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  1. Susie Roberts

    Starting Preschool

    Love this page, Sue! What a little cutie!
  2. Susie Roberts

    Sunflower Patch

    Beautiful golden page!
  3. Susie Roberts

    A Beautiful Life

    This is a divine way to use the textures! It's so pretty!
  4. Susie Roberts

    All About You

    This is one of my favorite pages! It's so soft and pretty!
  5. Susie Roberts

    Best Friends

    I love how you have used the textures here to create a stunning effect!
  6. Susie Roberts

    R is for Reading

    Thank you so much! I love the page you made and especially the colors you used for the End Papers background! Absolutely fantastic.
  7. Susie Roberts

    Thru the Years

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  8. Susie Roberts

    Sneak Peek 9/6

    Here's mine!
  9. Susie Roberts

    Sneak Peek 8/30

  10. Susie Roberts


    Love the way you have designed this page, Sondra! It works perfectly.
  11. Susie Roberts

    My parents wedding

    Love this beautiful heritage-look page with such a lovely wedding photo as the focus!
  12. Susie Roberts

    My Great-great Aunt

    I LOVE this page, Sue! What a lovely photo of your great great aunt, and such a fascinating story, too!
  13. Susie Roberts

    Nature's artist

    Love this page, Andrea! Absolutely stunning.
  14. Susie Roberts


    More loveliness from you! Absolutely stunning!
  15. Susie Roberts

    Woman of Faith

    This is a really beautiful page, Nann! I love the soft pastels background you have used. It really focuses attention on that gorgeous photo of your daughter and the word art is perfect!