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  1. jirsev

    Dad and Me

    Fabulous page and photo!
  2. jirsev

    Winter Wonderland

    Fabulous page and photo!
  3. jirsev


    All elements from Jumpstart Designs
  4. I can't find instructions for creating Siggie. Please advise. Thanks so much 

    1. A-M


      You can find instructions  HERE   

  5. jirsev

    Pretty Day

    Thanks so much Chris ♥
  6. jirsev

    Spring Swing

    thank you so much 😘
  7. jirsev

    Spring Break

    thanks so much Laura ♥
  8. Fabulous page and amazing photos!!!
  9. jirsev

    Believe In Miracles

    Thank you so much Celestine ♥
  10. jirsev

    Happy Autumn

    Gorgeous page and fabulous photo!
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