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  1. Susie Roberts

    Monthly challenge #2

    Beautiful! Makes me feel so festive!
  2. Susie Roberts


    What a beautiful page!
  3. Susie Roberts

    #10_Joy is.....

    That is a gorgeous page, Jane! I love the masking. It reminds me of my husband and our dog! It's just what they would be doing!
  4. Susie Roberts

    Dec ATC Swap Stamp

    I love Brandy's kits! This looks beautiful!
  5. Susie Roberts

    Nov Slow Scrap#4 - Fish and Chips

    What a lovely summery page!
  6. Susie Roberts

    Retiring after 20 Total Years of Digi Scrapping!

    Darcy, you will be so missed! Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year! xox Susie
  7. Susie Roberts

    Winter Memories

    Gorgeous page with that beautiful pop of colour!
  8. Down-under, our greater Sydney region is fire-rated today at the highest level of Catastrophic! High winds, no humidity, no rain, 37°C/99°F and all the bush is incredibly dry! 600 schools have been closed and it's quite smoky anyway from the terrible fires in the north of our state that have killed three and destroyed 150 homes! Our thoughts have been with the Californians as we too are going through a very dry time. Summer hasn't even arrived yet so it doesn't bode well for the next three months! 

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    2. englishrose


      Susie - the fires in the Sydney area is attracting a good deal of coverage on the BBC. People in the UK are aware of what you're going through and wish everyone safe and sound.

    3. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      Thanks, everyone! Sydney escaped with just a few fires coming close enough to houses that they are now bright pink from fire retardant! We're surrounded by water, living on an island, but people opposite us are right beside very dry bush with trees overhanging their homes. Today is much cooler and the smoke has been temporarily blown away with a big southerly. I feel for those in the UK dealing with floods because that's just as scary!


    4. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Thinking of you all in the area of the fires and pray its out soon, its dreadful and on such a large scale.  I know its bad as we are getting the smoke and fallout red ash over here in NZ.

  9. Susie Roberts

    Nov Challenge 2-Ella and Maggie

    What a beautiful historical page of your ancestors, Betty! Love it.
  10. Susie Roberts

    Autumn Zen

    I just love these photos, and how you have used them! It really does have a Japanese theme going on!
  11. Susie Roberts

    Cozy Autumn

    This is gorgeous!
  12. Susie Roberts

    Forest Fun

    This page drew my eye immediately! I love the focus of the photos! So beautifully designed with the perfect photos!
  13. Susie Roberts

    Growing up Lauren

    I love this page, Andrea! The design is amazing!
  14. Susie Roberts

    Bingo tasks 21 - Number

    Lovely Christmas card! The simplicity of the design is very eye-catching!
  15. Susie Roberts

    Grandma's Garden

    What a beautiful page! I love that old photo!