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  1. Prayers that the pain will ease and your recover will be smooth!

  2. Well, I am happy to report that I survived my knee replacement and am going home tomorrow! 6 weeks of rehab to come so hopefully that will get me up and about properly again! It’s mighty painful and the heavy duty drugs made me sick, so I just have to do it the hard way! Very character-building I must say! 😬

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    2. DixieLee


      Many blessings to you!

    3. Dady


      Oh glad everything went well ❤️

    4. scrapgran


      Glad it went well. I am three and a half months post hip replacement and pretty much back to normal. Hang in there. Those exercises are so important.

  3. Susie Roberts

    Hazy Summer

    This is a lovely page, Carmen! The overlays looks fabulous on the water!
  4. A little gem from my seven year old grandson this afternoon! Question: “What have you been doing today, Gran?” Answer: “I’ve been making something for Scrap Girls!” “What about Scrap Boys?” says he! That’s lateral thinking for you! 🤩😉👍

  5. That's a really lovely page, Celestine! I love all your blending!
  6. This is a lovely page on an ancient art-form! It really suits our journaling theme!
  7. What a stunning card! I absolutely love the way you have placed the flowers in and around the watering can so expertly!
  8. Susie Roberts

    Vintage Beauty

    Beautiful page, Cindy! I like the blending work on this! It adds to the vintage look so well.
  9. What a beautiful card! I just adore irises!
  10. Susie Roberts

    Tea for one

    Gorgeous page, Andrea! I love the design!
  11. This month's ScrapSimple Club, Tell Your Story!
  12. This month's ScrapSimple Club, Tell Your Story!
  13. This is so pretty! What a little cutie!
  14. Perfect photos for a beautiful page, Laura!
  15. What a beautiful page and an absolutely gorgeous kit.
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