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  1. Susie Roberts

    Always Love

    Isn't Syndee a wonderful designer! I love this layout too! Just perfect!
  2. Susie Roberts

    Hold On to This Moment

    This is stunning! I love everything about it!
  3. Susie Roberts

    Project Life_October #2

    What a precious page! I love how you altered the template so beautifully to fit your layout! It's just perfect!
  4. Susie Roberts


    I love the way you have arranged these photos! Wouldn't it have been lovely to see his garden in colour photos! I'm sure you remember the colours though! There's nothing like an English garden!
  5. Susie Roberts

    Everyday Life Challenge

    Beautiful page, Joan! I love the composition! You used the perfect photos and placement!
  6. Susie Roberts


    14th Anniversary Collaboration/coordinating products. Credits Value Pack: Gathering Together
  7. Susie Roberts

    Oct Project Life

    My iPad cover is blue too! Love you made a page about it!
  8. What can one say about the last week except I hope this is the end of my run of bad luck! While my dear son-in-law was lying in an induced coma in ICU from a heart attack, I was being x-rayed and stitched up in the same hospital after a fall down the stairs in the rain. I was so tired after a sleepless night I lost my footing! After 4 hours of repairs, I felt like a footballer going back on the field after half-time. Luckily my son-in-law is back with us with no apparent brain damage from 19 mins without oxygen (so now he's superman) and I am bruised and battered but have no broken bones! I will be giving thanks for the positives!

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    2. lorac


      Glad to hear he is doing better and that you are doing well and have no broken bones. Prayers to both of you.

    3. beatricemi


      Oh my goodness. Prayers and hugs for everyone.

    4. Figment


      Oh my! Thankful you and he are doing ok.

  9. Susie Roberts


    I love pages like this! It's so cute! They really are little darlings and I love the suitcase prop you used!
  10. Susie Roberts

    Hand in Hand

    Beautifully framed!
  11. Susie Roberts

    Winter Memories

    What a gorgeous page this is! I love the faded old photos with the background looking like a pin board!
  12. Susie Roberts

    AFT Sep 2018 Challenge - Summer Memory

    Fantastic blending with a stunningly beautiful photograph!
  13. Susie Roberts

    Hodge Podge LO1_Bo

    How lovely! What a little cutie!
  14. Susie Roberts

    BetC_Sea Spread-2018-08

    This looks so yummy!
  15. Susie Roberts

    First day of school 2018

    Love this photo of the school bus! I love how school buses in the USA are all yellow! So recognizable! Great page!