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  1. Just completed the first week of my husband's cancer treatment with 5 to go! This was a pretty bad week as it was chemo and radiotherapy combined. So I'm hoping he has a better 3 weeks ahead before we start another round of chemo! What an awful way to have to cure something! I'm grateful for good healthcare though! Wish me luck in the weeks ahead!

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Thanks for keeping us updated. You are on our minds. I wish you both better weeks ahead.

    3. BetC


      Praying for strength and comfort (with some joy tucked in there) for you both. 

    4. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      Thank you so much everyone! I didn't want you all to think I had disappeared completely! It's just such a busy time caring for someone going through treatment. I'm hoping to find some time soon to do a bit of designing! :)

  2. Spectacular page!
  3. What a beautifully designed page! I love the complexity—there is so much to look at!
  4. Had good news again today that my husband won't have to have surgery—only chemo and radiotherapy! Such a relief as the surgery would have been permanently life-changing! So happy right now! We expect he will make a full recovery.

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    2. Mikelle


      12 hours ago, Susie Roberts said:

      It's a Squamous Cell Carcinoma (lower bowel) (not the skin version though) and 40 years ago the only treatment was surgery. However, since then they have found that chemo and radiation is just as effective, so they no longer cut everything out. Had it been the other type of cancer (Adenocarcinoma) he would have had a permanent colostomy bag! Just doesn't bear thinking about! We are so grateful right now and the treatment only goes for 6 - 7 weeks so it should all be over in approx 3 months.

      That is good, then - scary still, being cancer, but good about no surgery.  I'm thinking it's a similar type of squamous cell carcinoma we see a lot in the head and neck; often they will just give chemo/radiation to shrink it, and it responds very well to the radiation, often melts away completely without surgery.  Praying for you both, and again, I hope he feels OK during the treatments!

    3. diannecp


      Glad to hear this news, Susie. I'm sure you are greatly relieved. Sending good thoughts for complete recovery. 

    4. jenrou


      Good news, Susie! This sounds a lot like what my son in law has been going thru the past few years. Good luck to both of you. :)

  5. Just had a particularly stressful week, which saw my husband diagnosed with cancer. When he went to hospital today for a procedure, to determine if it had spread, he collapsed on the floor, which resulted in a Code Blue and within ten seconds he was surrounded by approx 15 emergency staff. Luckily he was just dehydrated and had low blood pressure. He ended up having the procedure and it was good news! It hasn't spread but he will need chemo, radiotherapy and possibly surgery. So I might be a bit absent from time to time over the next few months but I'm grateful for small mercies right now! :)

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    2. englishrose


      How very frightening for you both Susie. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    3. mimes1


      Praying for your family.  Hugs to you!

    4. angleigh


      What a scary situation Susie!  Glad for the good news though of no spreading!

  6. This is so lovely, and heartfelt! It brought tears to my eyes! Lovely tribute!
  7. Brandy is such a brilliant designer, isn't she! I love this page you made with her products!
  8. I really love the art you have created in this page! Fabulously creative!
  9. I can't believe I missed this page! It's fabulous! We are coffee drinkers, my husband and me! I feel like a second one now that I've seen your page!
  10. I love note paper layouts! This is lovely!
  11. I love the way you have used the template for a gratitude journal!
  12. This is perfect for a yearly calendar!
  13. This is a gorgeous page! I love the little red berry cluster!
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