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  1. Susie Roberts

    11 Christmas card

    Lovely, lovely card!
  2. Hilarious comment from my granddaughter yesterday! She was asking her mother all about atoms, and after some more in depth questions, her mother said she would have to look that up. GD says, "I really need to talk to a brain.. not a body, just a brain with a mouth and ears! I think she's probably ready for Google at the age of seven! 😂

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    2. Marie-Christine


      too funny, kids do pick their moment and then you get this - this made me giggle outloud :D


    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Oh, that's hilarious! :lol: Maybe she can skip school and go straight to university!

    4. Jane in N.Z
  3. Susie Roberts

    Who will win

    What a gorgeous "doggy" page! I love how they are splashing in and out of the waves!
  4. Susie Roberts

    Step into Nature

    I really love this page and how you have constructed it! Absolutely lovely!
  5. Susie Roberts

    Charlotte, Cathrine, Annette & Thomas

    This is such a pretty page and perfect for a wedding! What a beautiful family you have!
  6. Susie Roberts

    Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

    This is an adorable page! You wouldn't believe it, but I've been there and have quite a few photos of the lighthouse and the beach. We stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel with a lovely bunch of scrapbooking colleagues! So this has brought back special memories for me! It's a small world!
  7. Susie Roberts

    Love this photo

    I love the way you have surrounded your little girls with the frame! It works perfectly!
  8. Susie Roberts

    Shell Collectors

    This is adorable! Superb blending as usual!
  9. Susie Roberts


    Just love the large photo on this beautiful page! It really stands out with the orange crab and the blue flowers!
  10. Susie Roberts


    Stunning photo and the blending is superb!
  11. Susie Roberts

    A New Friend?

    Love this little cutie, Sue! Gorgeous page!
  12. Susie Roberts

    Life is great when you're at the beach

    Page by Susie Roberts Hazy Summer Collection Biggie Try blending your photos with the beautiful papers from Hazy Summer Collection Biggie
  13. Susie Roberts

    Surf's Up by Susie Roberts

    Page by Susie Roberts Hazy Summer Collection Biggie Rustic Stitching Embellishment
  14. Susie Roberts


    Love this page! He's such a cute little worker and the blue papers go beautifully with his blue outfit!
  15. The almighty crash you might have heard across the ditch yesterday morning was me tripping over in the kitchen, smashing my head on the pantry door and ending up sprawled on the floor. My DH didn't stop what he was doing, which was frothing milk for our coffee, but inquired as to my welfare. I think I might need a moment to assess, says I! Didn't break anything but I'm sore all over and I have huge bruise on my forehead! 🤕

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      I'm not sure whether to cry OUCH in sympathy or laugh out loud at your telling of the story. In either case, I'm glad you are coherent enough (after the head bump) to tell us about it... and I hope you heal quickly and well. Also, I hope that coffee was worth it!

    3. alsoarty


      Oh I’m sorry...feel better soon. Darn these men lol

    4. BetC


      So sorry for your injury, but love the "stiff upper lip" telling of the tale.