years ago
  4. What a challenge this was. I didn't have any blenders so had to substitute text for it. Here is my LO: Fairy Child 1
  5. BrightEyes22

    Fairy Child 1

    SC Mess or Masterpiece Challenge A Night At Sea - Helly Darkness Falls - Helly I Can't Forget You - Helly My Fairy Child - Helly I Can't Forget You - Helly Drift Off to Dream - Helly Forever More - Helly A Lingering Touch - Helly Unfurling - Helly I Can't Forget You - Helly Royale Alpha - Veronica Spriggs Photo from Pixabay
  6. Is it at 2 PM Eastern time??? Central?? Mountain?? or Pacific???
  7. BrightEyes22

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge for Oct 13

    I love turquoise. Here is my LO: Gentle Autumn Rain
  8. BrightEyes22

    Gentle Autumn Rain

    Gentle Autumn Rain collection from Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Gentle-Autumn-Rain-Collection.html Pixabay Photo
  9. BrightEyes22

    September Challenge Chase

    No, I didn't get a #hashtag LO done this month. Thanks for asking.
  10. BrightEyes22

    September Challenge Chase

    Newsletter Challenge 9/25 My Eyes Adore You
  11. BrightEyes22

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge - 25th September 2018

    I have always loved this song My Eyes Adore You
  12. BrightEyes22

    My Eyes Adore You

    Newsletter Challenge - 9/25 Starting Over - Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Starting-Over-Collection.html
  13. BrightEyes22

    September Challenge Chase

    Weekend Challenge 9/15 - Pumpkin Princess
  14. BrightEyes22

    Wildcard Weekend Challenge for Sept.15

    What a fun challenge. Here is mine: Pumpkin Princess
  15. BrightEyes22

    Pumpkin Princess

    Pumpkin Hollow collection from Designs by Helly http://store.scrapgirls.com/Pumpkin-Hollow-Collection.html Photo of great-granddaughter